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Life Hacks- 80 Ways to Better Understand Your Body for a Healthier Lifestyle -1

BiggieTips eBook series will be a collection of Tips and Tricks from our website. The first one will focus on HEALTH TIPS. These tips and remedies to help you know how your body functions and how it reacts to stimuli: cures for hangovers, how to age well, the benefits of cold showers, the effects of constipation and stomach gas, get rid of leg cramps and more much. These 80 tips and tricks are what you need to live a healthier life.

Table of Contents

* 9 Cures For Hangovers That Actually Work
* 10 Secrets to Help You Age Well
* How High Heels Can Damage Your Body
* Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers – Why You Should Occasionally Take Cold Showers
* Harmful Effects of Staying Up Late
* Things to Avoid after a Full Meal
* How to Stop Snoring
* Best Tips to Get Rid of Stomach Gas
* Useful Home Treatments for Constipation
* The Best Ways to Get Rid of Leg Cramps

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