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10 Airport Travel Tips You Should Know

Our journey begins at the airports and it ends there as well. Check-in, boarding, security clearance, immigration – so much happens. And long queues don’t make any of this easier. Here are some tips which will help you navigate your way through the airport:

1. Travel Mid-Week

Wednesday and Thursday are great days to fly. The flights are cheaper and airports are least crowded mid-week. This is the most hassle-free flying experience you’ll ever have.

2. Know Your Airport

You should know more than just the location of your airport. Is it a small airport or a bigger busier one? What food options are available there? These questions are important. If it’s a smaller airport then you don’t need to get there too early. If the food court has limited options then grabbing dinner on the way would be a better idea. Doing a little research beforehand always comes in handy.

3. Dress Simply

Don’t wear too much jewelry or strappy shoes. The more complicated your shoes are, the more time you’ll waste on them at the security checkpoint. Don’t wear too many layers as you’ll be told to take those off for security check. Keep your sweater in your bag and wear it once you have been screened.

4. Arrive Later, Not Earlier

I know the golden rule always seem to be to arrive earlier everywhere you go but in this case, the later the better. Most people from your flight will have already checked in so you won’t have to stand in a long queue. Plus, if your luggage is placed under the plane towards the end of check-in, it will be among the first bags to come out!

5. Use Airport Toilet Before You Get on the Plane

I hate plane toilets just like anybody else. I don’t board the plane until I’ve first used an airport restroom.

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6. Get Some Work Done

Most airports have free Wi-Fi so you can use your time sitting in the airport lounge getting some work done. You’ll be able to enjoy your flight more afterwards.

7. Set an Alarm for Boarding

As a solo traveler, I like wandering through the airport, sometimes even going from one terminal to another. And if you’re in the habit of falling asleep in some corner of the airport then an alarm for boarding time really helps.

8. Don’t Stand up for Boarding as Soon as They Announce It

The moment the announcement is made, everybody rushes to their feet and then continues standing in line for the next thirty to forty minutes. Nobody’s going to take your seat so what’s the rush? Once the line thins out, board the plane and you will find yourself seated in no time.

9. Meeting an Immigration Officer

Keep your passport and other documents handy so you’re not fumbling – and keeping everyone waiting – when it’s your turn. Remember, this is not the time to show some sass. Answer what you’re asked and stay quiet. Smile but not too much. Don’t act creepy and you’re sure to get done soon.

10. Parking

When you are taking a trip and you are taking your car to the airport, you need to ensure you have researched your options. Saving with the car parking can allow you to take a better trip, for your business or a vacation. There are various ways one can use to attain a discount and reduce the initial cost of the airport parking. Explore all the avenues and save money. Searching online for the best ways for money saving can be a great idea, to provide convenience. Above all ensure you get the most secure parking for your car at the airport.

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  • Off-Site Parking

In most cases, it is easier to find an off-site airport car parking that is cheaper and convenient. When you are on a budget, you can easily save money with the kind of parking. The parking spaces are available and most people think they are a great inconvenience, therefore not considering the option.Enjoying the advantages of the off-site parking is also a great factor to enjoy. With built up traffic at the busy airport, you can delay in getting to the terminal. However with the offsite parking, you experience less congested areas. You can use the shuttle services to get to the terminal for departure.

  • Discounted Airport Parking

The use of discounting voucher codes to secure an airport parking space has grown over time. This is following increased booking activities made through the internet to parking-at-airports. This has led many people to saving money for their trip, with the voucher codes. You can get the latest codes from our website offering up to 50% discounts. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy a great saving and the chance to enjoy your trip.

  • Hotel parking

When you get to the airport hotel, you can get assurance of a great discount for the hotel airport parking. This is one consideration many do not make assuming it to be super expensive. However with the presence of multiple hotels at the Gatwick airport, one can easily get to enjoy free packing for your entire trip. You get the package with a night at the hotel, in a shuttle courtesy ride to your respective terminal. This is a chance one needs to look into, before the date for travelling. Get the package online and check for any additional offers.

  • Security

As you search for a low cost airport parking space, you need to ensure the spot will be the safest and most secure area to park. This is especially with the long term stay for your trip. You can choose to have the Gatwick airport parking that is secure and well checked. The security of your car is a primary concern, and you need to ensure the same applies to the airport parking. Ensure you have done a thorough online search for the most suitable and secure parking for your car. This is a guarantee of finding your car in the same brilliant condition you found it. Enjoy your trip, know you have secured the safety of your car in a parking that has proper surveillance.

Bonus Tip – Saying Good-bye at the Gate

Before security tightened after 9/11, people used to be able to send off their loved ones at the gate but, due to today’s stricter security, good-byes are mostly said before the airport security line.  Here’s a tip that will let you get back that intimate feeling of kissing or hugging your loved ones right before they board the flight…BUY A SAME DAY, REFUNDABLE TICKET. This way, you can go through security, send your sweetie off on their trip, and then cancel the flight afterwards to get your money back.

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