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10 Amazing Summer Rosé Wine Cocktails You Must Try

Wines are considered to be the most versatile of all alcoholic drinks. When you go to a winery store, you’ll see different varieties of wine labels you can choose from. Each bottle comes in a particular type, variety, class, and flavor. Each wine also has a purpose and reason to serve, which brings each guest’s wine tasting experience to a whole new level.

Wines not only serve as a refreshment that balance the party celebration but, each wine label is known to accompany different kinds of meals for specific purposes. Not only that, wine can also be used as an ingredient for some exquisite dishes you find in fine dining restaurants. The versatility of wine has made each label unique paving the way for all wine tasters to assess each name to its maximum usage.

In the sea of wine labels, Rosé wines are known to be the most flexible types of wine you can find. It is even in the Champagne wine variety coming in the prettiest pink color as a sparkling Rosé wine. The beauty of Rosé wine has captured the heart of every wine lover, making it the most served wine all year long and available in almost all kinds of celebrations.

The Southern part of France, Provence, is known as the world’s largest producer of sokolin Rosé wines. They manufacture and supply to most of the fine wine merchants located all over the world. The production of Rosé wines in this region is massive, and until this day, this area has continued in crafting quality Rosé wines.

As is the case with other types of wines you can find in the market, each Rosé wine is known to make an excellent assortment of cocktail drinks. When summer finally kicks in there is sure to be a lot of people looking forward to tasting the best refreshments they can find. Most other wines can make excellent food and wine pairing recipes however, Rosé wines make the most elegant cocktail recipes in the world. Here are 10 Rosé wine cocktails you can try this summer season.

1. Cocci Spritz

Often, we experience prickly warm weather during the summertime. One way to get hydrated and refreshed is to grab a glass of Cocci Spritz. It’s a famous Italian cocktail drink composed of club soda, and Rosé wine with large cubes of ice in a wine glass. The cocktail is beautifully garnished with an orange peel and serves as one of the most delightful cocktails and party drink you will taste this summer season.

2. Sparkling Rosé Wine Margarita Raspberry Watermelon

Margarita is a popular alcoholic drink that is often a ladies’ cocktail that can be found all over the world. If you’d like to make a Margarita cocktail exciting, you can make a Sparkling Rosé Wine Margarita Raspberry Watermelon. It is also great when you pair this drink with a big salad dish which complements your palette very well.

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3. Frose

It’s the simplest yet, the most refreshing, Rosé cocktail recipe you can taste this summer. It’s made with a completely chilled Rosé wine. If you’d like to make the perfect Frose, you can select a Rosé wine which is dark in color, full-bodied, and strong flavored. Then, when you chill the Rosé wine, you will not lose its flavors.

4. Rosé Lemonade

Lemonade is famous as one of the most popular ingredients in many daily refreshing cocktail drinks to sip on. If you’d like to make a more adventurous drink, then adding a spice like a Rosé wine makes a perfect Rosé Lemonade cocktail recipe you can serve. Both of these drinks blend extremely well exuding a very refreshing taste in the middle of the summer season.

5. Strawberry Rosé Wine Mojito

Warm weather, like summer, creates the perfect atmosphere for a glass of Mojito. You can muddle fresh strawberries in a glass and pour Rosé wine on top to make a Strawberry Rosé Wine Mojito. It is best served when you are holding an indoor pool party with your family or friends as it adds a perfect summer celebration feeling and is an excellent wine tasting experience and party drink.

6. Royal Rosé

Feeling like a queen of royalty this summer season is highly achievable. If you would like to feel like a superstar at the same time while sipping a glass of an elegant cocktail, then Royal Rosé is the best fit for you. It is a cocktail recipe where a sparkling Rosé wine is combined with grape juice to achieve a sweet and dynamic summer cocktail recipe to drink.

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7. Rosé and Orange Lemonade

Orange Lemonade is a perfect refreshment drink to sip during summertime. It is composed of blood orange, usually with pulp at the bottom of the glass. If you’d like to make an orange lemonade more interesting, you can’t go wrong by adding add a Rosé wine. It’s bound to make your wine tasting experience this summer more delightful and different.

8. Watermelon Rosé Slushy

Rosé wine and watermelon are a perfect combination. Many people love to choose Frose as a summer cocktail to drink. On the other hand, a watermelon rush slushy is also very popular, even topping the popularity of a Frose cocktail. The sweet watery taste of watermelon blends perfectly with Rosé wines, which, when drunk can offer a refreshing feeling as an alcoholic drink. You can serve this with ice cubes on top or make a smoothie for a perfect Rosé blend to the taste.

9. Lychee Rosé Mimosas

Mimosas are classic cocktails that anyone can drink in any season. As with many other types of drinks, this drink, on its own, can sometimes be a little dull. The best wat to make this drink exciting is by adding Rosé wine to it, turning it into a perfect blend of Lychee Rosé Mimosas cocktail drink. Lychee is classified as a stone fruit, but it exudes a sweet taste when paired with Rosé wine.

10. Jasmine and Ginger Rosé Cocktail

This is one of the unique Rosé cocktail drinks to taste this summer. Ginger and Jasmine come with a lot of health benefits. You can pair them with a Rosé wine to make an excellent summer cocktail drink which is sure to take your wine tasting experience to a whole new level.

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