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10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

If you’re looking to enjoy a sunny getaway filled with blue skies, freshwater, and lots of fun, the Caribbean islands are just what you’re looking for. This area was formed by the Caribbean Ocean and the coasts that circle around it. The Caribbean stretches all over the Southeast region of North America, East Central America, and North East South America. Aside from the coasts, it is formed by over 700 islands. In this article, we’ll check out the 10 best Caribbean islands you need to visit on your next holiday. 

1. Puerto Rico 

10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a non-incorporated territory of the United States. This Caribbean island is huge in size and contains many wonders, both natural and historic. Some of the most popular places to see are the town of San Juan – the capital of Puerto Rico – and the exotic Rainforest of El Yunque. But the best thing to see in Puerto Rico is definitely the beaches. White sand and clear waters are common in La Parguera, Vieques and Culebra. Puerto Rico also offers great water sports such as water skiing, surfing, and snorkeling. 

2. Barbados

 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Barbados

Barbados is a very luxurious island covered in powder-white sands and with many posh British traditions such as cricket, horse matches, and tea time. A great tourist attraction in Barbados is its sugar cane fields and its many rum distilleries, where people usually go for a guided tour and cocktail tasting. Among the most popular beaches in Barbados, we can find Bathsheba Beach, Dover Beach, and Carlisle Bay. 

3. Santa Lucía 

10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Santa Lucia

St Lucia is an island that has a bit of everything for everybody, from music fans to adrenaline lovers. This little Caribbean place is filled with woodland mountains, rivers, and valleys; which makes St Lucia a bit greener than other islands that have more deserted landscapes. The most notable tourist attractions on this island are Pigeon Island National Landmark, Anse Chastanet and Reduit beaches, and the Pitons, which are breathtaking volcanic plugs. For people who love to be in touch with nature, the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens offers an outstanding place to hike and see all types of exotic species of both flora and fauna. 

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4. St. Barts  

 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- St Barts

The island of St. Barthélemy, more commonly known as St. Barts, is famous for being the place for vacations for celebrities and rich people who go there to blow off some steam and enjoy the summer. But St. Barts is far from expensive, this European-inspired place has none other than 14 public beaches that tourists can enjoy completely free of charge. If the type of vacation you’re looking for is complete relaxation then St. Barts is the place to go, although if you want some fun clubbing and nightlife you can hop over to the neighboring islands of Martinique and St. Martin.  

5. Jamaica 

 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Jamaica

If you haven’t gone to Jamaica, we are sure you have at least heard of it. Cool reggae jams, Bob Marley music, and lots of urban cultures make up this fun and chill Caribbean island. Jamaica is filled with tall jungle mountains, crystal clear waters, and miles and miles of banana groves. You can swim in its many beaches and the Blue Lagoon, raft in the Rio Grande, climb the Blue Mountain Peak and let the music flow during the Reggae Sumfest and visit the Bob Marley Museum. 

6. Cuba 

 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Cuba

An exotic and famous island, even more, famous due to its history and its political climate, Cuba is a Caribbean island suspended in time. The strong combination of urban beauty, with heavy influence from the ’50s, along with the clear blue waters and extra-soft sand make Cuba a must-see place. The spot you cannot miss is Havana, the capital of Cuba. You can explore the countryside, hike through majestic landscapes, bathe in one of its hundreds of beaches, and even take some salsa lessons with the local folks. 

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7. Dominican Republic  

10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Dominican Republic

If you’re traveling with children, or you simply enjoy the comfort of an All-Inclusive Resort, Dominican Republic is the Caribbean island you must see. This island is guarded by big rocky mountains that add something special to the scenery. You must visit the Los Haitises National Park, lounge in one of the many majestic beaches, learn more about the history of the Dominican Republic by touring the town of Santo Domingo, and even take a group cigar tour through one of the many cigar factories. 

8. Cozumel 

10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Cozumel

This might be a low-key and small Caribbean island, but its hundreds of beaches have some of the most outstanding views of the Atlantic ocean, right where the water turns from clear blue to deep blue. Cozumel is near Yucatán, Mexico, and the structure of the island is mainly rocky because it is part of a major reef system. This is why the main attraction in Cozumel is snorkeling and scuba diving through the reefs of Palancar, Colombia, and Cielo. If you don’t feel like snorkeling, you can always lounge and take in the sun in the crystal clear waters. 

9. Barbuda 

10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Barbuda

This small and quiet Caribbean island is part of a three-island state formed by Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda. Don’t be fooled by its size, because Barbuda has some of the vastest scenes and landscapes to explore. You can hike through the rainforest nature reserve, do some bird-watching in the middle of the jungle, do some snorkeling and have a fun picnic on the Great Bird Island. 

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10. Holbox 

 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- Holbox

Sitting quietly in the ecological reserve of Yum Balam, in the Mexican Caribbean, Holbox is a small island that was considered virgin until not too long ago. This island is so small and rustic, that you can only enjoy the scenery filled with small wooden cottages and streets made of sand. But in spite of its size, you can still practice several water activities, explore the natural parks and get in touch with nature. 

Without a doubt, checking out a Caribbean islands map can help you discover some of Earth’s best-kept gems, and it’s up to you to book your next trip and explore every inch of its blue waters. 

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