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10 Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Wealth

One of the things that people look for most (after, maybe, love) is wealth. People not only work hard to get richer, increase their fortune and secure a stable future for themselves; but they also recur to “uncommon” techniques in order to give their luck a much needed extra boost. One of the most popular practices used by people who are searching for wealth is Feng Shui. This is based on an ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy that tries to explain how the harmony of your personal space can influence your life. Keep reading to find out 10 Feng Shui secrets to attract wealth into your life.

Place some flowing water somewhere in the house

Flowing water represents abundance and an overall flow of finances. Always keep a fountain in your house, it doesn’t matter if it’s tiny and indoors or a big, outdoor fountain. The main thing about this flowing water is that you keep it clean and working properly. If you have an indoor fountain the flow of water must be directed to the center of the house; whereas outdoor fountains are best placed in the front yard with the water flow facing the door.

Use citrine crystals

Citrine is a very special quartz, with a rich and vibrant gold-like tone. This crystal is particularly helpful to attract wealth, according to Feng Shui techniques. Citrine is a quartz that can easily clear itself – it’s said to be the stone of light and happiness and it can not only attract wealth but it also generates a continuous flow or renewal of prosperity in your life. Citrine holds the energy of abundance and, in contrast, it doesn’t hold on to any negative energies. Since this crystal encourages wealth to flow into your life in a healthy manner, we highly encourage you to place a few crystals on your windowsill to attract the flow of money energy.

Always have oranges at hand

Oranges are a powerful symbol of wealth and good luck in terms of Feng Shui, since both have its origin in China. From the moment you catch a sniff of a fresh orange, you instantly feel uplifted; that’s why it’s no secret oranges call for wealth. The best and most obvious way to incorporate oranges into your house is by placing them gracefully in a bowl in your living room or always have fresh oranges in your kitchen for guests and family to enjoy.

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Have a wealth vase

Wealth vases are ancient tokens make in Tibetan Buddhist temples, and they are traditionally known to attract wealth energy and strengthen it once it reaches your home. Wealth vases can be purchased in many different places, and it’s a very important item to include in your house to keep as a strong magnet for all types of wealth. A vase must be filled with prosperity-inviting things (as per your consideration); the real important part of this is that you fill it keeping a clear intention of attracting wealth while you do this. Also, remember to keep your wealth vase out of sight.

Check for broken things in your home

According to Feng Shui practices, broken items of any kind can immediately suck the good energies out of your home. The first step of using Feng Shui in order to attract wealth is to take a thorough scan all over your house and look for broken stuff. Once you find a broken item make sure to either fix it or replace it completely. Broken items can include furniture, clothing, decorations and devices. Pay special attention to broken plumbing, since it can bring a financial clog into your life.

Create a wealth corner in your living room

There’s a term called bagua, which is an energy map that locates certain areas of your house according to your desires. In the bagua you’ll find a specially designated area for wealth – it’s the top left corner and it’s called Xun in Chinese. To easily locate the Xun in your bagua, simply stand right at the foot of the door of your bedroom or the main entrance of the house and look for the far left corner of the room. To better activate the wealth corner of your house include purple accessories, decorations, furniture or a painting, and place a living green plant and some water features like a glass or bowl filled with water.

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Make sure to use your stove

Your actions can also act wonders on how energies flow in your benefit. Keeping this in mind, using the stove of the household is a strong symbol of your resources. If a person has the ability to nourish their body, they can provide for themselves and their people. Not only should you make sure to use your stove on a daily basis to activate your fire energy and attract prosperity, you should also keep your stove in top condition: clean, all burners working and no rust. As an extra tip, make sure to use all of your stove’s burners instead of sticking to your favorite one, as a way of opening your mind to new possibilities.

Get Chinese coins

Chinese brass coins are great for bringing protection and good luck but also to attract wealth to those who carry or keep them. There are many ways in which you can place your Chinese coins in your house: you can hang them on the wall, frame them or even keep them neatly in a plate or bowl. Just make sure that the Yang side (the one with the four characters) is facing up. If you have small children or pets you can also keep your coins out of sight or even in your wallet in sets of 3 and tied with a red ribbon.

Create an “abundant” entry

In Feng Shui, the entrance of a house is called the “Mouth of Qi”. Since all energies and opportunities are welcomed through the front door, it’s important that you keep an inviting and “abundant” entry. Deep clean your entrance, taking care of little details such as door knobs and door frames. Include the color of the 5 elements in your entry (black for water, red for fire, white or gray for metal, yellow or brown for earth and green or blue for wood) and try to walk through the main entrance at least once a day.

Invest in a fish aquarium

Water is a very powerful element for the practice of Feng Shui. Keeping an aquarium will bring you a harmonious combination of wealth magnets, and they can amplify energy in practically every space. As with everything, make sure to keep your aquarium and your fish in top condition.

These are just come of the most effective secrets of Feng Shui in order to attract wealth into your life. Remember that wealth doesn’t only mean money; wealth involves an abundance of many positive energies and vibes that can make your life much better. With this in mind, start thinking about the wealth you’re looking for and try some of our best-kept secrets.

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