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10 Feng Shui Tips for a Healthier Life

A state of complete health and wellbeing is something many people struggle with on a daily basis. Some people reach out to traditional medicine and visit hundreds of doctors, others prefer to trust alternative medicine and healing methods to get rid of certain illnesses. But there are others who strongly believe the source of diseases and the secret of a healthy life might be right in the place you inhabit. If you’ve tried everything but can’t seem to get healthy, there are some powerful Feng Shui tips that could finally break the cycle of bad health and make you feel better.

1. Include Air-Purifying Plants

The first thing that Feng Shui seeks when it comes to health is good quality air. We’re all aware and do necessary things to protect our bodies from external air pollution. However, the reality is that indoor air pollution also happens, and this is much more dangerous because it’s the space we sleep and eat in. To make sure you get the cleanest air possible, invest in some air purifying plants to keep all around the house, like a protective barrier. Popular air purifying plants include the Dracaena, the Boston Fern, the Peace Lily and the Areca Palm. You can complement this by adding some essential oils to clear the air and even invest in an air purifier.

2. Look for Natural Lighting

Along with air, light is another crucial aspect of Feng Shui for health. The best thing that you could look for in your house is to receive the largest amount of natural light possible. Natural light nourishes your body and makes you a healthy being, that’s why you must make sure you get plenty of sunlight throughout the day by opening your windows or, having many doors open. Sometimes it’s not possible to have many windows (especially in small apartments), but then you must invest in full spectrum lights so you keep receiving as much energy as possible to replenish your body.

3. Display a Wu Lou Figurine

Sometimes you need a little extra help to improve your life quality and this is what the Wu Lou figurine is for. The bottle gourd has been a Feng Shui symbol of health and longevity for centuries. It’s shaped like a two-segment bottle and it represents heaven and earth, as well as the harmony between both of them. Originally this figurine was used by monks to trap bad spirits, and in Feng Shui it’s widely used to trap chi energies that could harm your health. If you’re fighting an illness, purchase a metal Wu Lou figurine and place it on your nightstand to cure your body.

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4. Declutter Your Home

Even though this isn’t one of the most popular or “flashy” Feng Shui tips to attract health, it’s actually one of the main ones and the first one you should take care of on your new journey to find health. Clutter in your bedroom, and all over your house, can end up altering your chi and complicating any existing illnesses, that’s why it’s so important to have a clutter-free home. Even if you’re not experiencing any disease, having too much clutter can make you and your family feel tired and lethargic. Start by decluttering your bedroom, getting rid of piles of clothes and trying to clear off the space under the bed. Make a checklist so you can start decluttering your home one step at a time so that you don’t find it overwhelming.

5. Add Wood Elements in the Health Sector of Your Place

In Feng Shui, there’s something called the bagua, which is a map for your home and the areas where certain elements are located. Locate the East sector – or the health sector – of you bagua, so you can concentrate your efforts there. When it comes to the elements, the ideal one that relates to the East section of your house is wood. The wood element is represented by the color green, columnar shapes that resemble a tree, and of course items made of wood or even cotton. Try to add an important accent in the wood element in the health space of your house.

6. Bring Feng Shui to Your Garden

Not all Feng Shui techniques take care of the inside of your home. In fact, it’s very important to create a protective barrier to the area that surrounds your house, meaning your garden. Single trees, utility poles and other objects could harm the energy that comes into the house or, change its vibe. You could invest in some Feng Shui cures like water fountain sprays, shrubbery plantings right next to the building and some ornamental statues with protective figurines such as koi fish, turtles and deer.

7. Create a Spa Energy in Your Bathroom

Creating Feng Shui energy in the bathroom is a big challenge, but it’s important that you work hard to create the right ambience for your health. Start by decluttering your bathroom and giving it a very deep cleaning. Then it’s time to create a spa-like energy by including artwork that promotes relaxation, candles and even an aromatherapy diffuser.

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8. Keep Yellow Flowers in Strategic Places of the House

Earth is an element associated with the center of your home and well-being. Earth is represented by the colors yellow and brown, therefore you can have this element present in your home by placing a clay or stone vase with yellow flowers right in the center of your home. If this is not possible you can keep the yellow flowers on the counter of the kitchen, another important place of the house that relates to your well-being and health.

9. Change the Color of Your Bed Sheets

This is one of the easiest Feng Shui cures against illnesses and other body issues. You can’t imagine how much your health can improve by doing something so simple as changing your bedsheets from plain white to yellow or green. As we mentioned, yellow represents the earth element while green represents the wood element. Both of these are strongly related to health and balance.

10. Don’t Place your Bed Facing the Door

Placing your bed against the entrance door of the bedroom could cause you different ailments depending on the part of your body it aims at: door facing you head can cause headaches and migraines, door facing your stomach can cause gastrointestinal problems, door facing the feet can cause lower body health problems. If you have the bathroom door facing your bed, your body can also absorb the waste that goes in there and cause you important bone and muscle problems.

Achieving a true state of wellbeing doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s important that you follow these tips and make sure you put all of your best wishes and energies into these tasks. With just a few adjustments to the way your house looks you’ll finally be free of illnesses and your place will look much better!

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