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10 Greatest Tech Gadgets For Parents

Being a parent can be quite challenging. This is especially with the hassles of keeping everything up to date. However, modern technology has provided parents with tech gadgets that will help in reducing your stress levels. Whether it is ensuring your child is safe during car trips or capturing the unexpectedly beautiful moments, there is a gadget for every situation. Compiled in this list are ten of the greatest tech gadgets for parents. Read and be inspired to get some.

1. Summer Pacifier Thermometer

Taking a child’s temperature sometimes seems like an impossible task. With all the screaming and kicking legs, a parent can get frustrated quite easily. However, this gadget is called the pacifier thermometer. It is shaped just like a pacifier and to get the child’s temperature, it only has to be in his mouth. It’s a great way to see if baby has a fever in the middle of the night without getting him undressed and undiapered.

2. Oco HD Cloud Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera


Most parents would like to know what their children are up to while they are away. This can be a bit difficult for parents that do not spend all day around them. Therefore, if you want to give your child a little independence but still know what they are doing, I suggest you invest in a monitoring camera. The device called, Oco, is a Wi-Fi video monitoring camera that allows you to view a live stream of any room right from your smartphone. The Oco has a motion sensor and sound sensor that allows you to always keep track of what’s going on in your house when you’re not around. It has quite a number of uses for parents, including the ability to notify you when your kids get home safely from school. As a working parent, you have the ability to talk to anyone in the room that the Oco is in remotely. It is quite useful for keeping an eye on things both close and far from you.

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3. TrackR Bravo


As a parent, it is quite common to misplace a lot of important things. Oftentimes, you find yourself asking where the keys are, your wallet, or even your phone. The TrackR is a quarter-sized device that can be fastened to any item. Once it is attached, users are able to use the companion app to find whatever device that the TrackR is attached to. If you lose something like your wallet, you simply pull up the app on your smartphone and you can make the TrackR beep. You can also set up the app to alert you when you venture too far from it. Lost your smartphone? Good news is that TrackR can also be used find your phone, even if it is on silent.  Simply push the button on any TrackR you own. It works with both iOS and Android. Misplacing important belongings becomes a thing of the past with TrackR Bravo.

4. Owlet Baby Monitor


Sudden infant death syndrome is a frightening, inexplicable cause of death in infants less than a year old. All any parent wants is peace of mind that their children are safe and sound at all times. However, getting up every ten minutes to make sure of this can be quite stressful. The Owlet baby monitor is there to help. It gives you that reassurance by monitoring the vital signs of the little ones as they sleep. It is a smart bootie that you slip onto your baby’s foot.  If there are any sudden changes to your child’s breathing or heart rate, the Owlet monitor will alert your phone immediately. I believe it is an alternative that is totally worth its function.

5. Baby Shusher


No one likes the sound of a baby crying, especially parents. Having your child’s crying wake you in the middle of the night can trigger unhappy reactions. Therefore, parents will try all sort of tricks to soothe their baby when they cry. Why not employ the use of a gadget for this cause? Introducing the Baby Shusher. This is a nifty, and somewhat strange device, that performs this function effectively. It shushes the baby by mimicking the rhythmic sounds of the womb, triggering your baby’s “natural calming reflex” to stop him from crying.

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6. A Smartphone


This is one gadget that almost everybody cannot do without. Parents should not be without this as well. Smartphones are lifesavers for parents for more than a million reasons. With the presence of the camera, the calendar and the apps that come in handy at all times. Smartphones are also very useful for mothers during those middle of the night feedings. A smartphone is also the perfect thing to bring with you when your baby becomes a toddler and insists you stay with him while he falls to sleep. It’s a gadget that has become essential in modern society.

7. Beaba Babycook


This is like a magic gadget. Beaba babycook can steam, cook fruits, vegetables and meats in 15 minutes or less. With this device, making of baby food is much simpler. Better yet, you can heat up whatever you put in it. Maintaining it is not rocket science either. All you have to do is put it in the dishwasher.

8. GB Pockit Stroller


Strollers are usually big and a bit difficult to carry about. Here is a stroller to beat your imagination. It is called the Pockit Stroller. It has a perfect design that makes it easy to carry along on a road trip or flight. The stroller quickly and easily folds into a compact 12-inch by 14-inch by 7-inch pack that weighs just nine pounds. This means that it can be easily folded into a backpack! It can carry up to 11 pounds and comes with a storage basket just like regular strollers.

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9. Boon Glo Nightlight


This night light not only comes in fun colors, but it can also easily be transported.

The Boon Glo nightlight will alternate between all colors of the rainbow, creating a fun and playful nighttime environment for your kid. The best part is the removable nature of the balls that allow your kid to have a portable night light. Most times, kids are afraid of the dark. The night trips to the bathroom are definitely inevitable. The night light helps in making bathroom trips in the dark for your toddler less daunting. The phosphorescent balls will glow for 30 minutes after being removed its stand.

10. BB-8 USB Car Charger


Prepping for a family road trip often means calculating how long the family stash of mobile devices will konk out before invariably hearing the inquisitive questions from the children. If your objective is to keep all of your kids’ mobile devices charged while on the road, this is the droid you’ve been looking for. This little BB-8 unit fits neatly into a standard cupholder and plugs into your car’s 12-volt power adapter. Little Star Wars fanatics will be enthralled by how the droid’s head rotates and makes sound. You will also appreciate the fact that the unit comes with two USB charging ports, compatible with most USB charging cables.

These are the ten greatest cool tech gadgets for parents that made our list. Feel free to add some you think should have made the list.

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