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10 Health Benefits of Taking Hot Baths

Hot baths have been doctor recommended from the earliest civilizations. Submerging your body in a steamy, hot bathtub full of water not only gets you in a better mood, it can also help you fight different health conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a bath with your toddler, your partner or just by yourself to get some quiet time, its benefits are so great they can make anyone’s life better instantly. Keep reading to find out the most noticeable health benefits of taking hot baths; we assure you’ll end up wanting to jump into the tub after you read this!

1. Relieves most flu symptoms

Hot baths help oxygenate your blood by letting you breathe deeper and slower. The steam of a hot bath moisturizes the nasal passages and acts as a natural decongestant, especially when you add some essential oils like rosemary or eucalyptus. In fact, hot baths are so powerful they can actually help kill bacteria while they improve your immune system. Overall, when you’ve got the flu, a hot bath can instantly make you feel a lot better and get you ready for a better night of sleep.

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2. Relieves sore muscles and joints

After a particularly intense workout, there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a hot bath to relieve tension and soothe those stiff muscles. You can give your muscles a gentle massage while being underwater and take advantage of the benefits of the steam and temperature. Hot water is so beneficial for muscles and joints that it’s even recommended for the elderly and people who suffer from joint problems, since the movements underwater are much safer with little to no risk of injury for the patient.

3. Improves blood circulation

People who have poor blood circulation can have health issues such as low blood pressure and varicose veins in their limbs. If you want to see your blood circulation improve, dip in a hot bath a couple of times a week. Submerging your body in hot water up to the neck creates a physical pressure on the body that gets the heart to beat stronger, sending blood to all parts of the body more efficiently and stronger.

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4. Lowers blood pressure

Here’s a wonderful tip for people who suffer from heart conditions and healthy people alike. Soaking in a hot bath can help lower your blood pressure because of the warm temperature and the underwater pressure that are being applied on the body. However, if you do suffer from heart conditions you should check with your healthcare provider first to see if a hot bath is a safe idea, because while it does lower blood pressure, it also increases your heart beat.

5. Helps you balance your hormones

Depression is a mental condition that happens when chemical levels in the brain are altered and there are some components missing or exist in a very low quantity. Since this is considered a hormonal condition in some cases, a hot bath could help you improve this situation. A hot bath or even warm water can increase the natural levels of serotonin found in the body, a chemical produced in the brain that causes the feeling of well-being and happiness.

6. Helps you fall asleep faster

This is one of the best benefits of hot baths and is ideal for people who suffer from daily stress at the office or taking care of the kids all day. When you submerge your body in a hot bath, the hot water instantly starts relaxing the muscles, increasing your body temperature and getting rid of all the superficial tension. Asides from this, a hot bath also puts you in a relaxed mental state that gets you more than ready for bed. However, you should be very careful not to fall asleep in the bathtub as it could be dangerous!

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7. Deeply moisturizes skin

As it happens when you go into a sauna or steam shower, getting in a hot bath and soaking for a while can open up your pores like nothing else. If the water is clean, this can help you get rid of toxins and debris from your skin. And since our bodies are made up mainly from water, when you soak up for a while in hot water your body is actually absorbing it and improving your natural moisture, saving it up for the next hours of your day (or night).

8. Regulate your body temperature

Did you know that the ultimate way to regulate your body temperature is with a hot bath? It doesn’t matter if it’s a cold day and you feel your toes are like icicles or it’s a warm summer day and you have no more clothes left on to remove. Prepare a hot bath, soak in it for about 15 minutes and when you get out you’ll notice how your body makes sure to find the ideal temperature for you to be comfortable.

9. Releases tension and improves your mood

This point goes a long way, but we felt the need to mention it. From the moment you start preparing a hot bath, you instantly feel your mood improving just by thinking of what’s coming next. A relaxing time where you can be alone with your thoughts, some chill music, your favorite book or movie and a couple of candles are all most people need to improve their mood instantly and release all of the tension of the day.

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10. Lowers blood sugar

Burning calories and lowering blood sugar is something that most people do by performing daily exercise, but some professionals say a hot bath could also help achieve this. In several studies conducted by important universities, it was found that people who soak in a hot bath for one hour burn the equivalent calories as half an hour walking at a regular pace. The blood sugar levels also responded in a very similar way with both activities.

Now that you know some of the many, many benefits of taking hot baths, what are you waiting for? Open up the faucet and start filling up that tempting tub to make your day get a lot better.

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