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10 Instagram Automation Tools Every E-Marketer Should Use

Instagram has an engagement rate that is higher than other social media channels, and that is the primary reason why most e-marketers are not leaving any stone unturned to tap the potential of this social media marketing channel. Today, almost everybody has an Instagram account, accounting for its massive base of 1 billion users. From bringing in constant traffic to funneling sales for a startup – Instagram has it all! And with the launch of its newest feature called ‘Shopping Stories,’ things have become a lot easier for business owners and e-marketers.

I have come up with a list of the 10 best Instagram automation platforms to help you make more business.

  1. ViralUpgrade

It is, of course, not possible to target prospective buyers manually, solely based on their preferences and needs. The manual process not only takes time but also increases your expenses if you hire a workforce to do it. This is where ViralUpgrade comes in to rescue you. The tool acquires basic information about the social network users you want to target through AI, and the bit manager reaches out to thousands of users on your behalf. If you are looking for a tool that can bring in a sudden spurt in your followers’ list, then this tool is your best shot.

  1. SocialDrift

If you are looking for an Instagram app automation tool that will help you engage your target audience on Instagram, then SocialDrift is the one for you. The tool uses an application called Secureboost that can target potential buyers automatically and engage with them. And since the tool has been made to comply with all the terms of service of Instagram, there is no chance that the tool will be suspended anytime soon. With SocialDrift, you get access to its uber-cool dashboard that can give you an insight into the social media marketing metrics and reveal your social network follower count and automated activity.

  1. Combin

For those of you interested in using Instagram to reach out to more people and increase your base of followers, Combin is what you are looking for. If you are someone who doesn’t want to bank much on AI and think that automation doesn’t always provide  accurate solutions, then this tool can be of immense help to you. To put it simply, Combin is just an improved Instagram search console that makes finding and targeting Instagram users by using demographics. The tool takes hashtags and location into account and searches for interested customers.

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  1. Instaheap

To be honest, this Instagram app tool is more like an extra option, should you find using the above three tools difficult. As compared to its competitors, I personally feel that Instaheap has the simplest interface. Moreover, the tool is also known for its excellent speed. The tool will help you target Instagram users based on their location, preferences and use of the hashtag and will send them a follow request in a jiffy. The utility doesn’t end here! Instaheap will engage with the newly acquired followers by liking their posts and commenting on their accounts.

  1. Socially Rich

This is the only app that comes with a guarantee. The automation tool asserts that it can add at least 1,000 new Instagram followers to your account. If it fails to do so, the company also promises to refund the money that you have invested. All you need to do is provide the app with a list of hashtags that you are looking for and an initial list of followers who have linked to your business. Based on the hashtags and the details on the followers’ accounts, Socially Rich will search for accounts that fit your specifications. With Socially Rich at your aid, you do not need to invest time to cultivate your follower base on Instagram so you can use your time to finish other important assignments.

  1. Relaxed Social

Although Instagram is a great platform to bring in customers, you just cannot invest all your time to make the most of the platform. There are several other things that need to be taken care of. If you were about to hire a manager who could just handle your Instagram profile, then I have got news for you. You can go easy on your pocket and use the Relaxed Social tool instead; which can work as an Instagram account manager for your business. The bot helps to determine what hashtags are relevant and which accounts should be targeted. With this app at your service, you can sit back while thousands are added to your Instagram account with just a click.

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  1. Kickstagram

As the name suggests, Kickstagram helps you kick your sales up by adding more followers to your Instagram account. What is different about them is that they also provide a manual outreach service that can help their clients to engage more than 50,000 Instagram users every month. This Instagram app tool boasts several happy and satisfied customers according to whom the service provided by the crew has worked in favour and has helped them increase their reach and brand visibility by expanding their base of prospective customers.

  1. Robolike

Social media marketers who are searching for an Instagram automation tool that is simple and easy to use should consider Robolike. This Instagram web tool targets Instagram based on your specifications. You can choose the hashtags that you want the tool to focus on, and the bots will search through the database for content that has the listed hashtags used in it. The tool will help you increase the reach of your brand remarkably. It will also provide you with an overview of the tastes and preferences of the target audience, so that you can base your marketing content according to their needs.

  1. PopSocial

PopSocial is a platform that was founded by Everette Taylor, designed to help users acquire Instagram followers in a short amount of time. Considering that the foundation stone has been laid by a woman who was featured in the ‘Forbes 30 under 30′ successful business owners’ bracket, you can very well understand how efficient the tool must be. Although these features are nothing new, the tool stands apart because of its speed and efficiency. There isn’t much information available about the algorithm that the tool uses to acquire new followers, but the fact that the tool has clients like Microsoft is reason enough to trust them.

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  1. Social Growth

For all those marketers who want maximum control over automated Instagram engagement, this tool is tailor-made for you. The tool offers targeting options and outreach options. And not only that! This social media app tool also sends you regular reports so that you can track your growth. You can control the speed and set your preferences to automate outreach. It makes monitoring Instagram a more manageable task.

Instagram is like Pandora’s Box for marketers and business owners. In addition, various Instagram automation tools give leverage to your branding potential and help you build a stronger base of followers in a short span of time. At times, even though you post highly engaging content on your Instagram account, things might not work in your favour. You may feel that all your efforts are going down the drain. It is in these times that using automated tools can be of help.

Using an Instagram automation tool for the Instagram web can give you a spurt in the number of followers you have, resulting in an all round improvement in your business in a very short time. So, what are you waiting for? Now that you have got your hands on the best tools, get ready to taste the success that you deserve!

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