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10 Largest Big Wheels in the World

Big wheels are a great attraction for the young and old alike as they’re symbols of fun as well as iconic landmarks. The first Ferris wheel, also referred to as observational wheels, was first constructed in Chicago by George W. Ferris for the World’s Columbian Exposition. Since then, its popularity has soared, which has seen it sprout across different parts of the world, with each country trying to outdo the others. 

If you aren’t afraid of heights, one question on your mind must be which is the biggest Ferris wheel in the world?  Today, we’ll be taking you through the biggest Ferris wheels across the globe. 

1. High Roller – Las Vegas, USA – 551 Feet 

If you don’t mind going to around 550 feet above the ground, then take a trip to Nevada and enjoy a ride on this observational wheel known as The High Roller. This Observation Wheel was built in 2014 as part of the Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation and cost $550 million. While riding on this Ferris wheel, you get to see the world-famous Strip and Las Vegas Valley from a 360-degree view. At the moment, this Big wheel is the tallest in the world. 

Being in Las Vegas, it comes as no surprise you can buy drinks at the base of this wheel and take them with you while enjoying this 30-minute ride. It can accommodate a maximum of 20 riders for each trip, so you can come with your family or friends and enjoy a unique cocktail experience. However, this cocktail experience is only eligible for persons aged 21 years and above, plus the maximum number during Happy Half Hour is 10 guests. 

To spice things up even further, you can also have Yoga classes while riding on The High Roller. These personalized yoga classes take a maximum of 60 minutes, meaning you get to enjoy two revolutions on this exquisite Ferris wheel. During these yoga sessions, you’ll be provided with a water bottle and a yoga mat.  

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2. Singapore Flyer – Singapore – 541 Feet 

This observation wheel was completed in 2008 after two and a half years under construction to become the world’s tallest Ferris wheel up until 2014. It has 28 air-conditioned capsules that are and is almost the size of a mini-bus and can accommodate 28 persons each. While riding the magnificent Singapore Flyer, you get to see, not only Singapore, but also a view of Indonesia and Malaysia on clear days. 

Other than Marina Bay’s superb view, you can also enjoy adult beverages and fine dining to make the entire experience a lot more exciting. When enjoying fine dining on the Singapore Flyer, you can partake in a 4-course dinner depending on your preference. The menus you get to choose from include Vegetarian, Oriental and Western. 

3. Star of Nanchang – Nanchang, China – 525 Feet 

Upon its completion in 2006, this humongous Big wheel was undoubtedly the biggest observation wheel, knocking out the London Eye from the top spot. The Star of Nanchang is found at the Nanchang Star Amusement Park and has 60 air-conditioned cabins, with each capable of accommodating eight passengers. 

A single rotation of this observational wheel takes 30 minutes. Because it’s rotating at a very slow speed, passengers can board and disembark without the wheel needing to stop.  

4. London Eye – London, UK – 443 Feet 

This Ferris wheel is also known as the Millennium Wheel, as it was constructed in 2000 to usher in the new millennium. It became the world’s tallest observational wheel and retained its spot until 2006. One rotation usually takes around 30 minutes and has a total of 32 ovoid capsules, with each capable of carrying 25 passengers. 

The London Eye has become a top-rated tourist attraction, with around 3.75 million visits each year. You can also get combo tickets to ride on the London Wheel and visit other tourist attractions in London such as The London Dungeon, SeaLife Aquarium, and Madame Tussauds. The operators of this wheel still claim this is still the world’s highest cantilevered Ferris wheel.   

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5. Sky Dream – Taichung City, Taiwan – 413 Feet 

It’s situated in the Lihpao Discovery Land, in Taichung, and has 60 passenger cars, with each accommodating a maximum of eight persons. This observational wheel is unique as it’s the only slanting roller coaster and has a true 90-degree drop. 

6. Redhorse Osaka Wheel – Osaka, Japan – 404 Feet 

This observational wheel was built in 2016 and boasts a unique design of transparent gondolas and glass floors. Therefore, you get a clear view of Expocity situated in Osaka. If you’re somewhat scared of heights, worry not, as you can request a foot mat to cover up the floor and make the ride a lot more fascinating. Each of the gondolas has heating, air conditioning, and wide seats. Also, it has two VIP gondolas that come with added facilities. 

One revolution on the Redhorse Osaka is much shorter and only takes around 18 minutes. 

7. The Wheel ICON Park – Florida, USA – 400 Feet 

Since its unveiling on Orlando’s I-Drive in 2014, this Ferris wheel has gone through a few name changes. However, it finally settled on this name, the Wheel ICON Park, and is the largest observational wheel on America’s East Coast. When riding this Ferris wheel, you get a fantastic view of the theme parks, Orlando’s skyline, and Cape Canaveral on clear days. 

This observational wheel is among the most technologically advanced Ferris wheels worldwide as it uses modern technology to stabilize its cabins. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about the cabin shaking while the wheel is spinning. Also, you get access to an internet connection while riding this Ferris wheel, making the entire experience a lot more exciting. 

Its wheel spins very slowly, so they don’t need to stop as you embark or disembark the capsules, with one revolution taking approximately 20 minutes. 

8. Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel – Melbourne, Australia – 393 Feet 

This Ferris wheel is located in Docklands in Melbourne’s Waterfront City area. It was constructed in 2008 and is nicknamed the Southern Star. This observational wheel is unique as it’s the only one across the globe that’s made entirely from steel. Moreover, its design has numerous spokes aimed to reflect the Australian’s seven-pointed flag. 

While taking a trip on this massive Ferris wheel, you get a 360-degree view of Melbourne. You also get a view of the Port Philip Bay and the Docklands precinct, while on clear days, you can see the Dandenong Ranges and Arthur’s Seat. While in the capsules, you can hear sound recordings sharing fun facts about Melbourne.  It also boasts a beautiful LED light system that can show different colors, spanning more than 15 million light combinations.   

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9. Tianjin Eye – Tianjin, China – 393 Feet 

Besides being one of the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, the Tianjin Eye is unique as it’s the only observational wheel built over water. This Ferris wheel is built on a bridge right above the Hai River. A single revolution usually takes between 30 to 40 minutes, but this might vary depending on weather conditions. Therefore, you get enough time to enjoy the magnificent view. Each of the capsules on this observational wheel can accommodate eight individuals. 

10. Changsha Ferris Wheel – Changsha, China – 393 Feet 

The construction of this Ferris wheel was finished in 2004. It’s part of the set of four observational wheels every 393 feet scattered across China alongside the Zhengzhou Ferris Wheel, Suzhou Ferris Wheel, and Tianjin Eye. This specific Ferris wheel takes around 20 minutes to complete one revolution, and you get to enjoy the best views at night. 


A ride on the big wheels is exhilarating and a moment to treasure both for the young and old. And this shouldn’t be any surprise considering the outstanding views you get to see while riding the observational wheel.  If you wanted to know which new destinations to tour and are a fan of the Ferris wheel, then this post has just highlighted the most neck-craning and remarkable observational wheels across the globe. 

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