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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Make Yourself a Better Parent    

1. Overly-Praising Your Son or Daughter

The number of times I’ve seen parents worship their child 24/7 is unbelievable. This is especially true whilst they’re growing up. Praising your son or daughter for every minor good behavior at this age will almost certainly result in them expecting the same praise for everything they do when they grow up. Avoid turning your son or daughter into a spoiled child who wants praise for everything they do by limiting the positive reinforcement early on.

2. Being Overly Protective

Many parents handle all the daily tasks for their children so that they don’t have to do so for themselves. But although you feel like you’re protecting them, the truth is you’re actually harming their prospects of survival later in the future. Every child will spread their wings and leave their nest sooner or later. And if you always cook for your children, wash their clothes, and clean their rooms, how will they ever do these same tasks for themselves once they eventually grow up and leave the house?

3. Prevent Children from Taking Risks

In the same way, many parents try to shield their child from making mistakes in order to protect them from any possible harm. But making mistakes is a part of life, and their great opportunities for your child to learn and progress. Preventing your child from taking risks and making mistakes does little to prepare them for life in the real world where you won’t always be around to help them.

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4. Giving Lenient Punishment

At some point, you’ll sit with your child and discuss the rules and boundaries which you expect them to follow. And you may fall into the trap of being lenient on punishment once your child eventually (yes he will) breaks a rule. This is a parenting style which encourages your son or daughter to continually push boundaries on your rules and argue endlessly over fair or unfair punishment in the future. Be strict about your expectations and rules from the get-go and deliver punishment when you must.

5. Giving Your Child Whatever They Want

A parent with a hefty budget often falls into the trap of providing their child with whatever they want, like the latest gadgets they see on TV. Over-indulging your child doesn’t build a strong relationship between you and them. All it does is make your child feel entitled to everything in the world and encourages them to further take advantage of your generosity. Give anyone free things regularly and he or she will soon learn to ask for more. Make sure you keep a tight leash on your gifts and ensure that your son or daughter fairly earns whatever they receive.

6. Not Giving Yourself Enough Free Time

A lot of parents are unprepared for the amount of work they have to put in to raising a child. And many of them try to bear with the workload without taking a break. This builds up a lot of stress over time which you may eventually take out on your son or daughter. Always give yourself time to relax and cool down. You’ll find that this makes the child-caring process much easier than trying to bear it all at once.

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7. Comparing Yourself to Other Parents

Sometimes, in our lives, we’ll see parents who are easily able to handle a busy lifestyle whilst keeping their son or daughter perfectly happy. And this can make us feel lacking in some way, or even inadequate as a parent. But bear in mind that parenting is something that you learn over time. You’ll make mistakes. We all do. But you’ll also learn from them and become a better parent as a result.

8. Being Too Fussy

Is he crying enough? Am I feeding him too much? We’ve all heard of the stereotypical fussy parent who overreacts to the smallest issue. Your child is likely to pick up on all the anxiety you’re emanating. And most of the time, it’s usually a minor problem. Don’t waste so much time worrying about the small stuff, and instead learn to enjoy the child-caring process.

9. Constantly Siding With Your Child

Some parents care too much about their child that they’ll always take their sides, especially when it comes to arguments with local authorities like schools. Their protectiveness for their son or daughter often blinds them to the things they do wrong. And this can fail to promote accountability in your child. Makes sure your child see’s the error of his ways when he makes a mistake so that he admits his wrongs and learns from it.

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10. Expecting Too Much

Your child is the smartest human being on the planet. And he or she is destined for great things. Right? Pushy parents often make their child work to their limits and raise the bar whenever they’re successful. They ignore any achievements and instead tell their children to work harder for greater things. What this does is distance yourself from your child and makes them hide all their accomplishments from you as they feel you do not care. And it makes them feel inadequate, which can lead to a host of emotional problems later down the line.

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