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10 Must Visit Sights in China

The People’s Republic of China is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. According to the Travel China Guide, China received a total of 67.87 million visitors in 2016.You might be wondering why so many tourists visit China annually. The country has a variety of tourist attractions ranging from antique and rich cultural sites to mountains and natural attractions.

These tourist attractions, and much more, are dotted across China. Joining a tour may be ideal in order to cover as many places as possible. Each of the listed attractions offers unique, scintillation and unforgettable experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The most outstanding attractions include:

1. The World Renowned Great Wall of China

China boasts of great ancient man-made attraction that was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). Visiting China can never be complete without visiting this breathtaking attraction. The wall spans across a scruffy terrain covering a distance of 6,000 kilometers and it traverses the fortresses of Shanhaiguan, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu. The wall is dotted with watchtowers and battlements rising in some places as high as 16 meters and as low as 6 meters in other areas. It is a must visit attraction on arrival in China.

2. The Summer Palace in Beijing

10 Must-Visit Sights in China2

The Summer Palace was constructed in 1153 and it is among the most visited places in Beijing. it covers an area of 700 acres with a lush garden and an amazing lake. Its remarkable attractions including the Great Theatre and Hall of Well-Being and Longevity commonly referred to as Renshou Dian. Well maintained walking trails and pathways dot the garden overlooking the private three story building.

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3. The Terracotta Army

10 Must-Visit Sights in China3

The creativity of protecting the First Emperor’s tomb led to the architectural design and molding of 8,000 human-size warriors, 1000 chariots, and 520 horses. This is estimated to have taken place roundabout 280 BC. The site is commonly referred to as Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum Park is a great attraction to visit while in China.

4. The Forbidden City in Beijing

10 Must-Visit Sights in China4

This city also is known as the Imperial Palace is a renowned tourist attraction in Beijing which is believed to have been constructed during the Yuan Dynasty. This dynasty lasted from 1271 to 1368 and this palace was built for the Qing and Ming Emperors. It is a huge building covering an area of 720,00 square meters with a majestic wall standing 10 meters high. Apart from the royal family and their maids, the palace was a forbidden zone for ordinary citizens.

5. The Yangtze River

10 Must-Visit Sights in China5

The Yangtze River is a very long river that covers a meandering distance of over 6,000 kilometers. Only River Nile in Africa and the Amazon River in South America are longer than the Yangtze. It hosts magnificent gorges referred to as the Wu, Ciling, and Qutang gorges. Tourists can explore the beauty of the river and the surrounding attractions from tourist-class riverboats.

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6. The Suzhou Classical Gardens

10 Must-Visit Sights in China6

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou is an UNESCO World Heritage Site just like the Great Wall of China. It is another wonderful place to visit in the PRC. The ancient gardens date back to as early as the 11th century. It is located in a serene environment that can take you back to antiquity. The ecosystem is breathtaking and the gardens are also associated with the Ming Dynasty. Visitors interested with the Chinese history can get a wealth of information by visiting the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace, and the Suzhou Gardens.

7. The Potala Palace in Tibet

10 Must-Visit Sights in China7

Whenever Tibet is mentioned, the Dalai Lama comes to mind. The Potala Palace was constructed for the Dalai Lama. The area consists of the Red and White Palaces with the former built in the 17th century and the latter built in 1648. These palaces hosted the Tibetan Kings and the Dalai Lamas. The palace now serves as a museum that displays the finest Tibetan artwork and precious artifacts.

8. The Mausoleum of Light

10 Must-Visit Sights in China8

The Mausoleum of Light is a heritage site which is associated with Chinese culture and trade. The tomb depicts the ancient Chinese superior architecture and organization. The tomb consists of a castle-styled building associated with the Qing Dynasty and burial sites arranged in traditional Chinese culture. The mausoleum covers an area close to 200,000 square meters. The mausoleum hosts the remains of Emperor Hong Taiji, a decorated Chinese Emperor who reigned between 1625 and 1635.

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9. Giant Panda Breeding Center at Chengdu Research Base

10 Must-Visit Sights in China9

Animal lovers, zoologists, and other tourists interested in studying or just enjoying a beautiful sight of pandas would not miss visiting this site. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in China. The site boasts close to 90 pandas going about their business in a near natural habitat. The site is friendly to both local and international tourists as it offers multilingual guided tours around the base.

10. The Bund – Shanghai’s Promenade

10 Must-Visit Sights in China10

The city of Shanghai did not come out of the blue. Its stature as an international business metropolis began years back from bold architectural designs, planning, and construction. The riverside promenade is a herald for its picturesque and pristine planning. It is reminiscent of modern European cities such as London and Paris. This tourist attraction is renowned for its 52 buildings whose architectural designs were influenced by the French and English traditions.

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