10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Built-in Shoe Closet
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If you are here, you most probably love neat and organized spaces, especially when it comes to your stuff. This is a good thing as maintaining properly organized spaces helps you quickly find things when in a hurry, makes you feel in control, and portrays a positive image when people come visiting. 

One of the things you may find hard to keep organized is accessories especially when you own many. If this is your current problem, you are in the right place as we are going to discuss how to creatively and practically keep them in order. So, let’s dive right into these home organization tips.


Poorly storing your purses can lead to them collecting dust or distorting. You don’t want that. To ensure they remain in their best shape it is important to have a good storage plan for them. Here are the best two:

1. A Dedicated Shelf in the Closet

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Purse Shelves
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This is a great option if you have sufficient space in the closet. You can use it to create ceiling-to-floor shelves. To make them aesthetically appealing, you could go for transparent shelf boards and place some lights on the sides. You can further section them using clear dividers. As such, you will be able to store your bags upright, side by side, and vertically. This way, anytime you need to pick a bag they will all be visible and easy to grab.

2. Mounted Hooks

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Rack for Bags
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This is best suited for you if your collection of bags is mostly comprised of slings. You can purchase metal hangers and hang them in your closet, having all of your bags at hand. When purchasing the hooks, ensure to pay attention to their length, width, and resilience. Longer and wider hooks are more preferable as you can store more purses on them, while their strength ensures that they will support the purses no matter their weight.


Hats are cool and tend to spice up any look. However, the more you have of them, the more chaotic your space may look. That is, unless you organize them appropriately. Here’s some great organizing tips for hats:

3. Create a Fun Wall Art

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Hat Wall Art
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This will mostly work for hats that you consider to be prized or vintage pieces. To achieve an ideal artistic display, pick a plain wall. It could be in the dining room, hallway, or even home office. You should then creatively hang the hats up using pushpins or nails.

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4. Use a Hat Rack

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Hat Rack
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Hat racks come in different shapes, sizes, and material. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. You can shop for one at your local store or online stores.


The method in which you choose to organize your scarves will depend on the number you have. Highlighted below are how best to organize scarves – both few and many.

5. Closet Rod Hanging Organizer Rack

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Rod for Scarves
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A good thing about this rack is that it takes minimal space in your closet or anywhere else you choose to place it. The rack works almost like a normal hanger as it hangs over the closet rod. However, it is more stylish and specially designed to hang scarfs. For each rack, there are 7 loops big enough to place a scarf or several depending on their size. 

6. Drawer Dividers

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Drawer Organizer
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If you have drawers that are over five inches high you can utilize them to store your scarves by portioning them using drawer dividers. You should then fold your scarves lengthwise, in a loose spiral, and ensure that their height is slightly less than that of the drawer. Place each scarf in its compartment. The more drawers you have, the more scarves you can arrange.

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Try these organizing tips to not only avoid losing your jewelry but also keep them tidy, untangled, and always ready to be worn.

7. Jewelry Organizer Stand

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Jewelry Racks
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There are a variety of jewelry stands to pick from. When picking a suitable one you should consider the type and number of jewelries you have. If all your jewelry does not fit on one stand, you can always get another as the stands do not take much space. They are also aesthetically appealing and add a touch of style and elegance to any space.

8. Designate a Drawer

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Jewelry Drawer
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Shallow drawers work best when it comes to jewelry as you can easily access them. A jewelry drawer organizer will also come in handy as it creates compartments where you can sort your jewelry according to your preference. In case you need more space you can stack a jewelry tray on top (inside the drawer) and store more jewelry.


Whether you own a pair of shoes or twenty of them, devising proper storage is essential to help you quickly find your shoes and also keep them in good condition. If you are looking for home organization ideas on how to properly organize your shoes here are some ideas that you can implement:

9. Built-in Closet

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- Built-in Shoe Closet
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The advantage of a built-in closet compared to ready-made shoe stands is that you get to design and customize it according to the available space and your desired taste. You can, therefore, get as creative as you would like.

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10. DIY: PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer

10 Organizing Tips for Your Accessories- PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer
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If you are looking for a unique home organization idea that can bring to play your creativity a PVC pipe shoe organizer is the perfect fit. To create it, you need to buy a PVC pipe and cut it up to lengths of about 12 inches each. You can then choose to either stick them to a wall, in a creative pattern, using gorilla glue or stack them up in a lying position on a shelf. Once that’s done you can now store your shoes whereby each pair goes into a pipe.


Properly organizing your accessories brings about a sense of order to your home organization and makes it easier to find them whenever you need to. Also, it keeps them in great condition making them last longer. Use the above recommended organizing tips to not only achieve these but also create soothing and tranquil spaces!

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