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10 Plating Food Presentation Ideas

If you can’t get your kids to eat their meals or you’re tired of the same old dishes you prepare, then you might be missing some plating techniques. Plating is the act of decorating, or embellishing, your plate or rearranging your food in a more attractive way so that your meals appear way tastier. Check out these 10 plating food ideas to present your food in a better way. For best reference we placed the timestamp of each video next to the title so you can know when the action begins. 

1. Marmalade Drawings (00’ 09”)

Marmalade and jams are not only sweet and tasty, they also make up for some of the most original and colorful decorations when it comes to professional and amateur food plating. For plating, you start with a white or plain colored plate and take two different colored marmalades in sauce dispensers. Try this using raspberry and blueberry jam. Pour small circles of uneven sizes all over the plate and then spin the plate until you force the marmalade to spread in a straight line in different directions. You can then proceed to place your dessert in the middle of the plate.

2. Powder Stencil (00’ 15”)

You know those small racks or plastic baskets where you store strawberries, blueberries and other types of berries in the supermarket? These baskets usually have very open spaces and patterns, almost as if  they were some sort of stencil. You can use this tool as a real stencil that’ll help you create an amazing plating for your dinner. Begin by emptying it completely. You can pour over the stencil many types of powders such as powdered sugar, cocoa or colored sugar. Then simply place your dessert over the stencil and voilà.

3. Tomato Sauce Leaves (00’ 18”)

Tomato sauce is probably the most delicious ingredient for Italian dishes and basically all types of meals and dinners. Creating a pot of tomato sauce is the first step for garnishing and plating your food. Take a rectangular or square plate and pour two medium-sized spoonfuls of tomato sauce on opposite corners. Use the tip of the spoon to smudge the sauce circle to meet in the middle of the plate with the other one. Pour a third big drop of sauce in the middle and smudge it to the bottom of the plate, then you can serve your pasta or meat on top.

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4. Cocoa and Sugar Dusted Background (00’ 08”)

Just because dust and powders are a little messy, doesn’t mean you can’t use them to create the most beautiful plating food presentations. To make an original and dark plating that goes beautifully with your chocolate desserts, start by pouring some powdered sugar and cocoa into a strainer and shaking it slowly mixing it all over the plate, resulting in a brownish mix for a background. Place three small portions of your dessert then carefully smudge them over the plate and decorate with berries and nuts.

5. Sauce “Combs” (00’ 24”)

To create this plating simply start by pouring two thin, parallel lines along the plate. Then use a small stick and smudge very small lines all over the lines to create the shape of a small comb. Then simply place your sushi pieces inside the lines.

6. Wasabi Bamboos (00’ 01”)

Wasabi might have a strong taste that not many people are prepared to indulge in when eating sushi or oriental food, but if you know how to use it then it’ll create the most original plating meals. Pour some soft wasabi over the tip of a sharp knife and start spreading it in a vertical line along the plate; every few quarters of inch you can give a little “jump” with the knife to create the creases of the bamboo sticks. When you’re done place the sushi pieces along the the side of the bamboo wasabi drawing for a great food presentation.

7. Jolly Rancher Crust (00’ 01”)

If you thought only jams, sauces and powders are good to create the most captivating platings, then think again. To create this decoration as part of your food presentation, start by placing a Jolly Rancher inside a waxed piece of paper and close it around the candy. Use a hot hair straightener to press on the candy through the paper until you completely melt it. Let the candy cool down and become solid again, then you can take it out of the waxed paper and use it as a topping for cupcakes or pastries.

8. Tomato Sauce Splatter (00’ 22”)

To do this imperfect, yet artistic plating start by pouring a big spoonful of tomato sauce right in the middle of the plate. Then place your spoon right in the middle of the plate and carefully smash it against the tomato sauce to create a splatter that goes everywhere. Once you’re done you can place your meat or chicken over it and end up with a beautiful meal.

9. Chocolate Swans for Cakes (00’ 09”)

If you want to take your cake to the next level but your pastry skills are not that advanced, this plating food idea is great for you. Using melted chocolate, pour a small circle over waxed paper. Use a fork to smudge one side of the chocolate circle and fill out the opposite side drawing the neck and head of the swan. Let the figurine dry and remove it carefully to place it over the cake as topping.

10. Mayonnaise Swirl (0112”)

Your savory lunch and dinner meals have never looked so good thanks to this easy plating technique. Start by pouring a thin line of mayonnaise from a sauce bottle. Start from the center of the plate and spin it to create a swirl all over the plate. Then take some herb oil and carefully pour it with a spoon in the middle of some sections of the swirl. You can then place the meat over the swirl and garnish with vegetables for a great food presentation.

Now that you know some of the most attractive plating food ideas to present your food, it will only take a couple of minutes to elevate your plates from plain and boring to extravagant and mouthwatering. 

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