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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Photos

Google Photos is a web and mobile application for storing an unlimited amount of photos and videos all for free. This photo storage app from Google has only been out since May 2015, However, many people around the world have already uploaded more than 100 billion photos to the service. And for good reason: It’s the most ideal way to backup and arrange your photos.

This smart little app – which has now replaced the previous Google Picasa platform – has proved to be a well-known favorite with regards to sharing your videos and photos online. Google Photos is clever. It’s fun to use. And it’s changing the way people manage images, making life easier in a few ways. It is more functional, and instinctive, and more useful than Picasa ever was.

Without a doubt, Apple may have as of late revived and enhanced its Photos application, yet regardless of the possibility that you have an iPhone, I still recommend using Google Photos. It’s not only the easiest way to back-up your photos, but the app also has many additional features than the iPhone’s Photos app.

If you want to know the reason behind the buzz about Google Photos, here are a couple of good reasons to seriously consider signing up for Google Photos — and perhaps even switching over from Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, Yahoo’s Flickr, or other cloud services for storing and sharing photos.

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  1. Unlimited and free cloud storage

With Google Photos, you don’t need to stress over approaching or surpassing a limit like 10GB or 20GB or even 1TB. Upload as many photos into it as you want — as long as you’re OK with Google compressing your photos. Photos larger than 16 megapixels and videos with a resolution of more than 1080p will be compressed.

  1. User Interface (UI)

To me, Google Photos has the best user interface by a good margin. This smart app has a perfect interface and it’s so easy to use. One of the best aspects about Google Photos’ UI is its drag and drop capability. Simply drag and drop as many photos as you want from your PC to Google Photos and it will start uploading them.

  1. It allows you to edit your photos

Despite the fact that it’ll never be Photoshop, Google Photos has a truly decent platform that enables you to alter your photographs inside the application itself. When you have chosen a photo that you wish to alter, tap on the marker symbol. Here you can explore the different ways you can change the contrast, brightness and even add some filters.

  1. It allows you to find all the pictures you have of yourself, or someone else

Google’s profound learning capacities also extend to face recognition. In Google Photos, you can see photographs of individuals over a period of time. This amazing feature makes it far simpler to locate the best photographs of a given individual. It can also pick the presence of individuals in photographs that you never took note of. Face recognition is a rare feature in photo apps but Google photos has it.

  1. It produces animated GIFs, and stylized versions of your photos

Google Photos can automatically stylize your photo to make it look super cool. It is also capable of generating animated GIFs that are actually very cool and can also stitch together several of your photos to make a neat panorama.

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  1. Share your photos with ease

Need to share those photographs of your last trip or birthday party with your companions? It’s simple! Select the photos, videos or collections and tap the Share button. And that’s not all – with Google Photos you really have full control over what you share. Investigate the alternatives to ensure the right individuals get the opportunity to see precisely what you need them to see.

  1. Frees up valuable disk space

Despite the fact that Google Photos backs up your photographs in the cloud, naturally it likewise backs them up on your device. In case you’re short of space, you can configure the app so that it deletes anything that you have already stored in the cloud. This can free up precious space on your device.

  1. It can easily identify duplicate files

Maybe the most underrated feature of Google Photos could be the way it handles duplicate documents. Perhaps this is because it recognizes duplicate files and deletes them during transfer. Whenever you upload a document that has been uploaded already, Google Photos will simply skip it.

  1. You can move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos in a matter of seconds

Google photos enables you to recover all your photos from Google drive in an instant. While the picture and face recognition frameworks go to work, you can look through your old photos stored on Google Drive and recall those old memories.

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  1. Google Search technology

Google Photos breaks down your photos so you can find what’s in them. This makes it truly simple to look through all of your photos via scanning for things like “Friends,” “selfies,” “shows” or “food,” etc.

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