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10 Resume Tips to Help You Get a Job Quickly and Successfully

With so many people these days seeking to fill every job that is advertised you need to have an outstanding cover letter and resume in order to gain a leg up on your competition. Here are 10 resume tips that when followed can help you get a job quickly and successfully.

1. Review as Many Resume Examples as You Can Find

In order to write an excellent resume, you need to know the difference between a good resume and a bad one. The more resume examples you exam the better you will be able to differentiate between what is good and what is not so good. When examining these sample resumes look at the layout of the resume, the type of information contained as well as how well the information fits the specific job that the applicant is applying for.

2. Choose a Resume Template that is Professional Looking Without Being Run of the Mill

When it comes to writing a resume, you want a template that is slightly different from those hundred of other resumes, without being so different it lacks the professionalism you need to secure the job. Once you choose your resume template and add your specific information set the resume aside for a few hours before going back and tweaking it to better highlight your skills and abilities so that they shine through.

Keep in mind that a CV and a resume are not interchangeable. If requested to provide a CV you need to find a CV template to follow rather than a template designed for resumes. CVs are normally longer than resumes and focus on such things as education, certificates, research, professional affiliation, degree, awards and publications so make sure that CV template you choose includes sections for all these things.

3. Choose the Best Resume Format for Highlighting Your Skills and To Meet the Job You Are Applying for

There are several different formats for resumes including chronological, functional, combination and target resumes formats. After carefully examining each type of format choose the one that best fits your work experience, education, background and skills. You do need to remember that you write a new resume for each different job you apply.

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4. Choose An Easy to Read Font

Potential employers read through several different resumes before choosing the best ones to call for interviews. No employer is going to spend time reading a resume that uses small font or something that looks fancy, but is difficult to read. By using an easy to read font on your resume you not only make it easy for potential employers to read you also make your resume easier to pass through the computer sorting programs.

5. Use Actual Numbers Whenever Possible to show Potential Employers Your Actual Accomplishments

By including numbers such as your actual years of experience, percentage of successful sales, and other numbers you are better able to place actual importance to those accomplishments. For example, if you are applying for a job as a Real Estate Agent with a new company and can truthfully state you sold 15 homes in the last 3 months working for your current company you will give a potential new employer a more solid idea of your sales ability.

6. Make It Easy for Potential Employers to Reach You

You want to make sure that you include all your contact information in your resume including your name, address, phone number, email address, professional website or LinkedIn profile. If you really want the job you are applying for then make it as easy as possible to get that call for an interview or that job offer.

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7. Add Your Profile Tailored Specifically to the Job You are Seeking

No matter which industry it is – whether you’re seeking a job as a makeup artist or as an oil and gas engineer – make sure you always customize the approach for that specific job offer. Consider adding a short profile to your resume geared specifically to the skills needed for the job you are seeking. Include both a list of personal skills as well as the job skills that shows you are the ideal applicant for the job. By studying the job description, you can gear your skills to meet the requirements that the employer is looking for. This profile allows potential employers to see your skills at a quick glance and encourages them to want to take a closer look at your overall resume.

When writing your profile always put your important accomplishments first. You never want your accomplishments to get lost in shuffle or overlooked.

8. Include the Same Keywords in Your Resume that Are Used in the Job Description

Nowadays with so many different resumes to shuffle through, more companies are using computer programs to screen resumes. These programs filter out resumes that don’t seem to meet the criteria that is built into the program. By using the same keywords in your resume (and accompanying cover letter) that are in the job description itself, you are much more likely to get your resume past those computerized programs.

9. The Shorter Your Resume the Better

Your resume should be as short as possible and kept to one or two pages. Busy employers don’t want to read through pages of your qualifications, so keeping it short.

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10. Your Cover Letter is An Important Part of Your Resume

Your cover letter is an important part of your resume and is your first introduction to a potential employer, so making this letter stand out is essential to helping you get the right job. Choose high quality paper for your letter that will stand out from the crowd. Instead of white paper, choose something off white, dove gray or light blue so your letter immediately stands out.

Don’t repeat the information you have presented in your resume. Instead try stating why you feel you will be a good fit for the job or what makes you uniquely qualified for this specific job.

By following these 10 simple resume tips you will stand a much better chance of landing that job quickly.

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