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10 Shaving Tips Direct from the Barbershop

Shaving can be fun if you plan to buy and use the right shaving kit that gives you the leisure to shave at home without wasting your precious Sundays at the salon. Itchy skin & razor cuts can ruin your day like nothing else and we can help you prevent those experiences. In this article, we are going to discuss ten shaving tips from the barbershop that can help you to shave better at home. We will tell you how each product in your shaving kit can make a difference in your shaving experience. And, if you want your girl to feel your soft hair, then don’t continue using those regular shaving kit brands that promise what they do not deliver. 

  • Proper Tools

Your shaving kit should be filled with straps, brushes, and razors of the best quality. This will give you the confidence to shave like a pro. It makes a lot of difference to your beard when you use the right toolkit that is filled with all the tools that are suitable for your hair and skin. For example, a good safety razor in your kit can make you look great.

  • Prep your Beard

The first step in how to shave is proper preparation irrespective of who is doing the actual shaving. You should make sure that a clean razor is used. Prepare a hot towel and add pre-shaving oil too. Avoid having jittery hands which are not good for a healthy beard.

  • Soften your Skin

Before starting with the shaving tools, first, wash your face in warm water. Use a hot towel for soaking which will help in opening the pores on your skin. Your hair will then be more friendly towards your razor and it helps to dip the shave tonic in warm water.

  • Shaving Cream

A rich, moisturizing cleanser should be used as a shaving cream. It should be able to cure the skin and you should apply the cream using the shaving brush. The brush gets under and raises the hair follicles to prevent cuts during a razor shave.

  • Shaving Brush

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You should have a shaving brush kit because it helps in exfoliating your skin before applying moisturiser on your face. Your skin looks dull if the dead skin cells are present and you can cut the hair off from the roots. With the removal of the dead cells, your shave lasts longer. The oil and dirt lead to acne by clogging the pores on your face. You can work with your shaving cream better if your shaving cream brush is of good quality. You can get rid of razor bumps, ingrown hair and facial hair can even become evenly hydrated with water which helps in a smoother cut because the facial hair shaft is softer.

The first step in how to shave well is to wash the shaving cream brush well and wet your brush with warm water. Next, hollow out the center of the shaving brush with your finger and put some shaving cream in the center. Mix your brush in the bowl and ensure that the cream forms a fine lather.

When purchasing a shaving brush you should look for badger hair shaving brushes, the knot should contain a fair amount of hair, the water retention should be good,  and the handle length should be medium.

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  • Go with the Grain

It is advisable to talk with your barber before you go with the grain. Discuss your shaving patterns and issues related to it with your barber. If you have skin sensitivity then it might not be good for you to go directly through or against the grain. Some men prefer to shave with the grain and some prefer to go against the grain. According to some professionals, if you shave in the opposite direction in which the hair grows, you are more susceptible to cuts. But that might not be the case if you opt to go against the grain for the first pass. For a closer shave, you should keep your skin tight if you are planning to go against the grain in the second pass. How to shave well involves understanding your reaction shave with the grain or go against it.

  • Instrument Wielding

You should be confident when handling your razer because ultimately a wrong move will change your look. Hold the razor firmly at the handle base and the rest of the work will be handled by your razor if you are doing things in moderation.

  • Perfect Razor

Those men who require less maintenance can opt for cartridge razors because they take away coarse hair. Multi-blade razors are fast as well. Men requiring medium maintenance can use double-edged razors for close shaves. If you need high maintenance then straight razors are the best option and these are better handled by barbers.  Make sure that you are changing the blades on a regular basis. Old blades can build up bacteria which can lead to breakouts.

  • Speedy Shave

You shouldn’t be quick when shaving as mentioned earlier a food shave must be done in moderation. A moderate shaving speed is required to get the best look. Follow the right technique while shaving to avoid any stupid mistakes. Your hands should move the razor with confidence because the shaving gets done right only when you do it in the right way. Have everything ready before you begin the shaving process – and shave like a pro.

  • Post Shave

You should hydrate your skin after shaving to get the best results. Apply cold water and then cover your skin with a cold towel which will close the pores and the blood circulation to the skin surface will also slow down. Soothe your skin using a shaving balm or moisturizer which does not contain oil. This also helps you to nourish your skin.

With these ten shaving tips, you can follow the right shaving routine and look handsome sporting your natural skin. As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to communicate well with your hairdresser at your barbershop regarding your shaving rituals. You can also discuss any problematic areas with professionals so that they can give you suitable advice on how keep these things in mind while shaving.

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