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10 Things Successful Women Never Do

Since the beginning of time, women have faced all sorts of challenges in order to be taken seriously or, as equals compared to men. It wasn’t really until the Women’s Rights Movement that women could finally do all sorts of things like vote and be considered for job positions the same way men can. In spite of this, it’s still tough to find women who are up to the challenge of succeeding, especially in an all-men environment. But those women who have done it haven’t reached their place by being mellow and soft; they’ve done -or haven’t done- certain things. If you want to learn what successful women NEVER do, then keep reading.

1. Avoid Conflicts or Disagreements

It is true that conflict in the workplace or other aspects of your life can wear you down and make you function with less energy and strife. That’s probably the main reason why people feel the need to run away from conflict or let others get their way in order to avoid having a confrontation. Successful women not only know that conflict is sometimes necessary to achieve what you want, they also know that conflicts come in many forms and, how to respond to them. Just because you’re having a disagreement with someone doesn’t mean you have to get mad or fight. A smart woman knows how to have dialogue and go through a disagreement without losing face.

2. Quit when Things Get Rough

While this is advice for practically anyone, it works wonders on women who want to be successful. It’s a tough world out there for a woman, and the last thing she needs in her life is a “can’t do” attitude. When you’re facing trouble or a difficult situation try to see it from all possible viewpoints, ask for help and, even take a break but, never say “I quit”.  Persevering women get further along in life.

3. Let others’ Judgement Make them Feel Insecure

Judgement is a common thing women have to endure throughout their lives, not only from their peer women but also from men, who jump at the opportunity of criticizing for doing something wrong or in a certain way. A successful woman can look past that and make her choices and take action without really caring what others might think, and without consulting others’ opinions.

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4. Expect Things to Be Given to Them

Some people say that women take advantage of their gender and expect things to be easy just because they’re women. Examples? Women who know someone in their team will pick up the slack for them and excuse them explaining that they’re “not as capable”. A successful woman stays away from this “dumb girl” image and proves to everyone that she doesn’t expect things to be done for her and that she needs no help to accomplish her goals.

5. Apologize for Wanting Something

Another thing successful women never do is apologizing for wanting stuff. Women have the right to dream big as much as men do, and they also have what it takes in order to accomplish it. Not only do successful women dream big, they also make sure to work hard in order to see their dreams become goals that have a deadline to be achieved.

6. Let Opportunities Go out the Door

Women are smart and they’re very prone to multitasking, which can make them easily realize when a great opportunity is knocking on the door. When this happens, successful women don’t think twice and, once they considered the pros and cons, they jump at an opportunity that might be beneficial for their career, personal life or any other aspect. Amazing opportunities don’t come often, so it’s important to let your fears aside and follow your dreams.

7. Change the Way They are for Somebody else

This is powerful advice that goes for women of any age. Some women feel they have to alter the way they look in order to get more respect from men that surround them. Some women feel they can’t show their likes and preferences because people will judge them and treat them differently, and most women are self-conscious about several aspects of their personality because they fear they might be treated as weak or less intelligent. Successful women have the confidence to show themselves just the way they are and still crush it in everything they set their minds on. It doesn’t matter if you love pink colored clothing, if you like flowers and if you have platinum blonde hair, you are powerful because of what’s inside you, and you can prove it without changing who you are.

8. Make Uninformed Decisions

It’s true that successful women are very ambitious and want to change the world, but this doesn’t mean they make their decisions without considerations. A smart woman will evaluate all of her options, study the background and even ask for opinions from people she trusts in order to make a choice. Successful women don’t rush to make decisions, but they make sure the choice is taken by them, and them only. Entrepreneur women make good use of this advice.

9. Let their Emotions Rule over Their Head

This is a very important point in our list for several reasons. It is one of the most common misconceptions -and prejudices- that women are more “emotional” than men. What does this mean? It means men think women are not capable of making decisions, or taking action, without letting emotions get in their way. This is a ridiculous belief and a completely wrong one. Successful women know the importance of thinking straight and letting your feelings aside when it comes to business and financial decisions and plans. Not only can they do this, but they can keep a certain level of empathy while planning, which makes them the best decision-makers around.

10. Regret Past Actions

They say a lesson learned is a lesson won. Successful women are not exempt from making mistakes because, after all, they’re only human. But this doesn’t mean they have to hide their actions with shame. Instead of trying to minimize their mistakes and, even regretting them, successful women see them as an opportunity for growth and learning. Only by embracing your past will you be able to act differently in the future and not repeat your mistakes.

As you can see, successful women have learned how to avoid falling into certain traps that could prevent them from achieving their goals. As well as NOT doing some things, successful women know what they CAN do in order to reach their dreams.

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