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10 Tips To Effectively Promote Your LinkedIn Page

The success of any business depends on how well it perfects marketing itself to its potential customers. And one of the best platforms that allow you to do exactly this is LinkedIn. This social media platform has enabled many businesses to expand their relationships and grow their brand’s awareness.

If you’re a business owner but don’t know how to go about marketing on LinkedIn, you’re in luck. Here’s a detailed guide highlighting the LinkedIn marketing tips you should employ that will boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy’s effectiveness. Consequently, you’ll be able to enjoy a higher connection with your consumers and an improved yield of your marketing efforts.

1. Optimize Your Profile

One vital thing you need to do before even focusing on other complicated LinkedIn marketing strategies is optimizing your profile. And while this is something that’s often ignored by most people, it’s a must if you’re serious about boosting your brand’s awareness. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is necessary for both a personal or company page account.

The first thing to do is to upload a high-quality photo that’s related to the brand. For personal profiles, headshot photos of exceptional quality are ideal, whereas a brand logo is the perfect profile picture for a company. With that said, the perfect profile picture also differs depending on the brand personality and the industry.

After adding an appropriate photo, the next thing you should do is mention your current position. And after doing this, go ahead and explain at least five relevant skills. Doing this attracts more followers, be it recruiters or potential clients.

2. Post High-Quality and Actionable Content

Although many consider LinkedIn as a job portal, that’s not the case. Instead it’s a professional network through which you get to network with different individuals in the industry. As a result, you get to know whatever is happening in the industry and join in these appropriate discussions. And with LinkedIn boasting many reputable market leaders, many readers come to this site trying to seek practical insight on several topics or searching for LinkedIn jobs. 

If you’re committed to growing your brand’s awareness and quickly becoming a market leader, then you should embrace using LinkedIn. Achieving this isn’t that difficult since all that’s required of you is writing engaging content with your unique viewpoint on trending industry topics. Some of the ideas on how to make use of your LinkedIn profile include;

  • Sharing the latest news related to your industry to capture the attention of your audience. Provide your followers with industry research, including relevant statistics or other appropriate data on the industry’s happenings.
  • Writing blog posts on trending and current topics that offer your target audience valuable insights.
  • Using this platform to update your followers about your company. For example, if there’s an upcoming event or an expected product launch.

These are a few of the things you can do to boost your appeal to your target audience, all thanks to LinkedIn. In the long-run, it’s an effective method of increasing your site’s traffic.

3. Create and Join Active Groups

Another effective LinkedIn marketing strategy you should employ is creating your own LinkedIn group. This is a strategy used by many companies that are aiming to assert themselves as the industry leader. And by doing this, you’ll be able to achieve several things, including;

  • Promoting your brand’s awareness
  • Generating new leads
  • Creating new marketing content ideas
  • Growing your community of followers

In addition to creating your own LinkedIn group, you also need to join other active groups on this social media platform. Through these groups, you’ll be able to form useful connections with persons interested, or already in your industry. And consequently, you’ll be in a better position to boost your brand’s awareness, show yourself to be an expert in the industry, share useful content and expand your contact list.

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4. How to Invest in LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn offers you two types of advertising options, and these are managed campaigns and self-service advertisements. For the managed campaigns, you’re provided with support when creating and running ad campaigns. But for the self-service advertisement, it’s you who’s in charge of carrying out the ad campaign.

You get various features at your disposal, such as the “Matched Audiences.” With this feature, you get to retarget individuals with whom you’ve had past interactions with your company. This is especially crucial because not everybody gets converted from the first attempt, which is proof of why re marketing is essential for converting a greater number of persons with whom you’ve already transacted before. Thanks to LinkedIn ads, you also get to convert the new potential customers you hadn’t earlier converted.

There are 5 types of LinkedIn ads you can choose from including;

  • Sponsored InMail

These ads appear in your target audience’s mail either as a notification or email. They don’t resemble ads at first glance. Should you choose to use these ads, you need to create a list of potential clients to whom you’ll send customized messages.

  • Text Ads

These ads look like suggestions on what should be read next and usually show on the side of the user’s news feed. These ads operate like Bing or Google search ads as they’re impression basis or pay-per-click. Text ads are usually found adjacent to the company logo and have a basic text block design.

  • Dynamic Ads

These are personalized LinkedIn ads that feature auto-translation options and contains set templates that make it easy for you to creatively personalize ads. You can use dynamic ads to promote your company page, content downloads, drive traffic towards a specific site using spotlight ads or promote LinkedIn jobs.

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content

These basically are sponsored LinkedIn ads that are original to this social media platform. They usually look like “boosted” posts from the company’s feed and can either feature an image, headline or a link to a sponsor. LinkedIn sponsored content allows you to create lead generation ads, video ads, and carousel ads that have an identical “boosted” format.

  • Programmatic Display Ads

If you’re a B2B advertiser, then these ads are a perfect choice since they do an excellent job targeting your desired audience. With these ads, you’ll be able to reach a bigger target audience depending on their personas or intent.

5. Involve Your Employees

Many business owners often overlook the need to involve their employees when developing their LinkedIn marketing strategy. However, this is a mistake you should try and avoid. Instead, you need to include your team of employees, which will significantly increase your brand’s awareness and expand your audience. Some of the things you should request your employees to do that will be invaluable in boosting your appeal to those searching for LinkedIn jobs or your followers includes;

  • Always informing them each time you upload a vital piece on the Company Page.
  • Encouraging them always to like and share your updates.
  • Requesting them to mention the company’s name as their employer and have a link to the Company’s Page on their profile.

6. Leverage LinkedIn Analytics

For you to gauge the effectiveness of any marketing strategy, it’s essential to track its performance. And to do this, you’ll need to use “Company Page Analytics” that enables you to determine the company’s performance. Using this LinkedIn analytics metric, you’ll be in a position to assess several performance aspects that will guide your marketing strategy. These essential metrics include;

  • Visitor Analytics

This includes visitor demographics, visitor metrics, and custom button clicks.

  • Update Analytics

This Linked analytic includes engagement rate, clicks, impressions, as well as reactions, comments and shares.

  • Follower Analytics

This comprises of companies to monitor follower metrics and follower demographics.

With these valuable insights, you’ll be able to know the updates that are a failure and those attracting the highest user engagement. Consequently, you’ll be able to develop more engaging content for your target audience and fuel your future marketing needs.

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7. Display Your Accomplishments

The LinkedIn feature that allows you to display what you’ve achieved over the years is one thing you should capitalize on to market your business’ brand to potential clients. On this LinkedIn profile, you get to showcase all the milestones the business has received to stand out from your competitors. These can be special projects accomplished or awards won by your business. Such details will give you an edge over your competition to win over prospective clients.

8. Use Recommendations to Grow Your Company’s Reputation

To be successful in the increasingly competitive world, you need to be proactive. The one aspect that you need to focus on is requesting your main clients to endorse your business on LinkedIn. When doing this, ask them to mention a particular skill, and this is crucial in perfectly bringing out an all-around picture of your skills and abilities. You can also write a recommendation for yourself should you feel somewhat awkward asking for assistance.

9. Start Using a Personalized URL

Another effective strategy of effectively marketing your business is by using a custom URL. The use of the custom URL is advised because it’s simpler since it isn’t as long compared to what you get assigned by LinkedIn after creating your profile. When adding the custom URL, all you’re required to do is head over to your LinkedIn profile and then clicking the “Edit Public Profile & URL” button. After doing that, click on the edit button right beside the URL to input your preferred address.

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10. Endorsement of Your Business

Your business getting endorsed on LinkedIn is also an excellent marketing strategy on this professional social media platform. This is usually the case because endorsement is considered by your potential customers as proof you do deliver quality services. And to help further boost this, make sure your skills are regularly updated while placing great focus on areas you’re hoping to be known for by your prospective clients.


Successfully using LinkedIn as a marketing platform needs you to properly develop a great marketing strategy. If you had no idea as to how to go about doing this before reading the above, follow the above overview of tips that are useful in boosting your online presence on this social media platform and sail your way to greater success.

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