10 Ultimate Tips for First Time Skiers

10 Ultimate Tips for First Time Skiers

If you are a first time skier, don’t expect to master the double black diamond course the first time you try skiing. But, you don’t have to only ski on the bunny hill either. Here are 10 tips that might just help you when you are hitting the slopes.

  1. Keep trying

Although this sounds corny, most people start skiing and seem really enthusiastic about it, but then quit when they make a mistake or fall. The best thing to do to avoid this is to just keep trying. You could also hire a ski instructor to teach you how to ski the right way and stay enthusiastic.

2. Buy or rent ski gear

As many of you know, after buying skis, lift tickets, goggles, and ski clothes, the prices can add up. But don’t get skimpy on what you buy.  A nice set of goggles and ski clothes can set you up for life. Also don’t borrow other people’s ski’s as most skis are specifically tailored to a person’s needs. If you want to keep prices low or don’t plan on going to often most ski resorts offer rentals where you can rent out gear.

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3. Don’t buy cotton ski clothes

Many first time skiers will throw on their cotton jacket and cotton gloves and hat. Cotton absorbs water and this is one thing to stay away from if you plan on staying warm. Because of the moisture in your coat, you will be freezing and will make you feel like you are carrying 10 extra pounds. A good way to avoid this is to buy nylon clothes. Nylon doesn’t absorb water and will keep you warm.

4. Get a partner

This one seems obvious, but always partner up with a buddy. If you get lost on the mountain you will most likely find your way out with a buddy. Most beginner skiers would go up to the most advanced person they know, but this is not always a good choice. You pair up with somebody that has equal experience as you because they may push you to try terrain you aren’t ready for yet.

5. Getting off the chairlift quickly

This tip is about getting off the chairlift. It is very important to get off the chairlift at the same time as your group. If not, you will be behind and it may take a while to catch up. A good tip to get off the chairlift is to stand up first and then get off the chairlift so you don’t fall behind.

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6. Follow the ski colors

Most first time skiers will go off course and then get stuck with more advanced skiers doing backflips. An rule of thumb to avoid this is to look at the markings on the trees. Green circles are for beginners, blue squares are for intermediate skiers and black and double black diamonds are for the most advanced skiers.

7. Stop where other skiers can see you

Many people stop and take a rest half way through the course and if you are not clearly seen you may get ran over and be hospitalized. Something to do to avoid this is to wave or signal when you are stopping.  Also go to the side when you are stopped as to not interfere with anyone else that is skiing.


Maps are very critical when skiing because many get lost and can’t find their way back. Take a map and locate the ski lodge with a pencil in case you get lost. If your friend gets hurt you can mark the spot where he/she is with a pencil and keep skiing down the mountain until you see a person that works there to send help.

9. Ski after a snowstorm

The best day to ski is 2 to 3 days after a snowstorm. I say this because there is plenty of snow but not too much that a beginner will be overwhelmed. Also, to get the best skiing experience, don’t go after it rains because there will be lots of ice and it may be slippery.

10. No coffee or hot chocolate before a ski day

Most people would go straight to coffee or hot chocolate before a big ski day, but this is actually really bad for you. When you are skiing you lose a lot of water from your breath and sweat. Coffee and hot chocolate dehydrate you even more, so don’t forget to drink lots of water before going out to ski.

Follow these 10 steps and you will be on the black diamond course in no time.

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