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10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

In our first article, we learned 10 kitchen hacks to help save time, effort, and money in the kitchen.  We present these 10 MORE Kitchen Hacks Every Adult Should Know to help you even more.  These helpful kitchen hacks will change everything about how you go about doing things in the kitchen.

1. Separate egg yolks by sucking them up with a water bottle

Use any small plastic bottle to separate your yolks from egg whites by cracking whole eggs in a bowl. Place the mouth of the bottle on top of the egg yolks and suck up the yolks by giving the bottle a gentle squeeze.

2. Chop up a salad in a few seconds with a pizza slicer

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know2

This kitchen tip comes in handy with pies as much as salads. Fill up a bowl with your preferred vegetables and run the pizza slicer through to chop.

3. Recycle a six-pack container to hold your condiments

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know3Cart your favorite kitchen condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.) around with this useful cardboard container. This kitchen hack makes transport less of a hassle.

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4. Cut a watermelon in seconds without the mess

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know4Split the watermelon into two halves.  With one of the halves, create shallow cuts left to right on the bottom. Using similar spacing, cut completely through the top in sections. Run a knife through the edge of the watermelon to separate the fruit from the rinds. Cut the flesh into cubes.

Now, hold the watermelon over a Ziploc bag and pour out the watermelon cuts and enjoy this super easy kitchen hack. It makes cutting easier but it also makes enjoying the watermelon easier, which is the most important part.  Check out this YouTube video for a demo of this approach

5. Turn an apple slicer into a potato cutter

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know5Yes, apple slicers are great because they can help you cut an apple in about 5 seconds but did you know you could use them to slice potatoes into fry-sized wedges? Well, now you do.

6. Use floss to cut perfect cake slices

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know6Instead of using a knife, you can try some plain floss and get some nice cake slices.

7. Chop vegetables faster by stabilizing your cutting board

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know7Place a wet, textured paper towel or dish towel under the cutting board to keep it in place. It’d also stop the chopped vegetables from spilling.

8. Cut corn off a cob using a Bundt pan

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know8Place the ear in the center of a Bundt pen. Hold the corn cob with the pan and slide a knife down to remove the corn into the pan.

9. Spray measuring cups with oil first when working with sticky ingredients

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know9Using a little bit of vegetable oil spray first when you plan to measure sticky condiments like molasses or honey. It would prevent sticking and all those hours of cleaning.

10. Use a coffee filter to prevent popsicle drips

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Should Know10Protect your sofas and kids’ clothing from ice cream or popsicle spills by pushing the stick through a coffee filter for safe transport.

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