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10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room

One of the hardest parts of a proper home decor are the walls. Sometimes these areas can extend for many square feet and it seems like youd need a bunch of paintings and frames to fill them out. The first thing you need to know about decorating walls is that its not mandatory to place items on top of each and every one of your walls. The second thing to know is that there are many pieces of wall decor you can place in order to make your rooms look original and put-together without much effort. Check out these 10 great wall décor ideas to upgrade any room.  

1. 3D Stencils Over the Wall

If youre into extravagant pieces of decoration then you might be tempted to hang all sorts of items on your wall, but due to the construction and material of each wall they might not hold the heavy weight and it might be dangerous for the structure of your house. A great solution for this is to purchase or print out a 3D stencil with any design you want. It can be flowers, it can be animals, or it can even be a complete landscape thats so realistic youll think youre in the middle of the jungle right in your living room.

2. Knitted Hanging Decoration 

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Knitted Hanging Decor

Have you seen those old knitted carpets and decorative pieces grandmas used to place over their living room tables? Now theres something you can do with all of those old heirlooms. You can simply place a bunch of knitted pieces and stitch them together or even pour glue over them so they become solid and hang them on the wall. Knitted home decor looks shabby yet original, it speaks of a modern home with feminine taste and a liking for delicate touches here and there. 

3. Full Wall Stencil 

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Full Wall Stencil

You mightve experienced this frustration especially if you rent an apartment or house and the landlords dont let you nail new paintings or make new holes other than the ones that already exist. Setting nice home decor on your walls when you dont really have permission to do anything to them used to be a challenge, but nowadays you can find the most beautiful wall stencils to stick to your walls without causing them any permanent harm. There are stencils for small portions of a wall and even stencils that cover whole areas.

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4. Girl’s Room Sticker Tree and Petals

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Sticker Tree

Every little girl dreams about having the perfect princess bedroom with amazingly beautiful wall decor that makes their imagination fly away. If you want to create the perfect item to be on display in your daughter’s room, you can have a wall sticker printed in the shape of a big tree that covers the whole wall. As a pretty detail, instead of leaves you can place several pink petal stickers that fly freely close and far away from the tree, making them frame your furniture and accent the bedroom. 

5. Little Pots With Plants Hanging From the Wall

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Hangin Plants

Another great idea for people who care a lot for their plants is to purchase a special hanging device to place several little pots containing long and leafy plants. If you cant find any hanging base for your little pots you can just build your own shelf and hang it on the wall to place the pots over the same. Pots and plants are the ultimate item to bring life to a place, and theyll even help you cleanse the air you breathe. 

6. Decorative Mirror Over Your Bed

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Mirror

We all know mirrors are a necessary item in any home to look at yourself while youre getting ready, but in terms of a decoration theyre one of the best items to create ample visual space and instantly brighten every room. If youre out of ideas for wall decor you can simply purchase a mirror or even better, get a mirrored structure which is divided into different shapes such as flowers or simply smaller circles. Placing a mirror over your bed will make this wall look bigger.

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7. Scrabble Wall Tiles

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Scrabble Tiles

Playing with words is one of the most engaging activities. If you’re all about interesting and cute messages, you might want to try this wall decor idea. Print and cut out big pieces of Scrabble to form letters or the name of the members of the family. You can arrange them in the shape of a cross word and fill the gaps with pictures or other items of decoration. 

8. Climbing Wall for Kids

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- Mirror-Climbing Wall for Kids

Your kids’ bedroom doesn’t have to be a regular place where they go to bed, it can also be a magical place where they play all sorts of games and be whatever they want. If you want to inspire your kids to be more adventurous and have fun you might want to try creating a climbing wall for your children right in their bedroom. Screw wooden panels onto the wall with fake, colorful rocks attached and make sure to place a mat on the floor to soften the blow if there is an accident. 

9. 3D Butterflies Resting on Your Walls

10 Wall Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Room- 3D Butterflies
Source: Pinterest

Another astonishing piece of wall decor for people who love 3D pieces. If you want your walls to come to life but you cant hang heavy items on your wall, you can purchase paper or lightweight butterfly figurines, which will not only look amazing but barely weigh anything at all. These 3D butterflies look amazing in a game room or in a little girls bedroom. 

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10. Wooden World Map on the Wall 

Do you love to travel around the world and youre looking for a way to show it around the house? You might want to try hanging a wooden world map and then placing stickers or pins on all of the countries or places youve visited or want to visit with your partner or family. World maps are a sensation right now because they can decorate big walls beautifully at a reasonable cost. You can also have small pieces of wood in the shape of a car or airplane and place them on your next destinations. 

Now that you have fresh ideas of wall decor for your bedroom, living room and even the kidsroom, which one will you try first? And why not try a combination of two or more? Let your creativity loose and start exploring new ways to make your walls stand out. 

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