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10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained All The Time

Many modern pet parents live a very busy life. As a result, even cute dogs are left to spend the rest of the day alone at home. However, dogs are energetic animals and need to find an active outlet to keep them engaged the whole day.

Keeping cute dogs active boosts their health, behavior, and their relationship between the pet and owner. Finding a good way to keep your dog entertained all the time helps to reduce the destruction he might cause to the furniture, clothes, or anything else lying around.

Here are ten ways to keep your cute dog entertained:

Let Your Dog Look Through the Window

A dog is naturally observant. He will always be attracted to sights and sounds. He knows when you are coming home and wants to welcome you home. He will also like to watch street traffic. Leave your curtains open to allow him to watch whatever is going on outside.

Be careful to ensure that the window view doesn’t make him become aggressive, anxious, or bark excessively.

Turn on the TV

Dogs like watching TV. When leaving for work, turn the TV to any animal station. Make sure the volume is turned up high enough for him to hear. The combination of sights and sounds keeps your dog alert. Some channels dedicated to dogs have programs that have been scientifically developed to provide entertainment to your dog.

TV is a will not only keep your dog attentive but also act as a good source of entertainment when you are away.

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Leave the Music on

Dogs like cool music. In fact, music has a calming effect on a dog. The different tones, tempo, and patterns to music have an impact on your dog’s breathing and heart rate. Music provides your dog with a good way to relax, but don’t play music that has loud percussion.

Get Him Puzzle Toys

There are many puzzle toys on the market that are available for your dog. These toys are good as they challenge your dog mentally. Interactive dog toys will keep him busy for a long time. Some popular puzzle toys for your dog include Hide-A-Squirrel, Tug-A-Jug, and Dog Twister.

Get Gim Chew Toys

Chew toys are a good way of rewarding and occupying your dog. These toys and treats are sweet for the dog. They make the teeth healthy and stronger. When you are way, your dog will be busy with the toys and will not have the time to engage in bad behaviors.


This is a new pet camera that’s like a baby monitor but for your pets.  In addition to the camera, there’s also a microphone and a speaker to let you remain in contact with your pet when you are away. You’ll be able to see, interact, talk, and even play with your pet using a smartphone. Best of all, there is a laser pointer that can be used to amuse your pet.

Reward Him for Knowing His Name

Treats can be used to entertain and train your dog. Call your dog and give him a treat when he comes. This tactic is important when you want a young puppy to know his name or learn basic skills. It helps in reinforcing recall training in older puppies.

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Go with Your Dog for a Ride

Dogs like the companionship of their owners. Whenever you are going out, take your dog with you if the circumstances allow. He doesn’t care where you are going as long as you are with him. This will strengthen the bond between you and your pet. It will also keep your dog entertained.

Bring Another Pet

If you only have one dog and always leave him alone at home, adopt another pet like cat or bird or introduce him to another dog for a playdate. Just like humans, dogs value companionship. If you observe separation anxiety in your dog, address this problem first before introducing another pet.

Enroll Him in Doggy Daycare

If you don’t want to leave your dog alone at home, enroll him in doggy daycare. The dog will have fun and remain active the whole day. The pet is likely to benefit from exercise, mental stimulation, and interaction with other dogs.

Before enrolling your dog in doggy daycare, make sure he is comfortable in the company of other pets. Also, get references and recommendations from other pet owners who have used the facility before enrolling your dog.

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Before leaving your dog for a long time with the different toys and treats, you should first monitor how he handles them. You should ensure he is able to handle them with safety. You should also make sure the toys you buy are of the right size for your dog.

By observing the above tips, you can leave your house knowing that your dog will be entertained all the day.

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