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10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs are a huge part of our lives when we have them as pets. Cute dogs are very loyal, forgiving, and ever loving. Since we are responsible for our cute dogs, it is our duty to care for them in the best way that we can. However, there are a lot of misleading tips available online. So, to remedy that problem, we start from the basics. Here are a few tips to provide your animal best friend the comfort they deserve.

1. Research about the type of food your dog needs

It is the most obvious point that cannot be overlooked. Any dog needs a well-balanced and nutritious diet. This affects their health as a whole – their skin, fur, nails, teeth, every aspect needs your attention. Get them dog treats that are easily digestible or natural dog vitamins to supplement their meals. Make sure to avoid giving into the temptation of providing them human food. Now, not all human food is unhealthy for dogs but some can have an adverse effect on their health. Find out what suits their needs.

2. Get them exercising

Everyone has heard of “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. This holds true for your dogs, too. If they are not exercising, they will likely become lazy and catch diseases sooner than the ones who like running. If you want to increase their lifespan, give them a reason for playing and exercising. Take them on a walk, jog or a pet treadmill. Play catch with them, take them to the park. There are a lot of options and it depends on you. Let them loose on their feet.

3. Learn dog gestures

This may not be the most conventional method, but it works effectively for all dogs. You can train them easily when you know what your dog needs. Communicating with them in their own way also builds trust and ultimately, leads to building a close relationship with them. Hire a person who knows dog language or you can find videos on YouTube, learn the gestures and apply them when you are with them.

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4. Have your vet on speed dial

Your veterinary doctor can help you the most if you are dealing with a sick dog. The dogs may or may not like visiting the doctor, but regular checkups keep them happy and healthy. Make sure to take them to the vet when they are young so that they can get used to the environment and familiarize them with the person treating them. When they trust the doctor, the visits get easier and so does vaccinations. Research what shots are necessary for your dogs. Talk about them to the doctor and learn more about it.

5. Train them for simple games

Your dog has an agile mind and while they are exercising their physical body, they need something to engage their mind as well. Teach them regular habits like climbing the stairs, or playing ball. Keep them busy in some fun and games.

6. Giving them regular baths

This point is very important for personal hygiene of the dogs and since they are unable to do that themselves, it is your responsibility to keep them clean. Shower them on a regular basis. Use fur-friendly liquid soaps or shampoos. Comb their coats if they are furry to maintain its lustrous shine and keep it tangle- free. If you dog has fleas, choose the right flea products after examining the ingredients used. If you observe any after effects of using the product, contact your vet immediately. Trim their nails and hair if necessary, or take them to a salon that is especially for dogs.

7. Having dog-friendly dishes and chew toys

If your dog is young, they will have a constant need for chewing- that includes your shoes, socks, maybe even furniture. It is important to get these cute dogs chew toys at this stage. However, explore your options carefully before buying one. The wrong toys can be harmful to your dog’s health. And get them their own dishes for food and water and check if they are made of dog friendly materials before investing in it.

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8. Test your dogs for heartworms

Heartworm is a disease that is spread by mosquito bites so it cannot be entirely prevented. Take your dog for a blood test annually. Also, you can get them a shot or tablet monthly, which lasts approximately for 6 months and is used to kill any organisms present in the blood stream.

9. Brush your dog’s teeth

Again, some people may not think this to be a necessary step but it is an essential to your dog’s dental health. Find a toothpaste that is made specially for your canines, an example can be Arm and Hammer toothpaste. Brush their teeth daily to fight tartar, and keep decay, plaque and bad breath of your pooches at bay.

10. Get them a health insurance of their own

There may be incidents where the dog accidentally swallows an object or may have some illness. In such times, it is better to make their lives secure before handed. Your dog needs protection at every age. A dog insurance will help you achieve that and make sure your loyal friend is safe from harm at all times.
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