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10 YouTube Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Marketing is the backbone of any business, whether small or large, because it allows maintaining a resilient and constant relationship with customers. With the advancement in technology, marketing has also adopted modern methods like online marketing, direct marketing, social media marketing, and YouTube marketing strategies. These methods have one thing in common: involving clients in the marketing campaign to expand the business widely among different communities.

Today, YouTube is currently the 2nd biggest search engine. On average, every minute more than 300 hours of videos with HD quality are uploaded to YouTube. With this enormous traffic YouTube has become a broad platform for you to market your small business.

Now let’s go through 10 tips to market your small business on YouTube:

1. Choosing the Type of Content

As people are spending so much time watching YouTube on a variety of devices, you need to decide what type of content to go for, which can leverage your business growth. You have various options like “how to” videos, interviews, Vlogs, lifestyle, product reviews, events, tutorials, and many more.

Each type of content has a distinct viewer base so, for example, if someone wants to know how to do something; they will go for “how to” videos. Similarly, there are various types of interviews that a business can use as a part of its video marketing tool. Many people love stories, and with Vlogs, it’s more natural. So, you have to decide on the type of content that will get you maximum viewership resulting in greater marketing for your business.

2. Set a Target Market

To have a clear-cut and precise target market is very crucial as no business can manage to target everyone. A small business can adequately compete with large organizations by defining a target market and making decisions accordingly. It allows you to focus on a specific market that has more potential to be included in your customer base.

Anyone using YouTube as a marketing tool needs to set a target market, and create videos accordingly. Targeting specific viewers does not mean that you do not involve other viewers who do not fit your criteria. Instead, it helps to create and upload video material by determining what, and how, your product fulfills their need.

3. Utilizing SEO to Increase Views Count

Increasing view count should be the top priority in YouTube marketing for your business. More views means more possibilities of people turning into your customer. By learning and achieving modern SEO techniques, you can help your business to get noticed online for higher sales.

As SEO is ever evolving, it can be hard to realize that you are following all the best practices regarding video uploads for your product or services offered to get a higher view count. This means you need to include what Google considers the best for SEO practices in your video marketing strategy, which will help your video rank better on search engines.

It is highly considered for small businesses to make sure that you identify key performance indicators as a means to determine the purpose of your SEO approach. You need to pay more focus and attention to on-page SEO that will assure that the site is not only attracting, but also retaining, new prospects. Remember, that organizing and managing a detailed strategy that takes care of all aspects of a comprehensive SEO approach will help you enhance sales.

4. Keywords and Hashtags in the Video Description

Keywords can range from a single word to a complete phrase to be used in the description of the video you have uploaded to attract relevant search traffic. Adequately researched and optimized keywords act as a channel for your target audience to get the most relevant videos of your business. “Relevant keywords can put your video on the first page of a search engine, therefore put some time and thought into researching keywords,” says, Steve Martin, Marketing Manager at Academist Help.

In addition to keywords, hashtags play a crucial role in developing an interest in your YouTube content. It makes your video more searchable on YouTube. Use of a small number of hashtags is advised rather than an exhaustive list which may be ignored by the viewer.

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5. Interesting Title for Your Video

Here’s another fascinating fact about YouTube. Over 1 billion hours of video are watched every day by YouTube users. It means there is a lot of video content already there, so you need to find ways to make your content stand out. An exciting and catchy title for your video is the best approach to bring more views resulting in the expansion of your business.

With lots of things that go into a great video strategy, one of the key features you can do is write an engaging and appealing title. The title for your video should comprise of both, primary keywords about your content/product, plus it has to be eye-catching to push viewers to hit the play button.

6. Create a Striking Thumbnail

A striking thumbnail is vital to make viewers excited about your content, which increases product marketing for business. A thumbnail is the first thing viewers consider when they come across a list of videos. The thumbnail has to be provocative ; this way, you can get more clicks on your video.

The thumbnail should portray to the viewer what they’re going to see in that video. This is the reason why it should be linked to the title, description, and content. If your business is selling a product, make sure your product can be seen in the thumbnail. Same goes for the services you offer, a feature of that service must reflect in the thumbnail to give a hint to the viewer.

7. Push Viewers for CTA

About 80% of shoppers who have watched a YouTube video related to what they want to purchase, said they watched the video at the beginning of their shopping process. This is an interesting fact and encourages you to push your viewers for Call to Action. In addition there are more reasons to the benefits of CTA for your business to develop a larger customer base.

Your Call to Action is the chance to inspire your viewers to take real steps to become your customer. It motivates the user as to what to do next, pushing them to take spontaneous action. You can ask them to give their contact information, so that you can send them details and samples of your product or service. You can also provide a link to your website to visit, select, and buy which will bring more revenue to your business.

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8. Go for YouTube Advertising

YouTube is not only a platform to see content; you can also advertise your product there as well. It offers you 6 different types of advertising on desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Display Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Skippable Ads
  • Non Skippable Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Sponsored Ads

9. Customize Your Channel

Customizing your YouTube channel is very relevant so that viewers can quickly identify your channel as representing the brand of your business. By using colors of your brand, typography, logos, and familiar imagery, your channel will become prominent for new visitors as well as also for returning subscribers. Following are some key points for this:

  • Customize Your Profile Picture
  • Customize Your Channel Art
  • Customize Your “About” Tab
  • Customize Your “Channels” Tab

10. Evaluate and Modify according to Viewers’ Preferences

To keep a record of business you get from YouTube marketing you need to keep evaluating and modifying your videos/content according to viewers’ preferences. Analyze each past 30 days report and check what inclination the viewers have towards your videos and what product’s sales increased with that.

For getting better results from your marketing, also check last month’s YouTube Analytics Interaction for the patterns in likes, subscriptions, sharing, favorites, and comments. In respect to these results, design your future content for videos accordingly.


If you are running a small business, it is highly recommended for you to market your business on YouTube. For better results, you need to have an active YouTube marketing plan to know how your product or service benefits others and how it’s distinct from other businesses in the market. The tips mentioned in this article can be useful for your small business to get more customer base and revenue from YouTube marketing.

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