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11 Cleaning Hacks to Ease Your House Work

Cleaning is a never-ending job, unless of course you leave your house and don’t live there.  Then it will stay nice and clean for a week or two, before the dust starts settling in again! Obviously, we all do not have the luxury of living somewhere else, so our house doesn’t get dirty. Most of us don’t even have the option of hiring a housekeeper to make everything shine!

Thankfully, there are a few things that we can all do to keep our homes in tip-top shape without spending hours cleaning.

Here are 11 cleaning hacks to ease your house work:

  1. A Clean Microwave in Just Seconds

The splattered food build-up inside a microwave can take hours to remove the old-fashioned way, but we have a tip that will have your microwave sparkling in seconds!  Simply wet a sponge, place some dish soap onto it, and rub it between your hands until it is all foamy. Once you have it ready, put that soapy sponge into your microwave and turn the microwave on for thirty seconds. When you hear the beep, open the door, and wipe the inside of the microwave with the soapy sponge. Not only will your microwave sparkle, all those food odors will be gone too!

  1. Remove Dust from Mini Blinds in Minutes

All those individual parts of mini blinds may make you dread cleaning them more than once a year. However, we have discovered that if you place a damp sock on your hand, you can easily wipe the dust away on each piece in no time at all. Want the work to be completed even faster?  Put damp socks on both hands and wipe away.

  1. Get Rid of Wrinkles for Good

While you may dislike ironing your clothes, we can guarantee that you are not happy when they still have wrinkles in them when you are done!  Those wrinkles are caused by the dirt that is trapped on the flat part of your iron. Simply place your hot iron in a bowl of salt for a minute and the dirt will be gone!  The best part is that you can now iron your clothes faster with wrinkle free results.

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  1. Keep Those Baseboards Dust Free Longer

Baseboards can collect a lot of dust from everyone walking around in your home. However, you can beat the dust with one of our favorite cleaning hacks. Simply use a fabric softener sheet to wipe the dust away and the fabric softener will keep dust from sticking for a while.

  1. Clean Your Showerhead Fast for Better Showers

Showerheads can get dirty over time, and that dirt can prevent you from having enough water pressure for your shower. This is one of our favorite things to clean, because we can simply attach a bag filled with vinegar to it and walk away!  The vinegar does all the work, while you are out having fun.

  1. Pet Lovers Rejoice! Remove that Pet Hair Easily

Hair from pets can get everywhere, and while sweeping and vacuuming can pick it up, it is never enough!  One of our favorite life hacks is putting on a pair of rubber gloves and getting them slightly wet. Then go rub your hands over anything that has pet hair on it. You will instantly see the hair disappear from everything else and reappear on your gloves.

  1. Sweep Your Hardwood Floors with Ease

Are you able to get all the dirt and dust off your hardwood floors when you sweep?  We are thinking that the answer is no, because when you go to put it all into the dustpan, that dirt and dust goes all over the place and some of it ends back on your floors. Well, hardwood floor cleaning can be as easy as spraying water into the dustpan before using, because it will make those little pieces stick to the dustpan instead of letting it fly back out.

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  1. Use Tea Bags as a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

One of the best ways to make your hardwood floors clean and shiny is to use a hardwood floor cleaner made from water and used tea bags. Simply dip a rag into the bucket, squeeze it out, and wipe those floors. This little trick makes hardwood floor cleaning simpler than ever, which means you can easily get back to what you want to be doing.

  1. Clean Tile Floor with an Easy Solution

How many times have you gone to clean your floors only to find out that you are out of cleaner?  It happens to people more than you know, but there is an easy solution that you can mix up in seconds. Simply mix warm water, lemon juice, vinegar, and grated soap together and use it to clean your floors. You can clean tile floors with this, or you can even use this to make hardwood floors or other flooring materials clean and smelling fresh.

  1. Carpet Stains will be Gone in No Time with This Trick

Carpet stains can be quite difficult to get out unless you use one of our favorite life hacks.  We recommend mixing together one-part vinegar to two parts water in a spray bottle and spraying it onto a stain in your carpet. Cover the dampened stain with a wet cloth and place an iron set in steam mode on top for approximately thirty seconds. The stain will be gone when you remove the iron and the wet cloth.

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  1. Remove Kitchen Sink Odors Instantly

The drain in kitchen sinks can be odor attractors and it is nearly impossible to remove those horrendous odors. However, an old toothbrush can wipe away the grime on those smaller parts of the drain. After you do that, simply add baking soda to the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. That mixture will begin to bubble and remove any remaining residue.  Wait a few minutes before pouring boiling hot water down the drain. If you want your drain to smell even better, add a few lemon slices to it and whirl them around in the garbage disposal.

When you start to utilize these eleven cleaning methods around your home, you will find that your home will shine better than it has before. Plus, you will spend less time cleaning, which is something that everyone is always happy about.

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