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11 Content Editing Tools for Error-Free Writing

How many grammar and spelling mistakes do you make when writing a post? Perhaps, you didn’t even notice them until someone else reads your writing and points out your mistakes. You’ve missed a comma here, you’ve misspelled a word there, and you confused past and present tense across your post. We will tell you how to get rid of all these problems using content editing tools and online grammar checks that have been tested by thousands of users and have proven to be the best ones.

1. Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing should be a tool used by every writer. The mistakes are colored in blue for style suggestions, green for grammatical mistakes, and red for spelling. You can also check your usage of active and passive voice (hint: active voice is better). The results are given quickly.

2. Slick Write

Slick Write is one of the best tools for analyzing the style of your paper. It will help you find mistakes but it also gives you a critique of your writing style including use of filler words, uncommon words, passive voice, among others.

3. After the Deadline

After The Deadline works perfectly to identify spelling, grammar, and style mistakes. It also uses contextual spell checking which means that you’ve spelled a word correctly but it is used in the wrong context (for example: there vs. their).

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4. WebSpell Checker

WebSpell Checker has the option of correcting your writing while you type. It integrates with your browser and highlighting mistakes as you write. It’s especially useful when writing emails. Another option allows to check your work in a separate window, ensuring that your original work isn’t altered. This option allows you to type your post as fast as possible, then in this separate window, decide whether to fix or change your spelling or grammar.

5. Essay Capital

If you prefer to order proofreading and editing services, Essay Capital is a great choice for you. Although it is specialized for checking essays, you still can use it to proofread content for your website, blog, etc. It looks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and structure errors.

6. Grammar Base

Grammar Base is one of the most accessible grammar checkers as it is free. Moreover, you don’t even need to sign up. Just type your content into the required field and Grammar Base will check it automatically.

7. SpellCheck

SpellCheck allows you to check your spelling in over 50 different languages, including regional differences in spelling like “color” vs. “colour” as in American vs. British English. Although the spell check is advanced, the number of characters that you may check at a time is limited, so the drawback is that you can’t check a large amount of content quickly.

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8. Pro Writing Aid

If you want a professionally edited and proofread content, try Pro Writing Aid. It can be used also as a plagiarism checker as it defines the pieces of content that have already appeared elsewhere online.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly is a multi-purpose tool for everyone who writes. Its free version checks content for any grammar or spelling mistakes giving the recommendations on how to fix those mistakes. Grammarly also has a paid version that offers advanced options for checking content. Also, you may install the application to your browser that will track all the mistakes that you make when writing a post directly in the a browser editor.

10. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is an excellent online tool that gives an assessment of the title of your article title, gives the estimate for the overall paper, and checks the article for basic grammar and spelling mistakes.

11. HelpPlag Tracker

HelpPlag Tracker is another great site that is mainly concentrated on checking content for plagiarism. What we love about HelpPlag Tracker is that it verifies content with many other websites and provides you with recommendations on what to change in your writing to make it more original.

Bonus Tips: 

Prepostseo is one of the best free grammar checker tool available online. This tool provides free services that can resolve any inaccuracy in the text including grammar spelling, or punctuation mistakes, redundant expressions, and even resolve sentence fragmentation.
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