11 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas

11 last-minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas

There’s hardly enough time in the day, and that is truer than ever during the holiday season. Don’t spend your time stuck in traffic, or waiting in long checkout lines. Instead, use this gift guide for plenty of time-saving and last minute Christmas gift ideas. Most of the items on this list can be ordered through AmazonPrime, which means free and fast shipping, as long as you have an account! This guide will help simplify your Christmas shopping experience, allowing you more time to focus on what the holidays are really about – family, friends, and gratitude.

For the Teens/Kids

  1. Paper Bag Puppets

25 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas 1 You can provide children as young as three with a gift that promotes creativity and imagination. This gift is both affordable and guaranteed to make memories.Buy on Amazon1

  1. My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

25 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas 2It is another great educational gift for kids ages six and up. The My First Mind Blowing Science Kit will teach your budding scientist about basic chemical reactions while introducing them to scientific equipment and tools. This kit is especially great because, it allows parents the opportunity to learn with their children.Buy on Amazon1Related: How to Celebrate Christmas on a Tight Budget

  1. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

25 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas-3With the Last Jedi being released this December; Star Wars hype is sure to be in full swing this Christmas. A great gift for both girls and boys is the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit. The kit allows your child to build a functioning droid unit that is compatible with phone and tablet devices. It is sure to inspire a new generation of engineers and inventors!Buy on Amazon1

  1. Star Wars Forces of Destiny Doll

    25 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas-4Staying with the Star Wars hype, the Forces of Destiny Dolls are perfect for the Star Wars loving little girls on your list! This Rey Doll with BB-8 is a beautiful and inspiring doll for little girls everywhere.Buy on Amazon1

5. Dragons Love Tacos Gift Set

25 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas-5Books are truly the gift that keeps on giving. This best-selling book is sure to bring plenty of fun and laughter to story time, and best of all, it includes a plush dragon toy!Buy on Amazon1Related: Best Tips For Setting Up A Christmas Tree

For the Grown-Ups

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

11 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christma-6This instant camera will allow you to express their creative vision instantly while capturing moments that will last forever. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can select the one your teen will like most.Buy on Amazon1

7. Bella Electric Tea Kettle

11 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas-7Everyone can use an electric tea kettle, but not everyone has one. This ceramic kettle is both beautiful and functional. With a variety of uses from making coffee to boiling noodles, this is a product that is sure to get daily use in anyone’s kitchen.Buy on Amazon1

8. Bubbles – Not the soapy ones you blow through a wand, but the sparkly ones that fizzle in a flute. If you are on your way to a Christmas celebration and you need a last minute gift to hand your host, stop by your local wine cellar and pick up a bottle of Champagne or anything that is sparkling. Every wine drinker loves bubbly. So don’t stress over the right type of wine and just opt for sparkling instead. You can rarely go wrong with bubbles!

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9. Herb Garden Kit

11 Last-Minute Gifts to Put Under the Tree at Christmas-9This grow-at-home herb garden kit is a unique gift that will breathe new life into any kitchen. This gift is especially great for at-home chefs but is simple enough for anyone to use. It includes commonly used herbs, such as basil, chives, and cilantro.Buy on Amazon1

10. Memberships

Memberships to a local museum, zoo, or theatre make great last-minute gifts. Memberships can usually be purchased directly from the organization’s website. After purchasing, you can print the confirmation of membership and insert it into a card or envelope. This is truly a gift you can get at the very last moment without sacrificing consideration for the recipient.

11. Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes work well as last minute gifts in a similar way that memberships do. You can purchase a subscription box online and within a short amount of time a box full of surprises will arrive at your door. There are so many unique subscription box services available, it will be no trouble finding the perfect one. Here are 11 subscription boxes based on different hobbies and interests. Find the perfect one for everyone on your Christmas shopping list!

  • Wizarding World Crate – Any Harry Potter would be thrilled on Christmas morning to learn they have this crate on the way.
  • BirchBox – Birchbox is a beauty subscription box. There are separate boxes for men and women.
  • Play! by Sephora – Makeup addicts will thank you for this subscription box from the premier makeup store Sephora.
  • Ipsy – Ipsy is another makeup subscription service. This one is very well liked amongst makeup lovers and only costs ten dollars!
  • Blue Apron – If you have someone on your list who loves to cook, this is a great subscription service for them. With Blue Apron fresh ingredients will arrive at your door to make delicious and healthy meals. It’s also a fun way to learn new recipes!
  • Book of the Month – This is an easy one for someone who loves to read. They will have a new book to read each month!
  • Smuggler’s Bounty by Funko – Everyone knows a Star Wars fan, and any one of them would be pumped to get this box. The official box from Star Wars and Funko is packed full of exclusive and collectible items.
  • Nature Box – This is an excellent box for those who are health conscious or looking to start some healthy habits in the new year. Nature box will send a variety of healthy snacks made from quality ingredients to your mailbox every month.
  • Bark Box – Don’t forget your furry friends this Christmas! Barkbox will send a box of toys and treats customized for your pup every month.
  • Meow Box – Meow Box is like Bark Box, but for cats!
  • Popsugar Must Haves – A very popular subscription box for women, the Must Haves box is curated by lead editors at Popsugar. This box includes a variety of items including accessories, homewares, books, and beauty products. This is a great box for a modern woman.

If you didn’t see the perfect gift on the list above, that’s okay. Take these ideas and let them get your wheels turning. Just remember, by buying creatively online you can buy great and thoughtful gifts at the very last minute.

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