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11 Magnificent Instagram Story Tips that Stun Your Followers

With above 350 million daily users, Instagram stories make users record and edit pictures and video content to get more effective users. It’s a slideshow factor which disappears after a day. It allows you to share your daily moments without keeping them on your profile. 

And also you can use the highlight feature on your Instagram profile page to remain your stories on profile forever even after disappearing after a day. 

Nowadays, most brands use Instagram stories over Instagram posts for their marketing campaigns. According to a research, 70% of the audience visits the story section first when they enter the platform. This super powerful and fun feature took the universe by the blast. Stories on Instagram play a significant role in marketing strategies and social media. 

Knowing its importance and reach, now the primary question is what kind of stories do you upload? Here are the 11 magnificent Instagram story tips and tricks to follow that stun your Instagram fans.

1. Make Contest

Making contests through stories on Instagram is a perfect way to develop new content and engage your fans. It might be a challenge or anything else which brings the fans to make stories and tag you. 

So, you may re-share their stories, and this strengthens your strong relationship and makes them feel more important. It would be best if you provide a prize at the end.

2. Make Quizzes and Polls

The story factor on Instagram not only makes you engage with your customers but also it helps to generate feedback too. Making polls is the great way to bring this out. 

It changes the status of your fans from organic viewers to effective participants. It establishes that their opinion matters more and develops your strong relationship with them. Start your poll with simply typing your questions.

Quiz is another effective way to stimulate the activities of your fans. Here, you could enter the options manually where viewers select their one.

3. BTS (Behind-The-Scenes)

There is something in BTS that every person loves on social media. It’s a better way to showcase your business BTS content in Instagram stories. Give a spark to your fans what’s happening behind your beautiful products by answering the following questions:

  • Are you developing any products excitingly?
  • How’s your day with your business?
  • Can you provide an exciting sneak peek at the upcoming product?
  • Can you show how your team works?

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4. Share Your Instagram Feed Posts

An exercise which works perfectly and helps you in reaching more fans. What’s that? Instagram stories are live only for 24hours and your fans will get that whenever they enter the platform within a day since the story published time.

In comparison, they might miss your new Instagram posts if it was posted more hours ago. So, sharing the news on your Instagram stories about your feed post helps in getting more reach.

5. Story Takeovers on Instagram

Who says that you alone make all the story contents on Instagram? Sharing is the simple way to get new, fresh Instagram story content. Collaborate with others and ask them to take over your content for 24 hours.

Remember two things while selecting the exact person to do a takeover:

  • Analyze your target audience
  • What they enjoy more

6. Try Boomerangs

It’s an Instagram purchased app that has set directly into the Instagram stories. Users could access it easily by entering stories option and swiping up to the right. 

Boomerang is the fast 2-3 second video content that loops and gives a pleasant way to make content. You can use boomerangs instead of simply taking photos and bring some effects to make your Instagram stories colorful and get more audiences to your Instagram posts in story format.

7. Educational Content & FAQs

Do you have any questions that you are asked every time? The Instagram story section is the perfect place to answer all the questions. Also, you can share more educational content like tricks, advice, and tips relevant to your brand or business.

For instance, if you are a hotel business, the FAQs can be “what item a certain food is cooked out of ” or “how long shipping takes.” Educational contents could be favorite dishes currently or saying about some offers on purchasing food items.

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8. Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram Shoutout is a social media advertising method which helps in narrowing your audience and acquires more exposure in a low investment. It is another source of Influencer marketing. 

In simple words, the two persons on the platform provide each other a shoutout through posting a video content or photo making their fans follow the other person’s account. It’s an effective and fastest way to grow Instagram followers. 

To start this, find a user with similar content and Instagram followers to yours. Before asking for a shoutout with them, like, comment, or follow their account. Then approach them through email if you get their email or contact them directly through Instagram for a shoutout.

9. Questionnaires

It’s also called ‘That or This’ templates; it’s a perfect way to get your audience to know more about you and your business. 

You could either use any online tools to make your branded questionnaires or use templates that have already been created. Once you have posted your answers, always remember to bring an empty template on your Instagram story and ask your people to fill in and tag you.

10. Reviews/Testimonials

Social recognition is a great way to bring more leads and make them into massive conversions. People always want to get or work with brands or businesses who they know clearly. 

Whether it is review screenshots, email screenshots, or video testimonials, make sure to reach them with your people.

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11. Announce IGTV Episode

IGTV is the hottest feature on Instagram now. Use your Instagram story section to announce your uploaded long-term video content on “Instagram TV” or “IGTV.”

You can receive more traffic to your IGTV content when you mention it in the story section—both work hand in hand. 

Wrapping Up

There are various ways to use stories on Instagram as you see and numerous different things to share. But every idea comes down to a single thing, developing a strong bond with your fans. You’ll soon notice your Instagram followers come up quickly.

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