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11 Tips to Help Keep Your Marriage Fresh All the Time

After you have been married for a couple of years and you think that it’s no longer working out for the two of you. Here are the 11 tips to follow in order to better/save the situation in your marriage life:

1. Let Your Partner Know that You Appreciate Them

Actually, when coupling partners become familiar with each other, they end up settling into a hamper condition (albeit a comfortable routine). This is very dangerous. Most men who are caught cheating on their wives claim that it’s a result of emotional dissatisfaction and not sex. Men become easily baited by any beautiful glance when feeling not appreciated or connected to their wives. This also happens to women. Let’s keep on reminding our partners that we really appreciate them in order to save and better our married lives.

2. Be Grateful for the Little Things

It’s been so difficult to tell your spouse, “Thank you”, because you keep on thinking that immediately when you two got married, he/she was assigned to be doing what they do in a normal routine. Marriage is all about compassion and helping each other. When you say thank you, you are motivating your partner to be doing what he/she does daily, no matter how small it is.

3. Go on Separate Vacations

Vacations could be the best way to revitalize your marriage. But how should you go about it? It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps you should utilize the implication of this phrase if you need to keep your marriage fresh. Let your spouse go on a different vacation while you take another. This way, you will keep boredom out of your marriage.

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4. Work on Your Appearance

Oftentimes, people tend to lose their appearances after having a few kids. Before you met your spouse, would you really go around with stained clothes and bad-smelling teeth? I guess no. Be clean and neat. Be an emulation of how you would want your partner to act. Be a role model to your family.

5. Establish Good Relationships Outside Your Marriage

Your marriage is obviously your primary relationship, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relate with other people. Try to socialize outside of your marriage and make good friends. Going out with friends on weekends, swapping stories, and experiencing new things gives you ample time to experience life fully.

6. Go to a Strip Club

If you have urges of infidelity, rather than acting on those urges, you can go to a strip club and watch the dancers. This allows your mind to wander, and perhaps get some of what you’ve been missing, without actually entertaining the thought of cheating. It can also be the best way to calm down your sexual desires if you feel discontent.

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7. Watch Your Words

Mind what you tell your spouse. Converse with him or her on matters pertaining to your relationship and how your relationship can grow stronger in long-term. Leave non-constructive issues behind.

8. Do Not Ignore the Little Things

Don’t allow little things to trouble your marriage. These small things pile up little by little, and within a short time, you end up verbalizing your displeasure in a less than desireable way. To avoid this, stop the little things you do, knowing that you are hurting your partner, and bring them up for discussion before they become emotional problems.

9. Specially Gift on Special Occasions

Did you know that presenting a gift to your spouse could inspire a feeling of love and care? Now you know. When was the last time you gave an anniversary gift to your spouse? If you can’t remember, then your marriage could be in serious jeopardy. Consider, for example, what you can give your partner during your anniversary or on any other occasion, and do it.

10. Be Intimate and Passionate Whether You Are in the Bedroom or Not

Intimacy comes in many forms. It’s not just all about sex and passion. Being passionate about the life you live with your husband or wife is the sole driver in your marriage. You need to practice good bedroom habits if you are to remain intimate with your spouse. Your spouse can only realize that you are passionate about them if you involve them in most of the activities you do.

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11.Balance Being a Parent with Being a Partner

Can you be the best parent and still lose your marriage? Of course! You must be wondering how this could be possible. Remember, when you married your spouse you were united in a great life adventure. Did you really think that this would stop the moment you had children? You need to spend quality time with both the kids, and your spouse, without discriminating the other.


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