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12 Best Sightseeing Places in London

London is a popular tourist destination and an entirely bewildering place if you are visiting it for the first time. The range of visitors is endless with more than 15 million people from all of over the world visiting London every year.

Britain’s capital city is a throbbing art and entertainment center and also possesses one of the planet’s prominent congregations of cultural attractions. From people’s parliament to the Royal Palace, from Roman ruins to castles and cathedrals, you can occupy countless days sightseeing in London without ever running out of unique things to see and do.

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Check out our London Travel Guide with a list of 12 best sightseeing places in London for more inspiration and explore the best that the town has to offer.

1. The London Eye

London Eye is the freshest and most loved tourist destination in London. A giant wheel, situated right next to the Thames, that revolves slowly and is Europe’s largest observation wheel. It has individual glass capsules that offer a panoramic view of the City of London as you reach the highest point at 443 feet above the ground during your circular tour. Each visit to the London Eye now begins with an entertaining, brief 4D film before you board. You can also opt for the deluxe “Champagne Experience,” if you are planning a romantic date as you glide on the wheel. It is best to book your seats in advance!

2. Buckingham Palace

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -2Buckingham Palace is an iconic building in Britain and also the scene of London’s most traditional display of grandeur and status, the Changing of the Guard. You can book your visit to  Buckingham Palace for a glimpse inside the royal palace. Throughout summer, you can tour the 19 magnificent State Rooms. These luxurious rooms are embellished with great riches from the Royal Collection.

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3. The British Museum

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -3Demonstrating the world’s finest groups of antiquities, the British Museum comprises of more than 12 million artifacts from Babylonia, Assyria, China and Europe. You can enjoy a different comparison of treasures from all over the world under a common roof. Legendary artifacts like the Parthenon sculptures, Egyptian mummies, and the Rosetta Stone are visited here by millions of tourists every year. The British Museum is one of the highly visited places for sightseeing in London.

4. Hampton Court Palace

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -4Famous as Henry VIII’s favorite royal residence, the Hampton Court Palace offers a breathtaking view of Henry’s staterooms. You can crawl along the haunted gallery, enjoy a stroll through 60 acres of fabulous gardens and lose yourself in the famous maze. Don’t forget to grab some lip-smacking delicacies at the Tudors Kitchen! The ticket includes audio guides and tours and talks happen daily. Apart from this, tourists also get to witness an extraordinary program of seasonal events.

5. Hyde Park

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -5Well-known as one of the greatest city parks across the globe, Hyde Park is situated in the center of London and spread over 350 acres of land. It consists of more than 3500 lush green trees, a beautiful large lake, a pasture and spectacular flower gardens.
You can enjoy boating, swimming, and cycling. The Park also has two stunning lakeside restaurants which serve everything from a delicious three-course meal to a hot cup of brewed coffee. You can also spot some enthralling ancient buildings, like The Serpentine Bridge, the Joy of Life fountain and the famous Achilles statue within the park.

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6. St Paul’s Cathedral

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -612 Best Sightseeing Places in London -6St Paul’s Cathedral is renowned for its impressive interior. The two Baroque towers and magnanimous 365 foot dome of St Paul’s Cathedral are a gem of English architecture. You can leverage the touch-screen multimedia guide or register for a guided tour to traverse this iconic building.

7. Greenwich and Docklands

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -7Greenwich is well-known as the base of Cutty Sark, the last of the 19th-century tea clippers that cruised between Britain and China. The ship is next to the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre and the Palladian mansion known as Queen’s House. You can follow the footsteps of those who sailed her, steer at the ship’s wheel, enjoy stunning sights of the Thames and walk straight beneath the ship’s old deck to get the feel of it.
The Docklands, across the river, has been molded into an international place of interest and entertainment, loaded with some of London’s chicest new restaurants.

8. The Victoria and Albert Museum

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -8The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s largest museum of art and design, staging early human creativity, with collections unequaled in their expanse and diversity. Visit this place for a glimpse of Medieval Renaissance galleries, the awe-striking gallery with jewelry, and the stunning British Galleries.

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9. Westminster Abbey

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -3

Westminster Abbey is visited by more than one million visitors every year. This 700-year-old building has a long affiliation with the British Royalty and is also known as the coronation church in England. Audio guides are available for free with individual entry tickets, and the complete sightseeing tour takes around one hour.

10. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -10The pride of London – Big Ben is a 97-meter high tower with a giant clock and a ringing bell. It is well-known throughout the world as the time signal of BBC radio. Just next to Big Ben, are the Houses of Parliament. Sightseeing tours of the parliament buildings allow visitors to grab a unique chance at seeing real-time debates and live political discussions.

11. Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -11These are two of the most popular tourist spots in London.
Trafalgar Square is where you can find Nelson’s Column and the famous iconic stone lions. You can also see the Fourth Plinth, which showcases performances by contemporary artists. Piccadilly Circus is also listed among London’s most attractive tourist destinations. You can relax by the famous statue of Eros or take a stroll through Regent’s Street, Piccadilly or Soho.

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12. Covent Garden

12 Best Sightseeing Places in London -12A boon for shopaholics, Covent Garden, is London’s most loved shopping destination. For those who are head over heels about beauty and fashion and products by famous brands like Chanel, Burberry London, Dior and Paul Smith this is the place to come where everything is available at best of prices!

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