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12 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At A Party

Kids have this rare ability to turn a morose atmosphere into a lively one with their banter and frolic. They exude happiness wherever they go. However, it takes very little time for those angels to turn into little monsters if they get bored or irritated. However, what if you have a whole bunch of mischievous toddlers at your son’s birthday bash? Here are 12 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Entertained:

1. Clowns

Kids will have a whale of a time if you hire a clown for the party. A clown knows various amusing ways to entertain kids. He can employ an array of props into his performance. His gimmicks are sure to grab the attention of the shyest as well as the most rambunctious of the munchkins.

2. Hunting for treasure

This is an old trick which has now been relegated to a thing of the past. But believe me; a treasure hunt will really work at a kid’s birthday party. The idea is to hide enough things like chocolates, candy, toys, or coins so that everyone gets to find something. Both the indoor and outdoor of your home can be utilized. Kids will find this simply intriguing.

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3. Hire a bounce house

Who loves to jump more than kids? You will be treating them with heaven’s delight if you arrange for a bounce house.  There is a wide range of themed bounce houses to choose from such as Hello Kitty, Batman, Castle, Disney, Pirate, Sports Arena, and Jungle to name a few. Usually the people who accompany the bounce house take care of everything. So, you can use this saved time to treat yourself, after all adults need to have fun too.

4. Tiny monsters love to paint their faces

There is one more thing that catches their fascination–painting. Kids love colors and that too if they are used to make some spooky or amusing painting. Having a face painting corner at the party venue will give the event a whole new dimension.

5. Ramp-walk for tender models

Kids are always fancily clad when it comes to their friends’ birthday celebration. It would be an amazing idea if you take this opportunity to create a ramp-walk event for them. You won’t even have to arrange for costumes. All you have to do is devise a makeshift ramp with a small audience. Kids crave to flaunt their attires the same way we adults do. Besides, it is fun seeing your toddlers walk the ramp.

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6. Kite Building

You can get kite building kits at hobby stores in your local area. Kids can assemble and then decorate their kite however they choose. After all the kites are constructed, everyone can head to the park for a test flight!

7.Inflatable Water Slide

Our party rentals include a huge variety of themed water slides including the Jungle Combo Wet Slide with a pool, the Kahuna Wet/Dry Slide, and the Ocean Wet Slide with a splash pool plus others.

8. Dunk Tank

This provides entertainment for everyone as well as a good cooling off for some. Party rental also provide set-up and breakdown of all equipment.

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9. Pretend play

Your child is busy learning how the world works, which is why pretend play is crucial to his development. Puppet shows, pretend grocery trips and playing house are all fun ways to help him learn about the world around him. For even more fun, create the crafts and props for pretend play.

10. Try your hand at board games

He should be old enough to start learning the basic rules of some preschool board games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Sit down with him and learn how to play together, and remember that many preschoolers are notoriously poor losers.

11. Let them be artists

Let them explore their creativity by providing few basic tools to create works of art. If they like putting their fingers in their mouths, offer up pudding as finger paints or other edible art supplies.

12.Watch a movie

If you need to entertain for a few hours, pop in their favorite cartoon or children’s movie. You are guaranteed at least 2 hours of uninterrupted fun. I prefer educational shows and DVD’s so they can learn while watching TV.

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