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12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300

Thanks to Wi-Fi internet access and technological innovation, smart kitchens have finally arrived. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, small high-tech gadgets can make for huge differences in food and beverage preparation. These kitchen gadgets can save you time, effort, and money. Here are 12 high-tech appliances for under $300 that make for a better kitchen.

1. Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

The machine is a high-tech kitchen appliance that goes for roughly $122. You can schedule a drink using its app and use your smartphone to control it. It is far more advanced than most predecessor coffee machines. As for the features, the device has some very cool ones as well. First, there’s a grinder up top with a reservoir where you pour the beans. Alternatively, you can forego the grinder and put coffee grounds directly in the filter.

2. Tespo Vitamin Dispenser

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_2Consider Tespo if you have a hard time swallowing vitamins. Tespo uses a Keurig-style approach to making vitamins by mixing water with vitamin powder from vitamin dispenser pods that you can then drink.  This beats swallowing hard vitamins to get your daily supplements, plus Tespo touts that their vitamin powders are without fillers or inactive ingredients found in many vitamin pills.

Each vitamin pod is fully recyclable and holds a month’s worth of servings. Tespo also keeps track of the servings you’ve used and the amount remaining so that you won’t lose track of when you took your vitamins. Currently, there are six types vitamin pods available, with special formulas made for children, men, and women as well as formulas made specifically to improve your energy, focus, or sleep. The machine goes for $99 while the pods cost $35 each.Buy on Amazon1

3. Velv Wine Oxygenator

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_3Faster than decanters and more efficient than aerators, the Velv Wine Oxygenator diffuses pure oxygen into the wine to allow it to reach its peak flavor and full aroma in mere minutes. White wine can reach its core flavor in around 3-5 minutes while red wine in a mere 5 to 8 minutes. The Oxygenator kit costs $300 and includes a protective case and one PureOxygen capsule.

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4. GINA Coffee Brewer

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_4GINA is a smart coffee brewer that allows you to try out three manual brewing methods: cold drip, pour-over, and immersion. It has a built-in Bluetooth-connected scale that allows you to weigh your coffee grounds and water ratio to perfect your brew. It comes with an app that guides you through the various brewing processes and lets you save your measurements and share it with other GINA brewers to try out different ratios. For the price of $145, GINA is available for preorder on Kickstarter.

5. Nomiku

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_5Nomiku is a Wi-Fi enabled sous vide appliance that you can clip to a pot of water, set your cooking temperature levels, drop in your sealed bag of food, and relax as you wait for your food to be slowing immersion cooked. Nomiku’s Wi-Fi enhancement allows it to connect to Tender, its companion app, which you use to share and search recipes. Nomiku costs $199.Buy on Amazon1

6. One X Biosensor

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_6Consider the One X if you’re trying to boost your diet and nutritional habits. The appliance is a first-of-its-kind handheld biosensor that measures your antioxidant levels by scanning your palm and reporting your antioxidant score instantly. You get a stronger sense of how the body responds to stress levels, sleep quality, alcohol, and other habits. You can preorder the One X on Indiegogo for $149 or wait until after their release for $249.

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7. HyperChiller

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_7With the HyperChiller, you can quicken your morning routine or start happy hour earlier. The HyperChiller flash chills your beverages. In just 60 seconds, steaming hot coffee can be turned into iced coffee by simply by pouring it through the device’s multi-chamber design. Other beverages can be quick chilled as well such as tea, liquor, and other cocktails. The HyperChiller sells goes for $36.99.

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8. Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_8The exact water temperature matters if you’re serious about your coffee. Instead of waiting for boiled water in a traditional kettle or teapot to cool, set the Kettle to the right temperature you need. With a heating element of 1000 watts, water heats very fast. The kettle goes for $64.Buy on Amazon1

9. Drop Smart Scale

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_9You will find it very easy to cook, bake and make cocktails with the Drop smart scale. The scale, which is iPad supported, connects to its Recipes app which features numerous recipes to create your own personalized cookbook. The cookbook is interactive which makes the cooking process easy. The scale also alerts you when to stop pouring so you don’t have to measure ingredients. The Drop Scale goes for $79.94 while the app is free for download.Buy on Amazon1

10. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_10With the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker you can adjust the cooking time or temperature either directly from the crock pot or remotely using their free WeMo app. Furthermore, you can monitor your meal progress and let your family know when it’s ready. The device has a six-quart capacity and retails for $125.97.

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11. Philips Airfryer

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_11This $189.99 gadget replaces a deep fryer by incorporating hot air with only a small teaspoon of oil. It cooks food evenly and quickly. Plus gives food the crispiness and crunch you crave without the extra calories, fat, and oily mess.

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12. Maverick iChef ET-735 Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer  

12 High Tech Kitchen Appliances for Under $300_12This $79.99 iChef cooking thermometer allows you to monitor the exact temperature of your brisket, chicken, or ribs from up to 160 feet away. Bluetooth connectivity alerts you on your Android or iOS device when your food has reached proper temperature. The device ensures that your barbeque turns out just how you like it. Buy on Amazon1

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