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12 Must-Know Things Before Starting a Health Blog

If you passionately want to start a blog about health, then this article is for you. We will tell you what you need to know in order for a health blog to become successful, as well as things you need to understand before you start filling it up. Here are 12 things that affect your health/fitness blog.

1. Relevance 

Blogging is a quite popular activity nowadays that can be a free-time hobby or a main stream of income. So, you will have to run your blog in a highly competitive environment. What’s more, the topics of health, fitness, proper nutrition, and mental health development are also on the rise in popularity so, you should come up with something special and highly relevant for you and your target audience at the same time. To put it simply, you have to find some informational gap and fill it with the materials you publish in your blog. This is the only way to offer really relevant content and stand out from the competitors.

2. Types of Blog Directions

The theme of health can can go in several completely different directions. So, before you start blogging, you need to decide which direction you are most interested in according to your knowledge. Here are some examples of areas of health blogs:

  • A Blog about Weight Management through Nutrition– This topic includes information about diets aimed at losing, or gaining, weight through a healthy diet and the right combination of foods.
  • A Nutrition Blog– The blog is based on recipes for healthy eating. It tells about the balance of such important components in products as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; provides the relevant list of products that have a beneficial effect on the body and help keep it in good shape.
  • Fitness Blog– This topic includes sports fitness training presented by professional sports trainers. It tells about all the nuances of fitness workouts and their benefits.
  • Mental Health Blog- As the name implies this blog will be dedicated to psychological aspects, mental illnesses prevention, and self-healing techniques. 
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Blog– Blog topics include general health concepts. There are a lot of different articles that can be presented, starting from the recipe for the right breakfast and ending with an evening meditation.

3. Your Motivation and Readiness to Work on Your Blog Development

Try to explain to yourself why you want to write about health. Is blogging really interesting for you? Is this topic very important to you, and do you want to share your knowledge with other people?

Being guided only by the idea of ​​earning money, it is quite difficult and almost impossible to achieve success in the blogger business. A blogger is a person who reveals himself to the reader through his own posts so the readers should feel your sincerity.

Also, it is important to remember that due to the high popularity of blogs about health, it is necessary to put forth a lot of effort in order to interest the reader with your blog. 

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4. The Availability of Scientific and Verified Information

A health blog is a very complex topic that requires good knowledge from reliable sources. Therefore, before you share some information in your blog, it is important to double-check whether this research is relevant. You have to realize that your article can be read by thousands of people who rely on your statements and thoughts.

5. Your Tone of Voice

Each topic has its own feature. Accordingly, each type of blog requires a special approach and tone of presenting the information. A blogger must understand in which situation to use a scientific approach, and in which to speak in a friendly way. You may also need to learn how to talk with your readers.  

6. Quality Overweight Quantity

When you begin your fitness blog, you are tempted to want to quickly fill it with information so that the page does not look empty. But haste is not a friend for a good blogger. Be more patient and go with creating a blog that has the highest quality article instead of five dubious posts.

7. Visual Impression Matters

It is important to understand that the reader perceives the information visually. This means that  plain text will not drive a lot of interest, even if it is super useful. Create graphics, use visual examples with suitable images, and share engaging videos to make your readers dwell on your posts. 

8. Some Tools Can Make a Blogger’s Life Easier

In order to make your blog bright and interesting, there are many helpers. Turn your health and fitness blog into art using the following sites:

  • Unsplash and PixabayThese are the largest sources of free images on a variety of topics.
  • Iconfinder- This is a site that will help you find the necessary thematic icons that will help visually diversify your content.
  • Canva and Relay That- These are sites where everyone can create their own design or find a ready-made suitable design for any document and in any format.

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9. The Motivation of Your Readers

Your blog will be successful when your readers truly find inspiration from it to change something about their approach to health and lifestyle. You need to find this motivational trigger that is specific to your audience and run it constantly.

10. Posts Release Planning

Schedule the release of posts in order to have time to research the topic, as well as all supporting aspects. This will help structure your health blog and make it more logical.

11. A Headline is a Key to Attracting Attention

Do not forget about the title when creating a post. Remember that this is the first thing that catches the eye of the reader. A capacious headline makes the reader stop and read what is written in the body of the post. If you have difficulty with creating attractive headlines, learn how professional writers do it. 

12. Your Promotion Efforts are 50% of Your Blog’s Success

When you start blogging, no one knows you so you need to promote your blog. Post information about your blog on social networks. You can also use Google AdSense initially so that as many people as possible know about you. In general, the promotion of a blog is quite a laborious process. 


When starting a blog or becoming a health influencer, you have to know all the things that will help you achieve success. And, if you add a part of your soul to your work, your blog becomes awesome!

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