12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space

Are you trying to decorate your dorm space and running short of ideas? If you are, then you have come to the right place. As you read through this you will find plenty of ideas to help you make your dorm space the way you want it to be.

There are lots of ideas which can easily transform your dorm space and the amazing part is that you do not have to spend much to create a transformation. Let’s have a look at some tips for making changes.

  1. Make a printed wall

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-1Have a wall that has a huge picture attached to it. We’re not talking about wallpapers or paint. You can just print out a picture that you have taken and fix that on any wall of your dorm space. Having such a wall will make your dorm space look larger than the original wall.

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  1. Place colored tape as lining for your bookshelves

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-2The bookshelves that you have in your dorm space can be imaginatively decorated using colored tape. Different colored tapes can make your shelves look lustrous and when you think you need a change you can remove the tape without leaving any residue.

Likewise, you can use colored tape round posters that you have on your wall. Adding tape to a poster helps it be more focused and ultimately the décor of the room will be enhanced.

  1. Add a temporary headboard

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-3The bed that you sleep on can be made luxurious by adding a temporary headboard and the décor of your dorm room will also be enhanced. These type of headboards can be made with materials which may be lying around and considered to be useless.

  1. Use a wastebasket as a side table

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-4If your dorm room doesn’t have any space left for any extra furniture then you can easily use a wastebasket as a side table. The wastebasket can look good if you paint it in the color that you desire and it can then be used as a side table.

These are some tips that can enhance the décor and look of your dorm room space. These measures are not at all costly and the materials used for enhancing the décor of your dorm can be done within a small budget. There are many other tips that can be used. Let us have a look at some of those.

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  1. Bring nature in

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-5Your dorm may not look very beautiful because it is lacking a connection with nature. This can be solved easily and nature can be brought in by placing small pots with beautiful indoor plants around the area.

  1. Change the nature of lighting

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-6Light plays a great part in making a place beautiful. The ambience of your dorm can be improved by changing the lighting pattern that you have. You can, if you wish, make light fixtures yourself using transparent boards which, when attached can make the place more beautiful.

Of course, what you do is entirely up to your tastes, so you don’t have to implement all of these tips. Feel free to try some of these ideas so that you can have a décor that matches your personality and taste.

  1. Make tapestry using old sheets

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-7You may have many old sheets that are not being used anymore. You can easily use them to make a beautiful tapestry. This tapestry can be hung on a wall and the décor of the area can be enhanced.

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  1. Use your mini fridge with imagination

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-8You may have a mini fridge in your dorm space. The front door of the fridge can be imaginatively decorated to enhance the look of your dorm space. You can use an old, small tea tin with a magnet placed on the front door of your fridge and this can be used for storing pencils and useful items.

  1. Use colorfully designed bed sheets

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-9Your bed sheets can be used effectively to enhance the beauty of your dorm room. Simply choose bed sheets with a design you like, or even make your own design on a blank sheet. These can look quite  glamorous and the beauty of your space can be improved.

You may be tempted to think that some of these tips are too difficult to do. However, after trying one or two, you may discover how easy, effective and affordable they are. In fact, we feel certain that the beauty of your dorm room will be enhanced by some of these imaginative tips.

  1. Set up a smartphone projector

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-10You may be thinking this will be a costly affair. Definitely, it is not. If you have imagination and the will to work then it can be done effectively without spending a penny. All you require is an old shoe box, a magnifying glass and some tape to make a projector.

This self-made projector makes it possible for you to watch video clips and movies in a “cinema-like” fashion right from your smartphone and this will certainly enhance the beauty of your space at the same time. This can also be an ideal replacement for a TV set where there is a shortage of space.

  1. Add color to your space

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-11The inside of your dorm space can be made colorful using rugs that have a lot of color in them and you can even make these rugs from old T-shirts. You may be wondering  how to do this; yes we are coming to that. Cut several old T-shirts into strips and sew them together to make a rug from these strips. Your new colorful rug can be used as a cover for a side table that you have or even as a floor mat.

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  1. Change the pattern of your board pins

12 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Space-12Just by changing the shape of your board pins you can change the entire perspective of your dorm space. Change the top of the board pins to hexagonal, rectangular or any shape that you desire. You may wonder of this will  help to change the décor. Yes, it will…give it a try.

Feel free to try some of these ideas to transform your dorm space into an area that everyone appreciates.

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