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12 Ways to Combat Depression

Depression is said to be one of the most common medical conditions that affect a lot of people in the world. It is something that affects how you feel and most people who suffer from it cannot explain their feelings of depression which can make things more frustrating.

While many people have experienced a deep feeling of sadness much like depression, it must be noted that only a medical practitioner, or a specialist, can tell if your symptoms are indeed related to such an illness.

No matter how difficult your situation is, there are still ways to make you feel better in order for you to live a normal life together with your family. It is also important to make others aware of your depression, as not everyone can pick up on the signs of depression that you may think are obvious.

Here are some tips for you to combat depression:

1. Do not Isolate Yourself

To deal with your depression, it is best that you continuously maintain your contact with the people you love. You must keep your communication line open to your loved ones. Therefore, rather than living alone away from everybody, it is more necessary now to reach out and get their support as you journey towards your full recovery.

2. Continue Social Involvement

In relation to the first tip, it is also important that you continue with your social commitments. Keep yourself busy with your social groups and with the projects you are implementing.

By staying active with your social involvements, there won’t be any room for you to think negative thoughts and sometimes being active socially will help you with your depression symptoms.

Just a caution, though! Social activities here do not mean that you have to go on a drinking spree with friends. Such action would not help you recover, and might only worsen your depression, especially when you eventually develop an addiction to it.

3. Limit Your Social Media Time

Being active on social media might not do good for you, especially because it has the potential to  contribute to your low self-esteem.

You must admit that you are influenced by what you see and read on your friends’ posts at times. There could be instances as well where you got upset because of your friend’s comments about an issue that is important to you. There could also be a time when you see posts that are contrary to your beliefs and ideologies.

In your sensitive state, limiting your social media time can help you cope with depression quicker. It is better, though, if you stay away from it during these times.

4. Live an Active Lifestyle

Instead of drowning yourself with thoughts that might only make you feel down and develop self-pity, you must live an active lifestyle. Enroll in a fitness gym. Join your friends in their jogging sessions. You may likewise bring your dog when you do your morning run. Staying active has been proven to help combat depression symptoms and is a free form of depression treatment.

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5. Do the Things You Love

What is your hobby? What makes you feel good?

If you will be doing the things you love, it can make you feel relaxed and calm. You will even feel fulfilled and happy at the end of doing them.

6.Take Care of Yourself

When you take care of yourself, you will feel good about yourself, too. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror. Are you happy with what you see? Do you think you still look good? When asking yourself these questions, make sure that your response will be a resounding yes. Taking care of yourself ranges from your daily diet to the hygienic practices you embrace and do, as well as having enough sleep each day.

7. Recognize Your Aggressive Tendencies

There have been reported cases of depression wherein the patients have tried to hurt themselves. Do not allow yourself to be part of these statistics.

When you recognize your tendency towards committing self-attacks, admit as well the negative impact these might cause you. In short, then you will you somehow strengthen your conscience.

8. Love Yourself

The most important thing to do, especially when you are experiencing depression, is to love yourself. With love in your life, there is no chance for you to hurt yourself.  Loving yourself is not easy and people with depression and anxiety symptoms often find it difficult to do this.

9. Recognize Your Worth

Would the lives of your family and friends still be the same when you are gone? How do you think they will suffer? Would a project still push through according to its plan without your expertise? How would the lives of the supposed beneficiaries be affected?

You might feel worthless at some point during the course of your depression. However, you must recognize the fact that a lot of people actually love you and could not even live without you around.

10. Stop Overthinking

This is a sign of depression that often goes unnoticed and is also a form of anxiety symptoms like worrying about the past and future. When you overthink things, chances are you get so engulfed with negativities that you end up feeling extremely bad. When this happens, you are just adding on to your condition. Regretfully, instead of helping yourself recover, you are only contributing to your worsening condition.

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11. Build Strong Ties with Loved Ones

While you keep an open communication line with the people you love, it is vital, too, that you continuously build strong ties with them. This means that you are not limiting your communication with them to just “hi” and “hello”, along with a brief conversation.

Strengthening your relationship with your loved ones means that you will do bonding activities with them regularly. You could possibly watch a movie after you dine out together in your favorite restaurant.

12. Never Rub Elbows with Toxic People

When you are surrounded by toxic people, your mood will be affected; you might even lose your self-esteem.You will know if someone is toxic if you see any of the following signs:

  • The person sees to it that you will feel inferior when compared to him or her.
  • The person will make it a point that you will feel bad about yourself.
  • The person loves to talk about other people’s mistakes and misfortunes when talking to you. There is a big chance that he or she will do the same behind your back when you are away.
  • The person has his or her way in abusing you. Does he, or she, keep on borrowing money from you but never bothers to pay on the day he or she promised to do so? Does the person take advantage of your kindness over and over again?

If after practicing these tips you continue to feel depressed, there is help out there. Contact your doctor , or a medical professional, to learn about how they may help. You can also take this self-assessment by Mind Diagnostics to learn if you might be depressed.

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