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15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome – Part 1

Do you belong to the huge league of cooking fanatics? If so, your grill might be your best friend, and barbecue must sound mouth watering for you. So let’s make it easier for newbies to the game. When cooking is at the core of your hobbies, you can’t confine it to a kitchen. You would like to pursue it whenever and wherever. You would like to do it in your lawns and gardens, at your farm house, and your trips and campings. So if this summer, you are out with your grill for some excellent BBQ time, try these 15 awesome BBQ hacks and thank us later.

1. Burn half the grill and leave the rest

A great hack for grilling your food is to light only the half of your grill, then use the hot side for grilling your meat and the other one for keeping cooked things warm before you’re done. You thus keep your cooked food warm while you cook other items.

2. Cook in a microwave before grilling

To save a considerable amount of your cooking time, do this: Give your meat a few minutes of microwave cooking. Now when you go for grilling it up, it will get done in no time.

3. Kitchen torch as an alternative to the grill

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome 3So you don’t have a grill to try your hands at BBQ? That’s not going to stop you from having some grilling fun. Point your kitchen torch to shrivel your veggies and steaks and keep them wrapped in plastic for some time.

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4. Add flavor boosters

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome 4You can add some flavor boosters to your grilled foods. You may spray some apple juice on the meat before grilling. It adds flavor and keeps the meat moist. You can also embed the herbs you like the most. Another good idea is to lube your grill with olive oil and vinegar. This also keeps food from sticking to the grill. Lightly grilled lemons can also serve the purpose well.

5. Chopsticks, not tongs

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome -5If you are well versed with the use of chopsticks, show your art here. Use chopsticks instead of tongs to flip your meats while cooking. You can do without tongs, right?

6. Keep your grill clean

How To Grill Your BBQ Better And Quick 2

We have got some great tricks for cleaning up your grill. Take aluminum foil and squash it into a ball’s shape. You can rub your grill with it to clean up. Next, you can rub onions on the warm grill, and it cleans well. Prevent food and other stuff from sticking to the grill by lubricating it with grease, or even better – with flavored oils.

7. Retain the juice of your burger with ice

Place some ice on your burger while grilling it. That’s a great hack to prevent their drying. You get extra moist and juicy burgers. You can also add some mayonnaise into your mince for most succulent burgers.

8. Sugar for easy lighting

If you don’t have the lighting fluid, there’s something useful that you certainly have. Give your charcoal a light dusting of sugar and then light it. Sugar granules make lighting way easier.

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9. Push flies away with cloves and lemons

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome -9Cut some lemons and spray them with cloves when you start grilling. This makes sure there aren’t any flies and insects bothering you on duty.

10. Lemons keep a fish from sticking

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome 10There’s a big catch in grilling fishes. Bits of your fish would often be left sticking to the grill. Avoid these by laying your fish on lemons half cut. Along with keeping fish from sticking, lemons also add and amazing flavor to your salmon.

11. Avoid flare-ups

Have you ever encountered the situation where your grill threw out some flames? This could be due to some parts of your meat falling into the burning charcoal. Avoid these flames by detaching anything that can fall off of your piece of meat.

12. Add beer flavor

For those of you cooking covered barbecue, here’s a great hack. Place an open beer can where the grill is hottest. The beer, after boiling, will keep the meat moist and add some flavor as well.

13. Use foil to keep it moist

You can keep your barbecue from drying out with the help of foil as well. Just wrap it up in a piece of foil for about ten minutes, and it keeps juices within.

14. Muffin tray for condiments

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome -14Instead of using multiple plates, serve all your condiments in a muffin tray. This will save you a lot of cleaning work. And that’s stylish as well.

15. Replace skewers with rosemary

15 Best Grilling Hacks To Make Your BBQ Awesome -15Now, this would be a double bonanza. Using rosemary instead of skewers can be an impressive upgrade, and will mix with your meat juices to take your flavor game a notch up.

Cooking in the open and eating the same way can be a lot of fun. So if you’re ready for a great grilling session, these 15 grilling tricks can spice things up for you. Have you got more barbecue hacks? Share with us.

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