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15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Before you begin searching for the best organizing tips for keeping your child’s playroom neat and tidy, you should consider adopting a system that will keep the number of toys at your child’s disposal limited. It is very hard to maintain a clean play room when there are multiple toy boxes overflowing with toys that your child probably hasn’t thought about in months.

One of the most beneficial organizing tips to maintaining a tidy playroom is to sit down and identify the toys that your child has not played with in a while. Look for toys that haven’t seen the light of day in a while and consider donating them to a local charity or, selling them at a yard sale. It is much easier to keep a room tidy when the quantity of toys is limited.

You can also try to follow a system of rotating various toys in and out of the playroom to help you identify what toys are still played with and what toys are safe to donate to a local charity. Once you have reduced the amount of clutter in your kid’s room, you can then continue to follow these great tips and tricks that will make the task “organize toy box” easy to cross off your to do list.

Organize Using Common Household Items

Organizing a kid’s room does not have to be an expensive process. In fact, some of the best toy storage products come from other areas in your home, like the kitchen or closet. If you live in a small apartment, it would be safe to assume that you probably have plenty of organizational products that have accumulated from years of trying to keep your small space neat and tidy. Those same products that have helped you keep your closet, shoes, or even kitchen organized can be the perfect inspiration for amazing organizational ideas to provide the perfect toy storage for your kid’s cluttered toy room.

Here are a few examples of some common household items that you can reuse to declutter your toy room:

1. Clear storage bins

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 1Clear storage bins are perfect for organizing your children’s board games, drawing supplies, or books. They are easy to clean, sturdy, stackable, and can be labeled for easier access to the toys your child wants. With labeled storage bins, each toy has its respective bin and can be found easily for the next time your kid wants to play with it.

2. Old shoe organizers

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 2Even something as simple as an over the door shoe organizer can be utilized to help organize your child’s toy box filled with Legos, barbies, or stuffed animals.

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3. Hanging closet storage products

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 3You can use a hanging closet clothes storage product to help keep board games and puzzles neat and tidy.

4. Glass jars

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 4Glass jars that have been used in the kitchen for baking products can be repurposed for an effective toy storage product that can hold crayons and other small items.

5. Tupperware

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 5Don’t throw away old Tupperware dishes! They can be easily reused to hold loose puzzle pieces neatly.

Cool DIY Project Ideas

Repurposing old organizing devices are not the only method to organize toy rooms, you can find a plethora of organization ideas for cool, do it yourself projects that can help organize your kid’s room. Finding easy to complete projects that will keep a small apartment organized and clean are not that hard to come by. You can find hundreds of plans for toy organizers on the internet for you to browse through to find the perfect toy storage solutions for a playroom. Here are a few examples of some cool DIY organizing tips found on the internet:

6. DIY hanging baskets

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 6

You can mount cheap metal baskets on the walls of your kid’s room that are easily accessible for storage of multiple different toys and objects. Books, toys, balls, stuffed animals; anything that you can think of could fit in these cute, mounted baskets and can be a perfect solution for your “organize toy box” task.

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7. Magnetic strip mounted on the wall

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 7

This simple but effective DIY project mounts an old magnetic strip to the wall of a toy room to provide effective toy storage for metal cars or objects. This project is a perfect option to declutter the toys in your small apartment.

8. DIY storage bench using old milk crates

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 8

This DIY project takes old milk crates and repurposes them to make simple chairs with added storage underneath the cushions. These projects are the definition of cute and functional toy organizers that are perfect for smaller spaces.

9. Cool DIY stuffed animal cage

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 9

This lengthy project takes inspiration from the ball bins seen in department stores and provides the perfect option to easily accessible stuffed animal toy storage. The cool thing about this DIY project is that it can also work well for balls as well as stuffed animals to really help organize toy boxes.

10. Wall hammock for ball and stuffed animal storage

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 10

The next DIY project is an extremely easy, yet creative solution for storing larger, light-weight objects such as balls or stuffed animals. Utilizing a corner of your kid’s room, this DIY hammock is a creative option to organize toy rooms.

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Must-Buy Furniture

The last section of this article will provide examples of some great organization tips through specific products that can help organize toy boxes and organize toy rooms.

11. Cheap plastic drawers

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 11

The first product that will help keep any playroom organized is a set of cheap plastic containers with pull out drawers. The example below is used to store markers and other art supplies in an easily accessible area. Another great thing about these drawers is that they can be labeled easily to help any child keep their supplies neatly organized.

12. Table top with built in bin storage

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 12

This table is the perfect solution for any small space with a child that loves to build model trains or other extensive projects. Not only can your child tackle their favorite project on the large table top, but they will also have all the tools they need conveniently stored at their fingertips.

13. Play mat and storage bag15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 13

It is designed to be a nice storage bag for various toys such as balls and Legos but can also double as a durable play mat and is a must have item on any organizing tips list. Actually, this storage bag can easily be made at home to help organize any messy play rooms.

14. Cubby

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 14

The next product is a wood cubby that has multiple compartments to store collapsible storage bins. These products are stackable and can be arranged to fit a wide range of needs, including being the perfect toy organizer for a playroom.

15. Kid friendly bookshelf

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys 15

This toy bookcase can provide the perfect storage for books, toys, shoes; anything that you can think of. Because it was designed with kids in mind, it’s very durable and is made of lightweight materials. This product can be a huge help to organize toy boxes.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of organizational tips out there that can help you tackle a cluttered play room that will also stay organized for days to come. When you keep up a schedule of rotating toys in and out to limit the number of toys taking up space, along with sticking to some of these organizational tips and tricks to help organize toy boxes you will make the overwhelming chore “organize toy room” seem less daunting and easier to manage.

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