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15 Easy-to-Learn Hair Styles for Long Hair

Some women simply admire beautiful looks but never dare to try them on their own because they feel they’d need to take a beauty course in order to get it right. The truth is, beauty and fashion can be easy and they can be lots of fun too if you experiment with both of them. So don’t be afraid and check out these easy-to-learn hair styles at home that you can start doing on yourself in just a couple of minutes. They’ll get you more than ready to go out the door looking like a fabulous version of yourself.

1. Twisted Ponytail 

Accomplish one of the most classic hair styles in just a few minutes. Start with a basic, high ponytail and divide the hair into two sections. Place a rubber band on the end of one of the halves and twist the hair around itself once. Pass the other half of the hair around the tied section, do so several times until the loose section is twisted around the tied one. When you reach the end, tie both ends of your hair with one of your scrunchies and you’re done. 

2. Fake Ribbon Ponytail

Start out with a classic, high ponytail. Take an upper section of the hair and loosely tie a rubber band around it and twist the hair inside out to create one twirl. Separate into two halves this strand of hair and take out the rest of the ponytail out passing it through the middle of the strands. Lift the loose ends of the twisted hair and lift them up to create the shape of a ribbon, securing it with a bobby pin. Finally, take a thin strand of hair and pass it over the middle portion of the hair to hide the scrunchies. 

3. Half up-do With Bun 

Make three small middle up-dos and tie them with small rubber bands. Twist each strand inside out to create a twirl. Gather all the middle upper section of your hair to create a full half up-do, including the three twisted strands. Take a small rubber band and tie it around lower down in the half up-do strand, then twist it inside out again. Lift the remaining twist to create a bun and secure it with a bobby pin. 

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4. Easy Braided Crown 

Take a small strand of hair starting from the right side of your head and twist it to create a circle. While still holding onto this circle of hair, pass a new strand of hair through the circle and create the same shape; releasing the first circle and moving on to the next one. Repeat this process, pulling gently at the loose ends of each strand to secure them. When you get to the left side of your head, create the last circle and secure it using a bobby pin. 

5. Twisted Side Ponytail 

A quick and easy up-do for formal parties. Start by taking a big strand of hair from the left side of your head and twisting it inwards. Then take another strand and include it in the original strand to make a new twist. Follow the same process until you reach the other side of the head, where you simply place a bobby pin and then you tie it up in a low side ponytail.

6. Fancy Easy Up-Do 

For this original up-do you’ll only need a topsy tail tool. Start by making a low, sleek ponytail. Take a strand of hair from the right side of your head and use the topsy tail to pass the strand over the nape of your head. Repeat this process with all the strands and you’ll be left with a bunch of hair pointing upwards. Take in sections the hair and start twisting it to the right side of your head to create a bun. 

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7. Braided Fountain 

Take three small sections of hair like a half up-do and create a small braid on the top of your head. Lift the braid and tie two small half up-dos below the braid. Take the braid down and tie everything with one scrunchy. 

8. Short Hair Low Ponytail 

Divide your hair into 8 sections and tie a rubber band really low, creating the impression of an “octopus” on your head. Twist each of the strands inside out and join them all with one scrunchy. Add a nice pin and you’ve got a fancy, low ponytail. 

9. Messy Low Ponytail 

Divide your hair into 3 sections and create a low, sleek ponytail in the middle section. Take the two lateral sections and tie them up loosely with a rubber band. Twist the later ponytail and pass the center section through the space created by the second ponytail. Finish up by taking out small strands of hair to create a “messy” look. 

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10. Messy Half-Up Bun 

Start this hairdo by creating a half up-do, tying it closely with a rubber band and then another rubber band lower down. Twist the middle section and take out some small strands to create a messy look. Lift the twisted section until you create the shape of a bun. Keep taking out small strands around your face to complete the look. 

11. Easy Twisted Low Bun 

Divide your hair into two sections and start twisting them until you reach the end of your hair. Before tying it up, take out some small strands of hair to create a messy appearance, and then twist the whole section to create a low bun that ties up at the nape of your head. 

12. Faux French Braid 

Start by creating a high ponytail and separate two outward strands and pass them over the middle section, tying a rubber band over the new section. Repeat this process several times until you reach the end of the ponytail. In the end it’ll look like a french braid but much easier to make. 

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13. Net Hairstyle 

Take two small strands of hair on the sides of your head and tie them up in the middle. Then take two lower strands and pass them over the first half up-do. Take two new strands of hair at the sides of your head and tie them up with each half of the original half up-do. Lastly, create two thin braids at the sides of your head and join them together below the lowest knots. 

14. Twisted High Bun 

Create a high ponytail, then divide your hair into three sections and twist each section inside out, securing them with rubber bands. Raise the three twisted sections to create a bun, and divide the remaining head into two sections, which you’ll pass to the sides up to the highest part of the bun to secure them with bobby pins. 

15. Ribbon Fishtail Braid 

For this hairstyle you’ll need a long, thin ribbon. Take two thin sections of hair from the upper part of your hair and tie them up with the middle section of the ribbon. Take the following two sections of the hair and repeat the knot with the ribbon. Keep on doing this about 6 times until you cover half of your hair. In the last section tie the knot of the ribbon and then create a nice bow. 

These 15 hair styles are not only super easy to use, they take very little time and you don’t have to be an expert to create a sophisticated and original look to show off with your friends and family at parties. 

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