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15 Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Love

It’s not a secret that people need love in their life. Some people want it so much that they go all the way to make sure they find it, and once they have it they want to do everything possible to make it last and grow strong. If this is your case, keep reading to find out how to use Feng Shui to attract love.

1. Get a solid headboard for your bed

Did you know that, historically, headboards serve the purpose to bring a sense of security to people when they’re sleeping? Keeping this in mind, having a solid and firm headboard can increase the sense of security among two people who share a bed, and make their relationship strong.

2. Put your furniture legs over rugs

One of the key ingredients in a healthy relationship or marriage is communication, and according to Feng Shui a way to promote this is by placing the legs of your furniture over a rug. This creates a “safe space” where people will want to sit and have open conversations. So, if you have rugs in your living room make sure all sitting furniture has at least the front legs over the rug.

3. Have happy family photos around

To improve happiness in your marriage, make sure to have some family pictures where everyone is smiling in the common areas such as the living room, kitchen and the hallways. However, Feng Shui states that, in the bedroom, you should only place pictures of you and your partner alone as a couple, since this is their intimate space.

4. Don’t place your bed in a corner

It is considered a taboo to place your bed against a wall or in a corner. Make sure both sides of the bed are easily accessible and no one has to climb the bed to get to their side, because this could mean you two feel trapped in your relationship. Another reason why you should avoid this is so that no one gets the “less desirable” position at night and experiences a worse night of sleep.

5. Arrange your dining table in a circle

Right after the bedroom, the dining room is the most ideal place of the house where you should focus Feng Shui to attract love. Try to have a circular, oval or square dining table and arrange it in a way that everyone can see each other to promote a more open communication. Also, make sure there’s enough chairs for everyone in the family so everyone feels included even if they don’t dine together often.

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6. Take out the TV from the bedroom

The TV is one of the electronic devices that belong in the fire element, while also attracts a strong Yang energy, which is strongly undesirable in the bedroom. Apart from this, having a TV might distract you and your partner from communicating and concentrating on each other, leaving romance forgotten each night.

7. Remove negative symbolisms from your house

You might not know this but there could be tons of imagery and objects laying around your house that attract negative vibes to your relationship. Having swords, guns or any other violent-promoting object as decoration could become a major source of negative vibe. Try to pick only positive, calming and inspiring decorations and objects to place around the house and especially in your bedroom.

8. No mirrors facing the bed

Having a mirror facing your bed is one of the worst things you can do. Supposedly, there is energy of a third party in a mirror that could be reflected and brought in into the bed with you and your partner, a place that should only be shared by the two of you.

9. Add details of pink

Pink represents nothing but love in Feng Shui, it also means happiness and fun romance. With this in mind, make sure that this color is present in the bedroom. If you’re not a fan of pink you can include a little detail such as a candle or a throw blanket, or you can play with different shades of pink such as nude tones.

10. Increase Yin energy in the master bedroom

As you might now, the Yin and Yang consists of a delicate balance that should be reached in all aspects of your life, and it’s a very important concept in Feng Shui. In your bedroom, try to “turn up the Yin” or positive energy by adding dim lights, soft music and calming color tones. Yin increases relaxation, and a relaxed couple is better fit for love and romance.

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11. Add candles anywhere

In Feng Shui, candles are considered as healing or curing for love troubles. That’s why you should invest in candles to strengthen the fire element and add sensuality and romance to any ambience.

12. Place your flowers in the peach blossom luck position

It’s important to notice that the Peach Blossom Luck position is only suitable for people who’re single and looking for a new romance. According to your animal sign, there’s an optimal area in your house where you should always place fresh flowers.

13. Have a rooster figurine at hand

Sometimes, before you can find a new love in your life, it’s important to get rid of a toxic and harmful old relationship for good. To cure a bad romance, get a small rooster figurine and place it higher than human height with its beak pointing towards the front door. This will break off the bad romance.

14. Include artworks that depict love

The bedroom is a place where you should never hang violent, depressing or even religious art depictions. Instead, choose romantic and love-related artwork that reflects the kind of relationship you strive to have.

15. All furniture in the bedroom should be symmetrical

To list a modern Feng Shui approach, make sure all the bedside furniture is symmetrical and alike; this to promote the sense of equality and partnership in the relationship. This way, no one gets more or less extra space and both sides of the bed are just great.

Feng Shui is so powerful that it can help you bring a new love into your life, help you strengthen your marriage or relationship and even help you cleanse yourself from an old, negative relationship. Follow this secrets closely and watch love grow in your life!

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