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15 Spring Break Hacks for the Perfect Vacation

Spring breaks are all about taking a time-out from school, even if it’s just for a week, and finding the perfect beach destination to unwind with friends or family. But making plans to ensure that your spring break vacation is perfect can take a lot of work.  Make sure that things go smoothly that week by learning some of these tricks.  You could do things a lot easier and make your spring break trip the dream escape you’ve always wanted.

1. Sunburned without some aloe? Use yogurt

Rubbing some cold yogurt (plain, unsweetened) on your sunburns for a few minutes will provide some quick pain relief.

2. Bread clips can save your flip flops

Everyone loves the comfort of flip flops, but as far as footwear goes they are some of the most unreliable ones out there! Fix cracking flip flops and save your beach days with this easy hack- use a bread clip to hold it together

3. Less is more (with bags)

Trust me, you really don’t want to be that person slowing everyone down with your bulky purse or heavy carry-on. Pack only what you need and if you can, use bags that stay off the floor to move around easier.

4. Make a cash hiding place out of your old chap stick

Getting sneaky with hiding your valuables is essential to having a great trip. Once you’re finished using your lip balm/ chap stick, wash the residue out and use this awesome spring break hack to stash your cash in a safe, waterproof place.

5. Put that empty sun tan lotion to good use

Your keys and cell phone are just important as all that cash. This is classic beach life hack that works for spring breaks too… Just clean out the lotion bottle and put those valuables in there. These bottles are super portable and no one would think to look there.

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6. Keep your iPhone water and sand proofed by using a sandwich bag

When you’re taking your phone to the beach, you can avoid having to clean it up or visit the Genius Bar on your break with this trick. The touchscreen still works and it’s see-through so you won’t miss out on any Instagram posts!

7. Have some baby or talcum powder handy

Baby powder takes the moisture off your skin and hair, letting all the beach sand fall off easily.

8. Want a cold beverage in minutes? Use this trick

Having stayed in the hot sun all day, sometimes you get back to your hotel room without a cold drink in sight. Cool your cans quicker by wrapping them with wet paper towels and you’d get your cold beverage in minutes!

9. Go undercover with your alcohol

It may seem weird to be drinking anything out of a sunscreen lotion container, but this trick works well when you’re not allowed to bring alcohol on the beach. Just be sure to clean it out thoroughly.

10.Big plastic cups work too

You can also hide your beer bottles or cans with colored plastic cups and drink with a straw on the beach.

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11. Pump the tunes without real speakers

Grab some used toilet paper roll, scissors and a few push pins to make these quick speakers. You won’t be getting the bass you get from your dock/subwoofer but it’d be pretty loud and fun anyway.

12. Soothe your irritated bikini line with some chamomile tea

Ask your hotel lobby for some chamomile tea bags and chill them. Apply on the irritated areas to ease soreness and redness.

13. Use a pill container to hold small, precious items

When you aren’t using jewelry you care about or hair ties you know you’d need, this tip will help you keep them from getting lost.

14. Freeze some aloe using ice cube trays

Sunburns can be the worst part of spring break trips. Ease your skin by soaking yourself in tub with iced aloe at the end of the day.

15. Always have some Vaseline or lotion

Keep your feet moisturized by putting on Vaseline every now and then. Beach sand and salt water could make your feet dry and gross. Moisturize at night and put your feet in socks to have nice-looking feet each new morning.

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