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15 Uses for Milk That are Pretty Cool

Milk is a big part of our lives from the moment we’re born. It’s an essential food that helps us grow strong and healthy. But there are plenty of uses for milk that have nothing to do with drinking it. So next time you find an expired milk carton in your fridge don’t throw it away, because milk nutrition value doesn’t go away, and there are many interesting uses you might not know of.

1. Remove Garlic Flavor 

The taste of garlic in the mouth is often unappealing for most people. Fortunately, you can remove this nasty flavor easily from your mouth by drinking milk. As a result, there wont be even the slightest hint of strong garlic flavor. 

2. Firmly Stick Labels on Glass  

This is one of the best uses for milk. If you want a label firmly attached to your glass, using milk might do the trick to help you accomplish this objective. Before attaching the label, you need to wipe the glass with milk and then stick it in place firmly. 

3. Remove Fishy Smell

While fish is a favorite delicacy for many, its fishy smell is often a turnoff for some people. And to remove this fishy smell, you simply need to dip the fish in milk. Subsequently, the fish wont have any smell, and this enhances the freshness of its meat.

4. Make the Medicine Go Down

Taking medicine isnt straightforward for everyone. Therefore, if this is something that you struggle with, youll be pleasantly surprised to know that milk is very effective at helping you swallow your medication. Milk is effective because it coats your throat when swallowing your medicine, thereby making the sliding down of these pills a lot easier. Due to the milk nutrition value, it will offer your stomach lining the needed protection during the breaking down of the medication.

With that said, you shouldnt simply use milk with any medication without first confirming that it wont have any adverse reaction. Therefore, you should only use milk for this purpose if youre sure it doesnt potentially have an adverse reaction. 

5. Reduce Eye Swelling

If you have swollen eyelids right after waking up, the best remedy would be to mix milk with boiling water and little vinegar. After doing that, rub your eyelids with a cotton pad dipped into the mixture repetitively for ten minutes. Consequently, gently place a hot, damp towel on your eyelids for ten minutes, and soon after, the bubble eyes will be gone.

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6. Removing Stains

Stubborn stains on your clothes are a problem everybody has at one point, and removing them is very annoying. For example, the stain can be due to a pen accidentally leaking its ink onto your shirt. When this happens, the best thing to do is soak the soiled garment into a dishpan of milk and leave it overnight. If this doesnt completely remove the stains, consider adding vinegar or lemon juice to get additional cleaning power. 

You can also use milk to remove ink from your carpet by simply mixing it with cornstarch to create a paste. Subsequently, apply this paste onto the stained surface and leave it to dry, after which you should vacuum the residue. 

7. Remove Makeup

You must always remove all the makeup on your skin at the end of the day to ensure your pores can breathe to prevent acne, dry skin, and skin dullness. Luckily, milk does an excellent job of helping you accomplish this objective. This makeup removal process shouldnt be that hard because you simply need to mix powdered milk and warm water. If you want to add a pleasing aroma and additional antioxidants, add a few drops of almond oil into the milk. 

8. Soften Calluses

If a certain area of your body has hardened calluses, milk is an excellent and inexpensive choice rather than going for the expensive options from the drug store. All you need to do during this process is soak the cotton ball in milk and start applying it to around the callus. Doing this will help soften the callus while moisturizing the surrounding parts.  

9. Nourish Your Garden

If youre concerned about using chemicals during plant growth, you can choose to use milk instead to grow plants in your garden organically.  Due to the milk nutrition, it can also be used as a natural fertilizer, it has lots of minerals and nutrients, thereby ensuring your plants remain healthy. 

10. Treat the Effects of Spicy Food

If you had a particularly spicy pepper, don’t go reaching for your glass of water or you’ll make it worse! The fat found in mil is able to “fight” or dissolve the capsaicin, an oily chemical we usually find in chili peppers. You can erase the burning sensation in your tongue by drinking a tall glass of milk!

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11. Polishes Your Designer Leather Handbag

Milk is also a great go-to choice for cleaning your leather handbag and other leather items. And it does this with great effectiveness, and you simply need to rub a cloth immersed into a cup of milk and start rubbing it to get rid of the stain. Doing this continually will help the milk infiltrate into the leather. Once youre done, start wiping your leather handbag with a damp cloth to take out any excess milk. 

12. Boost Corn on the Cob Flavor

Milk is a great option if youre thinking of creative ways to make your corn feel fresher and sweeter. All you need to do is to add the corn into a 1/4 cup of powdered milk. But before inserting your corn ensure that the milk is boiling, and then you can enjoy your mouthwatering corn.  

13. Clean and Soften Dirty Hands

After coming from the garden, youll most likely have sandy and stained hands that dont clean easily despite your best efforts, even with soap. When this happens, one of the most effective uses for milk is a paste made from milk and oatmeal. Once the paste is ready, rub it on your hands forcefully to make sure all the dirt stains are removed.

14. Repair Broken China and Plates

If you cracked your favorite dish and don’t want to throw it away but want to keep using it, you might be surprised by one of these uses for milk. You can place your piece of china in a deep pan covered completely with milk and bring it to a boil. The protein in the milk will “attach” to even the finest of cracks and mend your dish. 

15. Reduce Dark Skin Spots

Nobody wants to have dark spots on their skin, and if your efforts to have them removed are not being successful, then you should consider using milk as an alternative. Milk is effective in reducing dark spots on your skin by promoting the shedding of pigmented cells. Therefore, you wont need to buy any skincare products, which arent cheap. Instead, you simply need to create a paste using 1/2 a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, one tablespoon of milk, and one teaspoon of turmeric powder.

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Milk is usually known for its health benefits, such as helping you have strong bones. However, many people usually dont think this beverage can have other alternative uses other than the normal culinary use. This comprehensive article has refuted this belief by showing you other fantastic uses for milk. With this in mind, you will never throw away milk just because it got spilled or became sour!

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