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15 Ways to Brighten Your Mood Instantly

Being in a bad or off-putting mood is as common as being in a good mood. You know those bad mood days when nothing seems to go your way. Life can get difficult sometimes when disappointment sometimes overshadows you. It is completely natural to feel sad or heartbroken. Whenever someone goes through these phases, it is one of the most difficult moments of his or her life. One way to come out of it is by distracting oneself from the problems. No one wants to stay depressed for a long time. If you are going through an emotional turmoil but have decided to come out of it, the best person to assist you with it is you, yourself.

Engage in befitting activities, start something new, something you had always planned to do, get your mind off upsetting things and you will gradually see the bigger picture and the sadness will dissolve. Some of the best ways to brighten your mood and turn it into a good mood of the day are mentioned in this article.

1. Go for a walk or jog

Fresh air is one of the most potent mood boosters. If you are sad, or depressed, about something, you tend to feel suffocated. Going out will relieve you of this predicament. Step out of your apartment and go for a walk, either in the park or the streets or get into a slight jog. You will see many things on the way, which will help you forget some of your problems and bad mood, and the exertion that comes with it will do the rest.

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2. Track the good stuff

Being positive is very important during your times of despair. Therefore, you should side-track all the negativity that surrounds you, look at the brighter side of things, and decide to focus on only those to come out of your depressed mood.

3. Take a deep breath

When you feel too weighed down by problems and feel like there are no open doors left to choose then relax and take a deep breath. Additional oxygen going to your brain will help to clear off the muddle and will calm you down and let you see things with a better perspective as it is an instant mood booster.

4. Have an outdoor adventure

You might be missing your childhood when you used to head outside every day to play with your friends until dusk. Reliving those moments, in a more adult way, is a mood booster. Plan an adventure and go exploring, it can be a trekking plan, visiting a new place, playing some new sport, cycling in the countryside, whatever suits your bill.

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5. Take a nap

Some might say this is an escapist way of dealing with problems, but as long as it works, no one can question its credibility. If you feel too upset, take a nap. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed. Your brain will get the necessary rest, and you will be geared up to meet your problems head-on.

6. Call your friends

Friends are your biggest support system, after your family. Everyone has friends whom they can rely on to vent out on and feel good. Call them and talk, as long as you need, whatever is bottled up and you will feel better almost instantaneously using this mood booster.

7. Take a bath

Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t matter if you have already taken a bath, go ahead and take another. Hydrotherapy is a legitimate method to calm down and snap out of the lowliness of a bad mood. Set the temperature to a soothing one and dip yourself in a Jacuzzi or take a shower and you will feel the tension draining out of you as you immerse in the water and when done you will step out  completely refreshed from this mood booster.

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8. Eat

This is one of the most common coping mechanisms for people who are depressed and in a bad mood. It makes sense as well. Eating delicious food take your mind off things, as you tend to concentrate on the taste of the food other than anything else. For once, stop thinking about dieting and getting fat and eat to your heart’s content and you will automatically feel better.

9. Play with your dog/pet

Your furry friends might not respond to you in kind but playing with them has been considered a potent therapy for depression. Their unconditional love and innocence will make you look at things from a better perspective and brighten your mood.

10. Plan a vacation

You do not necessarily need to go to one. Planning a vacation can be just as helpful. Make a list of places that you want to visit and the things you want to do and who knows, someday you might end up going there and doing the things you planned. Planning is as soothing as a going on the trip itself.

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11. Buy something you have wanted for a long time

This may take a bite out of your pocket, but it is a therapeutic mood booster that helps when you are in a bad mood nonetheless. You can call it a heartening investment. Everyone has desires for buying something that they fancy. Now is the right time to invest in it.

12. Get a massage

So often you’ve seen all the massage parlours strewn across the city; well, now is the right time to make use one of them. Self-pampering is a proven method of self-upliftment, mood booster, so a massage fits perfectly into that category.

13. Practice yoga

Yoga has been one of the most instrumental methods of developing a sense of calm and getting mental peace and brighten your mood. Coupled with meditation, yoga is a genuine way to find the right mindset to come out of your problems and deal with them head-on. It also helps you in getting fitter and more agile. Losing weight is an additional bonus. It is not always bad to take a little supplement along with exercise and yoga to get into the right shape. Many safe and potent weight loss pills are available on the market, and you can rely on them to achieve your desired result.

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14. Do something new

Doing something new and unique will guarantee an increased investment of your mind to that particular thing, and all your worries will take a backseat. Engage in an activity, which you had wanted to do for a very long time, like learning to play an instrument, pursuing a hobby, writing, drawing; etc. The only criteria for choosing the right activity is simply that it should be appealing for you and you will soon be in a great mood of the day.

15. Listen to soothing music

Scientific experiments have proven that music is a very good healer of emotions and a great mood booster. It tends to slow down heightened blood flow and calm down your nerves. Your body starts functioning in a rhythm, taking a cue from the music and beats itself. Thus, soothing music is a very good mood booster to put you in a great mood of the day.

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Beyond all these tips, you need to remember one thing. It is just a passing phase, and good times are ahead. Therefore, take the bull by the horn, face your problems, and come out of it. These tips above are only going to make the path a rosier one.

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