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20 Fun Halloween Games for Children to Play

There are many amazing Halloween activities, games and ideas that can create lifetime memorable moments for children. Below are some of them

1. Musical Chairs

This Halloween game involves children running around chairs while music is played. There is always one less chairs than participants so, one person misses out each round and is subsequently out of the game until there is only one winner sitting in the last remaining chair. In order to play it is best if you have one person playing the music while the children participating rotate around the chairs. The person operating the music presses the pause button from time-to-time and the children must scramble for a chair each time the music stops. There will always be one child that cannot sit down because there are always one less chair than children. After each round of music, the child who cannot sit down is eliminated from the game until there are only two children playing and one chair. The child who manages to sit down on the last remaining chair is the winner.

2. Eyeball Hunt

This Halloween activity requires cooking a large box of spaghetti and allowing the spaghetti to cool down. Put the spaghetti into a pot and add marbles. Stir the pot thoroughly to bury the marbles. Let each child dig into the pot and collect as many marbles as they can in a set period of time. The one who collects the most marbles in the allotted time is the winner. You can make this game more interesting by having different colored marbles and assigning points for each color. Once the marbles are collected, you add up points by adding up the corresponding numbers for each color. The child with the most points becomes the winner of the game.

3. Candy Corn Relay

Another idea for a Halloween game is the candy-corn relay game. At the start of this game, you need to mark the ground with a start and finish line. A bowl full of candy corn is set down at the starting line and an empty bowl at the finishing line. The children use a large spoon to scoop up the candy corn and then walk towards the empty bowl to empty their spoons. Spilling any candy corn is not allowed, so, when a child drops any, they must pick it, return to the starting line, and start the game all over. Each child who successfully empties their spoon then taps the next child, so they can then begin their turn.

4. Word Scramble

Word scramble is a great Halloween game. The word Frankenstein is written on a large piece of paper and the children are organized into groups. Each group is given a pen and a paper, and the timer is set to three minutes. Within this three-minute time limit, each group has to create as many words as possible from the letters in the given word, in this case, Frankenstein. It is important to point out that only the letters in the given word can be used to form other words, and letters cannot be repeated unless there are two of the same letter in the word, such as, the letter ‘e’ in our given example. Each group reads aloud the words they created after the timer has gone off. The group with the most words is the winning team. You can also try this game with other words, like Halloween.

5. Ghost Story

Telling ghost stories is an awesome Halloween idea; each child tells a ghost story in a candle-lit room. After each child tells a ghost story, he or she blows a candle out. After many stories have been told, the room becomes darker, making the room scarier.

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6. Costume Relay

Have children take turns in putting on and taking of Halloween costumes in this Halloween activity. A player from each team runs to the box with clothes in it, and puts all of them on over the top of the clothes he/she is wearing. Then they quickly remove them one after the other. Once finished, they run to the next person in line in their group, and gently tap them as a signal they can then participate. All the team players must participate and the group that finishes first is the winner

7. Feel Box

The Halloween “feel box” is a popular Halloween game. The children reach into a dark box containing everyday items that feel like guts, bones, fingers and eyeballs. The children have to guess what are each of the items they are feeling. The winner is the one with the correct guess or the closest guess.

8. Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game

In this Halloween activity, children get to search for plastic or mini pumpkins hidden around the house. If you don’t have any plastic pumpkins, you can draw pumpkins on a piece of paper, and hide them. The children are rewarded with candy for every pumpkin they find.

9. Worm Wiggle Race

The children keep moving in this wiggle worm Halloween race. They get to form a “worm “ by holding hips in a line while they keep moving around, all the while trying to keep the worm intact.

10. Monster Freeze Dance

The children boogie dance to Halloween tunes but, they have to freeze when the music stops. Elimination happens to those children who do not freeze immediately when the music stops.

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11. Scarecrow Race

The scarecrow race is an amazing Halloween idea. In this game the children race in teams to dress a scarecrow one article at a time as fast as possible. Alternatively, they can build and stuff the scarecrow as quickly as possible.

12. How Many Candies Guessing Game

In this Halloween activity, a jar is filled with candies and the children have a chance to guess the number of candies in the jar. The child who guesses closest to the real amount gets to take home the candy jar after sharing the candy with the other children.

13. Pin The Stem On The Pumpkin

This challenging Halloween game involves blindfolding the children and they, one-by-one, try to pin the stem on the pumpkin.

14. Donut Eating Race

The children get to compete by eating donuts that are hung slightly above their heads by a string.  The one who completes eating a donut first is the winner.

15. Pumpkin Balloon Game

You can make this Halloween game more interesting by having strips stuffed in the balloon with rewards to claim after bursting the balloon.

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16. Guess Who Game

Children dress as prominent personalities, or take up a dress code associated with certain careers. The children participate by guessing what their friends are dressed as.

17. Memory Game

This Halloween game tests the memory levels of the children playing.

18. Candy Corn Catch Game

In this Halloween activity, the children compete to see who can collect the highest number of corn in the specified time given.

19. Pumpkin Ring Toss

The children are given rings to toss around the pumpkins. Candy is awarded according to the most accurate and whether a full ring was used or a half ring.

20. Pumpkin Rocce

In this Halloween race, children are given smaller pumpkins and they compete to toss their pumpkins close to the big pumpkin. The child whose pumpkin falls closest to the big pumpkin is declared the winner.

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