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21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

When thinking about the Holiday season, what images come to mind? A full Christmas tree that is well decorated with lights, ornaments, and other accessories? Maybe the space under the Christmas tree is filled with perfectly wrapped gifts. However you may imagine the days leading up to Christmas, we are sure some type of Christmas tree is in the picture. If you are having a hard time finding your own unique Christmas tree, then check out these 21 ideas to help you rock this year’s festivities.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

1. The first unique Christmas tree on our list utilizes spare bike tires of four different sizes to create a truly artificial Christmas tree. Like most traditional trees, the “branches” have Christmas tree lights strung around the exterior and gears instead of ornaments for decoration. The topper appears to be two gears, similar to the ones decorating the spokes. You can add a traditional star as the topper to add a traditional flair to this unique tree.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 1

2. This unique Christmas tree inspiration takes paper to a whole new level. This tree is perfect for any office who wants to get festive with their own supplies, instead of buying an actual tree. A paper origami Christmas tree also adds a modern touch to the office without having to worry about a Christmas tree being seen as unprofessional.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 2

3. Another Christmas tree idea comes from the medical world and utilizes its ample supply of latex gloves. Gloves of various sizes are filled with air to give the gloves enough volume to tie together and form this unique tree’s “branches”. Silver ornaments hang off the fingers of the glove to give a more festive vibe. This Christmas tree DIY project is very easy to replicate and cheap, making for the perfect office tree that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 3

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4. Next up on our Christmas tree inspiration is the simplest of all. This tree tapes branches and base to an unused wall in your house, apartment, or office, to create a naked Christmas tree. After your trunk and branches are set up on the wall, you should then go on to tape ornaments and other trinkets, including lights if you wish, to the branches. After which, you should then tape on the Christmas topper of your choosing and a stylish Christmas tree skirt to finish off this look.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 4

5. Next on our list is the jello Christmas tree. This unique tree uses containers filled with red, green, and blue jello to create a truly unique tree. The containers are stacked in a pyramid to recreate the traditional Christmas tree shape and is draped with fake garland to give it a festive appeal. To top off the entire look, a small star is placed on the top jello container to replicate the usual tree topper.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 5

6. Taking the sixth spot on our list of unique Christmas tree ideas goes to the Christmas tree made of pillows. This unusual Christmas tree utilizes different sizes of gold pillows to replicate a traditional tree. To recreate this “tree” place the largest pillows on the floor (or on a stool like the following picture) to make the base and continue stacking the pillows on top of eachother. Each layer of pillows should be smaller than the ones before it, ending with the smallest pillows at the very top; this method allows you to create the tapered off appearance of a real tree.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 6

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7. The next three trees on this list are unique in the fact that they are made out of everyday kitchen objects, like beer cans, wine bottles, and egg cartons. First up on our list of kitchen trees is the recyclable egg carton tree. This special Christmas tree is easily replicated with empty cartons of eggs in various sizes. For decorations, you should paint old k-cups that have been washed out and then glued onto the cartons. To top off this green Christmas tree you can craft a recyclable tree topper through unpainted k-cups.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 7

8. Similar to the previous “tree” on this list, the following  addition takes a spin on the traditional Christmas tree. This tree provides an amusing decoration for those who drink a lot of beer, by using empty beer cans to create a tree. Unlike the soda can tree, this variation is not kid friendly, and should be placed outdoors. To top off this tree, you should place a golden beer can on top, to tie it all together.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 8

9. For those who do not drink enough beer to make this adult Xmas tree, you can still get in on the boozy festivities through a wine bottle tree. This unique tree is made by using a circular wine rack that allows you place the glass bottles upside down. The rack’s ability to store the glass bottles nose down, gives this tree its neat and elegant silhouette despite holding quite a few wine bottles.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 9

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10. The next Christmas tree on our list is deceptively simple. This Xmas tree is created by stacking building logs or jenga blocks on top of eachother and balanced perfectly to keep them in place. If you want to recreate this unique tree but don’t have the time to keep the logs in place, you can permanently stick them together with strong glue. This way, you don’t have to worry about your kids, pets, or housemates, ruining your masterpiece. Don’t forget to top off this tree with a wood Christmas topper and decorate the logs with ornaments.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 10

11. The next Christmas tree idea is centered around a black and white chevron patterned, matching the rest of the room’s decoration. This look is easy to recreate, simply decorate the tree with ribbon and accessories in the same color scheme as the room you have it set up in.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 11

12. Another theme centered Christmas tree idea is inspired by the dessert macaroons. This spiral shelf is filled with colorful macaroons of pink, green, yellow, blue, white and black varieties of this delicious treat. The base of this tree is made of reflective material with rope lights running vertically down the base.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 12

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13. A truly unique Christmas tree, this example is made from recycled rubber tires that have been painted green. One great aspect of a tire Christmas tree is that they are truly kid and pet friendly, there is no way for them to break or destroy this tree. A tire Christmas tree DIY project is most possible for those who run an auto-shop or are mechanics.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 13

14. Another simple Christmas tree that uses everyday objects is the textbook version. This unique tree is made out of textbooks and other books of all sizes wrapped in a spiral of strung Christmas tree lights. The book tree also has a traditional start Christmas tree topper and garland as the skirt.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 14

15. The next Christmas tree idea uses strung ornaments to make a Christmas tree without an actual tree. Utilizing quite a few wires hung directly from the ceiling, with each wire having an ornament attached, has been planned and placed carefully to create the perfect silhouette of a traditional Christmas tree.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 15

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16. The following Xmas tree inspiration is very similar to a traditional Christmas tree. However, this unique tree takes tradition one step further than usual and is fully decorated in color-coded sections. The divide and transition of one color to the next provides a beautiful aesthetic that is extremely pleasant to look at. If you do decide to replicate this tree, we suggest keeping the accessories, such as the topper and skirt, along with the ribbon strung from the branches, within the neutral range of colors.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 16

17. The next tree will be loved by all toddlers. This special cookie monster tree utilizes a light blue tree, with strung lights, and topped with a Santa hat. The kids can even help make this tree by cutting out the black fabric that will be the mouth and adding black fabric to the foam balls to make the eyes.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 17

18. While not an actual Christmas tree itself, this idea can really let kids in on the decorating process. By using green felt cut in the shape of a tree, your kids can decorate their own tree with Velcro ornaments, stars, and even presents. This Christmas tree DIY project is easy to complete and will keep your kids away from the actual tree and keep the ornaments safe from sticky fingers.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 18

19. Another kid friendly Christmas tree is a candy themed decorative tree. Pictured below, this special tree is covered with lollipops, gingerbread houses, and candy canes. Both toddlers, kids, and adults with a sweet tooth will be left in awe when they see this unique tree. The fluffy white tree skirt with candy and gingerbread houses to really put the icing on the cake.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 19

20. The following Christmas tree takes inspiration from the character icon Hello Kitty. This pure white tree is decorated with pink stripe ribbon spiraling down the base of the tree, with green ornaments and Hello Kitty figurines decorating the tree’s branches. Continuing with a Hello Kitty theme, this tree is adorned with a large Hello Kitty Christmas tree topper and a pink and green ruffled tree skirt.

21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 20

21. The final unique Christmas tree inspiration on our list is the stuffed animal Christmas tree. This special Xmas tree is made solely out of stacking different size stuffed animals. Besides being a perfect decoration to add to your family’s playroom, it is also kid friendly as stuffed animals are soft and hard to break. Add a Christmas topper to the top of the tree to add a traditional vibe to this look.
21 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas 21


There are a lot of ways to create your own unique Christmas tree this season. From actual real trees to DIY projects and other unique Christmas tree inspirations, we hope our list of 21 Unique Christmas tree ideas have provided you with enough inspiration to decorate your Xmas tree with a new twist this year. Happy holidays and have a merry Christmas!

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