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25 Awesome Online or Offline Writing Jobs

Who says that it is hard to make a living as a writer? Nowadays, there are so many opportunities which can help you make your dream come true. Don’t limit yourself to thinking that it is impossible to be a book writer, a scriptwriter, or one of those cool bloggers who write about their lives.

Writing jobs come in various forms and you can choose the one that you feel passionate about.

You can get paid to write online or offline, it depends on what suits you best. The hardest part is to know what to search for. For that purpose, we have compiled these writing jobs for both online and offline writing that will show you some of the options you can choose from.

1. Explore different types of blogging

In today’s business world, every company needs to have a website and if they want to go a step further — a blog is a key part of that strategy. This is where you come in, and the secret is to write about what you know. There’s a whole host of different ways you can do it, so let’s take a look at a few of the most popular, not to mention potentially lucrative.

If you love to travel, then you could describe the lifestyle of a digital nomad by writing for a travel blog. The great thing about this approach is that you can get into a regular writing habit with little difficulty because you’ll really enjoy the subject matter. Often, when you’re starting your own writing business, it’s the getting started each morning that’s the hardest part. Choose a topic you love, and you’ll always look forward to getting to work.

Freelance blogging and story writing allows you to quickly develop a broad portfolio of work by working on a whole host of new and interesting topics every single day. The great thing about this is it helps build experience and exposure — two things that you’ll need as you start to apply for higher paying freelance jobs. You’ll typically be writing blogs on behalf of other businesses so; you can think of yourself as a paid ghostwriter who provides a professional service.

Last but not least, you can blog for SEO purposes too. This is a potentially highly lucrative field because there will be no shortage of businesses that want to rank higher in search by building a strong network of backlinks and organic results. Approach businesses and show them that you can easily have their keywords and links naturally embedded in highly readable articles. It’s a sought-after skill these days, and one that’s well worth pursuing.

2. Ghostwriting

There are people out there who have a story to tell but are lacking the skill to turn it into words. Ghostwriters work on jobs such as this, where you write using someone else’s name.

It can be about anything from an autobiography to a cookbook. The important part is that you are okay with not taking credit.

3. Develop branding material

Every business will need the help of a professional copywriter to help craft their latest branding material. If you have a gift for words and are adept at using short and concise terms or phrases to connect with an audience, then this could be just what you’re looking for.

Take the time to get to know each brand you work with, and you’ll soon be able to find the words that help them take things to the next level. As you build a number of long-term relationships you’ll find that you have to pitch less and less because businesses will be coming back to you and recommending you over and over again.

4. Textbook writing

While this can be a hard market to break into, once you find a way in it will definitely be worth the trouble.

As long as there is education, there will be a need for new and improved textbooks. From elementary school to college, you can take your pick depending on your level of expertise.

This is an enduring market and the pay is good, but you need to be aware that most textbooks are written by large companies who have their own writers or work with freelance writers.

You can find your way in by introducing yourself to someone who is already in that business. The best place to meet them is at writing conferences.

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5. Product description

Businesses who want to present their products in the best light hire talented writers to help them out. Every product catalogue needs a professional writer good at creative writing to add a description that will attract the attention of the target audience.

If this seems like something you would be interested in, there are plenty of opportunities. As long as people are selling, you will have something to write about.

6. Greeting cards

If you are witty, poetic, and good at creative writing, this can be a job for you. Either partner up with someone who can make cards and you just add the text. Or you can simply do it all by yourself if you are good enough at it.

Websites such as Etsy can be your platform for selling these handmade cards. In the sea of generic phrases, offer something different and start your business.

7. Medical and legal writing

This type of writing pays great but for a good reason. Law firms, hospitals, or HMO are in constant search for someone who is proficient enough to help them with some writing.

Keep in mind that if you decide to go for this type of job you will need an appropriate certificate or have taken a course.

8. Write ad campaign content

If you want to be able to earn money with short-form writing, ad campaigns are one of the best ways to do it. It’s all about finding words and phrases that connect with the target audience.

There will be no shortage of requests for help in this area on online job boards, so get started with a few entry-level products, and then gradually start building your impressive portfolio of work. This is one of the many freelance writing jobs out there.

9. Web copywriting

All those website owners need someone to compose the copy. You can be the one who will incorporate all the important information onto their website.

There are a lot of job postings on online job searching platform which are concerned with this type of writing.

10. Transcription

This type of work can be found anywhere on the web. From conference speeches to Youtube videos, transcribing jobs are everywhere.

You just need good listening skills and fast typing to get this done quickly. It is also helpful if you are a detail-oriented person who is able to deliver on-point transcriptions.

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11. Translation

Are you proficient in another language? Or even more of them? Then there is plenty of work for you. In case you don’t have a certificate for that other language, it is best to get it before you start submitting job proposals.

You can look for a job in a translation agency or you can simply freelance as a translator.

12. Localization

Here is another great job for bilingual writers. Localization is more than a simple translation. It demands that you are familiar with the cultures of both the source and target languages in order to fully convey the message.

Online job platforms are the easiest way to find localization jobs. All you need to do is to be ready to completely dedicate yourself to this type of project.

13. Editor

There are two types of editing you can engage in. Content editing is when you proofread and edit the content for errors, mistakes, and inconsistencies. Developmental editing is when you read someone’s work and suggest some changes.

For developmental editing, you’ll probably need some experience such as, working in publishing. However, content editing jobs can be for any writer who has some experience and pays attention to details.

14. Publish an eBook

If you truly believe that you have a story worth telling, be brave and put your hand to story writing and publish your own eBook. The best part about eBooks is that publishing costs much less since you don’t need to pay for printing or shipping and you can self-publish.

Fortunately, eBooks are becoming popular and there is an audience for every type of eBook. As long as you have a vision, determination, and creative energy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this online writing job.

15. Writing for magazines

While it takes some time to break in, once you find a way to gain their attention, working for a magazine can be a great job.

The first step is to pitch an idea to a magazine of your choice. If they accept the pitch, you are in. Contrary to what some may think, print editions are still a preferred choice of many.

16. Create press releases

Every business will need a press release at some point in the year, which gives you a great opportunity to build a steady pipeline of work.

Some situations in which companies will need help with press releases are:

  • A new product release
  • Announcing cooperation with another reputed company
  • Big event
  • Company’s intake on a trending news story

Online job boards and freelancing sites are the ideal place to find dozens of new requests every single day. Take the time to get it right the first time, and you’ll have a happy repeat customer on your hands for years to come.

17. Turn your blog into a book or eBook

Do you have years of experience with blogging? Are you looking for something bigger? Then you can take your blog posts and turn them into a book or eBook.

The best part is that you’ll already have an audience which appreciates your posts and would probably want to see your blog posts in a book form. In case you’ll need some help with editing your blogs in this way you can always turn to online services such as Trust My Paper.

18. Academic papers

Many students are in a desperate search for someone who can help them with their academic papers. You can be their savior.

There are two ways to get this type of job. You can either look for it in online job platforms or you can spread the word in your local community. You can have some flexibility in work hours as this is another possibility in the field of freelance writing jobs.

19. Speechwriting

Not every speaker is good at writing speeches. While they may excel in getting the audience to believe in every word they utter, they may have difficulties coming up with those words.

This is why writing speeches is a well-paid job. The ways of getting such a job are through networking, working as someone’s staff member, or freelancing.

20. Resume and cover letters

It can be hard to convince an employer why you are the bestl. That is why people turn to professional writers to compose their resume and cover letters.

Write a few resumes to your friends and family as a favor and let the word-of-mouth get you some solid business proposals.

21. Researching

Academics, or book writers, sometimes need some help with the research for their paper or a book. This can be a perfect job for those who love researching and compiling the information.

What you’ll sometimes need to do is to also rephrase, or retype, the collected information so that your employer can easily grasp the facts.

22. Technical writing

This is one of the few full-time writing jobs you can find. If you have some tech writing experience and you love this kind of stuff, then here is your opportunity.

The application process is the same as for any other job. You’ll need some references, resume, and writing samples.

23. Scriptwriting

There are two options when it comes to script writing. The first one is to write your own script and offer it to directors or use online pitch sites. The other one is to assist someone who needs help with their script.

For the second option, you can browse through online platforms and check whether someone needs your services.

24. E-courses

Online classes are making a huge breakthrough. For that reason, many corporations are searching for writers to do this online writing job and who will help them to compose online courses.

They look for everything from class lessons to tutorials. It can be helpful if you have some background in teaching. Most of these jobs can be found online.

25. Social media content writing

In this internet-oriented world, nothing can pass by without social media. The same applies to writing. Both individuals and companies are looking for talented people who can create content for their social media profiles.

This can be a full-time online writing job or a freelance job. The important part is that you are familiar with all social media networks.

Best Platforms for Online Writing Jobs

If you decide that you want to work as an online writer, you’ll need to know where to start from. Thanks to the power of the internet, there are so many great platforms that offer numerous opportunities for online writing.

Here are some of the platforms that can connect you to the job of your dreams:

Some last thoughts

Following your desired career path can be scary and challenging. However, when you truly know what you want to do and you feel the need to express your talent, you should go for it.

As a writer, you have probably heard many reasons why you should give up. Hopefully, this list of jobs will show you that there are so many options out there which will allow you to do what you love and make money at the same time.

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