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3 Tips for Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath can cause a lot of anxiety for people. It can play into someone’s confidence and it can influence how other people perceive you. You don’t want to have bad breath when going to a big job interview, an important meeting with your coworkers, before you make a move on the first date, or even when just simply talking with your friends. Bad breath can hinder your everyday life, but it doesn’t have to. Getting rid of your bad breath is easier than you think.  These simple bad breath cure can help you solve your halitosis.

Get an Ora Brush

What is an Ora Brush you might ask? Well it a special brush designed just for your tongue. This brush is specially made to help get rid of bad breath by scrubbing your tongue. Creators of the Ora Brush claim that bad breath comes from your tongue, right in the back where a normal toothbrush might have a hard time reaching. An Ora Brush costs about the same as a toothbrush and is something I would recommend adding to your oral hygiene routine as it has the right bristles and brush angle to do the job right.

You still need to brush your teeth, obviously, and you should also be flossing at least once a day. Your oral hygiene is key to keeping your breath fresh by removing the smelly plaque from your teeth and bacteria from your tongue to keep your mouth clean and smelling good.

Avoid Bad Breath Contributors

There are a lot of food and drink that you might not expect to have a role in causing bad breath. Smoking or using other tobacco products is a huge contributor to bad breath. These products have a very offensive smell and can stick in your mouth, making your breath smell awful. This can be a tough habit to break so do your best to avoid smoking or using tobacco up to thirty minutes before you need to have fresh breath.

Bad breath is also caused by specific bacteria growing in your mouth and drinks like alcohol or coffee can cause these bacteria to grow at a faster rate. Other foods can have the same effect, so foods that have pungent smells are best avoided at times when you want to have fresh breath. You don’t have to give up all of these things, just be aware of when you consume them. If you do decide to eat or drink any of these things be sure to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth about fifteen to thirty minutes after consumption.

Keep Your Mouth is Hydrated

Once cause for morning breath is how dry your mouth gets while you sleep. Bacteria loves a dry environment. That’s when it thrives. When your mouth is dry for extended periods of time, bacteria continues to grow and your breath smells worse and worse by the minute. To help keep your mouth hydrated, make sure you drink water regularly. Although it is the saliva production that keeps the bad breath away, drinking water can help in saliva production plus it serves as a rinse for your mouth. Chewing gum can also help you to produce saliva and help to cover up the bad smell of your breath.

By drinking water throughout the day, skipping smelly foods and opting for gum, you can eliminate bad breath. By keeping these tips in mind and adding them into your daily habits you can make sure you have fresh breath all day long. If your bad breath is persistent, go visit your dentist and see if there is a health reason that might be the cause of your bad breath.

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