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4 Ways to Insert Image into PDF

The image insertion to PDF format is easy and you can use the PDF editor to proceed with a particular task. Most browsers are supportive of PDF file format. You just need to put your document despite any file format, whether it is JPEG, BMP, or SVG files. An online JPG image to PDF converter is a free tool to convert your images to  PDF file format, and it turns images into PDF with its online editor. You can drag the file to the editor or open the link of the file by searching the file from its address.

This would provide your business documents with the speed of the conversion, all while preserving the quality of your images. The image insertion to PDF is to protect the quality and resolution of the documents. It should be a standard operating procedure, when transferring your files, they should be easily converted to PDF format. It would become supportive to any operating system, and any platform you are using. On online media, you can’t restrict any user to utilize a particular operating system. PDF file format can preserve the quality and the resolution despite various platforms being used. Turning an image into PDF provides a better sense to share the file on any platform. It will increase the competitiveness of the business and the protection of your business files.

In this article, we’ll explain the 4 different Ways to Insert Images into PDF:

1. Add Image Button

You simply have to look for a PDF editor-like PDF element that takes a couple of steps to convert an image into a PDF. But, if your concerns involve only image file to PDF individual conversions, then opting for an online JPG image to PDF converter is the best choice. The steps to convert an image into PDF are:

This method is used when you are importing documents from a file format into PDF format:

  • Launch the online image to PDF converter 
  • Import the File
  • Click Open > Open File 
  • Add the button on the home page and simply drag the interface or even the icon
  • Use the Pop window titled ‘Select the Picture’ and then click ‘Open’ 
  • If you are adding multiple images to your PDF box, press ‘Ctrl’ and select more images.
  • It will automatically save the image(s) as a PDF

2. Drag the Image into the PDF Editor

This method provides speed and accuracy in doing your work and converting the documents into PDF format. You need to follow the steps in dragging the image to the PDF editor:

  • Save the file to your desktop
  • Open the online JPG image to PDF converter on your window
  • Drag the image, where you want to insert the image into the PDF editor, and convert the image to PDF
  • Click the button labeled ‘Turn an image into PDF’ and save it on your local files

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3. Add Images to PDF Online

This method is used to change online documents into PDF format.

  • Open the browser window and go to the online image to PDF converter from the website
  • Click on the ‘Add URL’ button
  • Copy the URL where the image you want to convert is placed and paste it on the search bar
  • Click the ‘Apply’ button and the converted image to PDF
  • Save the image as a PDF, by using the online editor

4. Copy and Paste the Image to PDF

The fourth method is to copy and paste the file to PDF file format, the method is almost the same as copying the Word documents. You can copy the file from the documents and paste it directly to the PDF file. Then method can be easily applicable even on a Mac operating system:

  • Open the source file document in Word or in its native application
  • Open the online image to PDF converter in the PDF editor
  • Use the “Ctrl+C” to copy the image from your computer files
  • Use the  “Ctrl+V” to paste the image and then turn the image into a PDF

The PDF file format is now universally known as the best choice to transfer files and save disk space while preserving the quality of the images. Your business documents can be a combination of images, text, and even spreadsheets. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the ultimate solution to turn all file types into one transferable solution. It also protects the security of the documents, as you can add the security key to your important business documents.

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