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5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas with Tissue Paper

There are a lot of ways that you can wrap your gifts. While gift wrappers are conveniently available in any store, more people are now looking for more unique and creative methods of gift wrapping. If you’re one of the latter, consider using tissue paper. Although uncommon, you’ll be surprised how using this material can make your gift stand out.

Tissue wrapping paper is translucent and thin in texture, and can be purchased in different sizes, colors, and prints. If you’re interested in using tissue paper as your next gift wrap, here are some unique gift wrapping ideas:

1. Tissue Paper In Bold Colors With Light-Colored Accessories

Using one type of material in wrapping gifts is common. Usually, gift-givers will buy a gift wrapper and use the same material in all of the gifts they give. For you to stand out from the crowd and make your gift even more appealing, use tissue paper in bold colors and pair it with light-colored accessories. This is a simple gift wrapping trick that allows you to showcase the personality of your recipient.

To start, you can wrap the gift in one color of tissue paper and use contrasting colors as accents. For example, you can use magenta as the wrapper and use tissue paper in gold as ribbons. Tissue paper in bold orange can also work well when used as a gift wrapper and accented with tissue paper in pastel blue. You can also accent the gift by using multicolored tissue paper in spelling out the name of your recipient.

For more personalized gift wrapping ideas, use different trinkets. Consider what your recipient loves doing and look for a suitable trinket. For instance, a trinket that looks like a baby can be a suitable gift wrapping idea for a newborn. Use a string and hang the trinket outside the gift. You can think of these trinkets as the equivalent of a charm bracelet to your gift.

2. Multicolored Tissue Paper

As mentioned, you can buy tissue paper in different colors. Regardless if your recipient likes bold or pastel colors, you’ll surely find tissue paper that can suit their taste. For your next gift wrapping session, use different multicolored tissue paper. If you know your recipient’s favorite color, use tissue paper that matches this.

Here are some gift wrapping ideas when using multicolored tissue paper:

  • Buy a paper bag and fill it with tissue paper before placing the gift inside. Make sure that the tissue paper is seen from the outside, overlapping with the paper bag. Depending on your preference, you can use a paper bag that has the same color as the tissue paper or buy one that contrasts with it.
  • Wrap your gift by using two colors of tissue paper. Layer the tissue paper first and make sure that the other color peeks out.
  • If you have the interest and passion to do some DIY projects, look for unique gift wrapping ideas that use more than one type of tissue paper. You can layer tissue paper sheets in white and blue, and mimic a suit and necktie. This is a suitable gift wrapping idea if your recipient is a dad or businessman.

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3. Wrinkled Tissue Paper

Not everyone has the time and interest to add texture to their gift wraps. For some, as long as the recipient doesn’t know what’s inside, any gift wrapping trick will do. Adding texture to your gifts can be easier, all thanks to tissue paper. Simply grab a sheet of tissue paper and crumple them for a couple of minutes. If you want to achieve a more wrinkled look, crumple the paper for a longer period. Once you achiev the wrinkled look you’re aiming for, carefully open the tissue paper and try to make a flat surface from it.

You can cover the entire gift with this crumpled tissue paper or use it as an accessory along with another tissue paper. You can also mix crumpled tissue paper with a smooth one, or use two colors of tissue paper that are both crumpled.

4. Create A Scrunch

Ribbons and wrappers go together. Whenever you’re done wrapping a gift, the next step is deciding what ribbon to use. If you don’t want your gift to look similar to everyone else’s, ditch the ribbon and create a scrunch from your tissue paper wrapper instead.

Start by picking tissue papers that have similar color schemes. Gather the tissue paper at the top of the gift and scrunch this part to show off the different colors used. Secure the scrunch with a thin ribbon or lace. This is a great gift wrapping hack for wine bottles, balls, and other bulky items.

5. Make Pompoms

Ribbons are a staple in every gift. For some, their gifts aren’t complete without some ribbon. Aside from creating a scrunch from tissue paper, work on making pompoms, too. Pompoms can be a great and colorful alternative to ribbons. This accessory is very easy to make and only requires a pair of scissors and a string. Because you’re making the pompoms from scratch, you’ll have the liberty of deciding how big or small it will be. Plus, you can also modify these pompoms by combining tissue paper sheets in different colors, both plain and in print.

When you add pompoms, a simple gift will look extravagant and luxurious. If you’re planning to give your recipient a simple gift card, wrap them in tissue paper and adorn it with a pompom on top. Your recipient will surely get excited the moment they see how big or colorful the pompom on their gift is.

Make Your Personalized Gift Shine

There are actually a lot of ways as to how you can use tissue paper in wrapping your gifts. When choosing a gift wrapping technique, make sure that you’re using one that showcases your creativity and unique style. You can even tweak a certain gift wrapping strategy and use it as your own. In this way, your gift will easily stand out even when it’s placed among different gifts.

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