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5 Hacks for Student’s CV to Get a Dream Job with No Work Experience

Every student, after several years of education, has a particular set of skills and knowledge to do at least a simple job. Moreover, many of us have an overwhelming desire to be useful, to benefit society, to improve the quality of life, or at least not to lie on the couch all the time.

These wishes, off-scale energy, endless zeal are often broken because of notorious barriers set by the employer – work experience. To get a job you need experience, but to gain experience, you need to work somewhere.

A huge number of people confront this issue every day, especially students who often simply cannot combine work and study. In this article, we will look at what you can write in your CV to get recruited even without previous experience.

Convenient and Simple Form

This part does not concern the content but the appearance of your CV template. Even if you do an excellent job describing your job skills, interests, and the reasons why you should be hired for the position, it should be easy to read.

The employer simply does not have the time and desire to search for the information he needs from the file. No one will separate the critical info from the not-so-important. Therefore, try to find a convenient template from all the resume examples with a simple and understandable structure.

If you have any doubts, consider turning to an experienced online essay writer for advice or, order a finished work. Usually, such experts are very good at writing CVs and various resume formats, and will be eager to do the work for you in no time. You will only need to give them all the details about yourself and wait for the result.

Remember, if you have no experience, a CV cannot and should not be voluminous. All possible resume tips can just convert into this single piece of advice – make it short and mention only important things that should be noticed at once.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is just as important a part of your CV as the resume itself. It can be even more crucial because here you can show your motivation, list of personal skills, and a serious approach to getting the chosen position. The employer is interested in any employee being motivated, having a precise plan, and the reason why he, or she, wants to be in the workplace.

In addition to some external factors that affect your choice, there must be internal ones. In the letter, you can specify the name of the person who will read it and also  write those facts about the company that inspired you to send the CV.

No employers are happy about those people who simply send the same text to a dozen addresses with the thought “someone will answer for sure.” Therefore, try to show maximum accuracy to details, do in-depth research, find out as much as possible about the company’s activities, values, key figures, and cases.

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Skills & Reasons

If you do not have work experience, your main leverage can be the set of skills you possess. It is possible for any employer to teach a newbie the subtleties of working at a specific position. Therefore, focus your attention on a clear and detailed presentation of information about what you can do, how you can be useful, and how exactly you plan to cope with the work tasks.

Experience is certainly essential to the employer. Yet, it is necessary to know whether a person understands what is required and how well and unmistakably one is ready to fulfill the requirements.

Also, pay attention to the reasons why you should be hired. Point out a few of your thoughts about why you would be the ideal candidate for the chosen position. This is the first thing that the employer or recruiter pays attention to.

Plans & Dreams

In addition to your skills and the reasons for which the employer must choose you, mention your immediate plans. At the interviews, they often ask about where you see yourself in 5 years. Get ahead of this question before the meeting and provide information about it, if not in the resume itself, then at least in the cover letter.

It would be best not to write exactly about how you see your future in the company in 5 years, but what you will do first as soon as you are hired. Try to paint your plans for the next year in detail. For example, say that you have thoroughly studied the work and the internal structure of the company. Then mention your plans to optimize the software suite, workplace, or daily schedule for the most efficient execution of tasks.

State what you know about the entity’s activities, mention that you studied the product, examples of communication with customers, and the most popular and successful cases. All this will show your sincere interest and desire to be part of the team.

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Tell about yourself. This does not mean that you need to describe in detail all your life, indicate what grades you had at school, what medals you received in your childhood. It is important to show what you are doing now.

What are your hobbies, what do they give you, and why do you like what you like. Maybe you help the animal shelter as a volunteer? Or perhaps you are keen on sports and run a marathon several times a year? Maybe you are engaged in charity or seriously interested in art.

Often, such characteristics can give more points to a candidate without experience than to the same candidate with experience, but without enthusiasm and active life apart from work. After all, this means that you have an attractive personality, a certain level of discipline, a broad outlook, beliefs, and commitment to your favorite activity.

Wrapping Up

These small tips will help in finding your dream job, even if there is no previous work experience. Keep in mind a personalized approach while writing each cover letter. Do not forget about attentive research and a clear indication of all critical skills and information about yourself. A motivated employee with no experience is much more important for an employer than an experienced but disinterested person.

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